Friday, June 30, 2006

Lindsay's secret getaway

Lindsay Lohan has hinted that she may have plans to fly off to the Caribbean with friends and family to celebrate her 20th birthday this weekend and escape the paparazzi. "I'm going to go away, out of the country [and] do something fun and different," the Mean Girls actress told Harper's Bazaar. "They won't find me. No one can get a picture of you on Turks and Caicos. I go there with my family, and it's the perfect place to go with a guy."

New pregnancy rumors

According to Australian media reports, actress Naomi Watts is pregnant with her first child. A Sydney newspaper reported that the King Kong star has been seen wearing several baggy outfits and was twice spotted leaving a Brentwood fertility clinic. While in Australia, Watts allegedly also saw a renowned Chinese herbalist and fertility expert. The actress admitted recently that she'd always wanted a family, saying, "I wish it could have happened a little bit sooner. I have wanted a family since I was nineteen."

A world of candids

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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy leaving a Brentwood sushi restaurant

Rachel Weisz and her son Henry take a trip to a hair salon

Nicole Richie out in LA

Halle Berry shopping in LA

Hilary Duff out in Hollywood with her mom and sister Haylie

Victoria Beckham taking her kids for a carriage ride

Mary-Kate Olsen out with her friend Hayden

Rosario Dawson arriving to do MTV's TRL

Barneys Girl Shops the UO Sale

So I thought I'd do a bit of virtual shopping at my old favourite Urbran Outfitters. After having been disappointed many times before when the items I saw in real life did not compare to what I saw online, I've learnt to have a more discerning eye when picking things out on the Urban Outfitters site now. Here are a few 'safe' items that I feel will be good buys from their site that is on sale at the moment.

First up, this Free People Morning Glory dress for $89.99. I love the simple design and the refreshing color. Its perfect for a casual summer day dress. Since its from Free People, expect the material to be delicate and flimsy.

I expect this is one of those things that would disappoint if one see's it in real life. The material is probably very thin and coarse, with not much of a shape to it. But for $24.99 I thought it might be a fun fashion buy. I like the stripes, the color isn't too cheap and the scoop with the buttons is interesting.
Mixed links chain for $14.95. I have a weakness for these kind of designs lately and it can't really go that wrong. . . .
Another fun buy this season are these brown Miss Sixty's platforms for $89.99 which are very SS06 Chloe/YSL/Miu Miu. A great match for any of your summer outfits!

Finally, for something more comfortable, casual and classical, there are these studded flip flops for $24.99.

They are also doing a limited time promotion right now, where an additional 25% will be taken off sale items. The promotion ends Sunday (July 2nd), so hurry up and check it out!

Simpson/Lachey divorce almost final

According to court docs uncovered by TMZ, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are close to finalizing their divorce. In the docs, the former couple have requested that the divorce be bifurcate - meaning they can decide any financial settlement between them.


United nations

Courteney Cox nip slip pics - Egotastic

Johnny and Keira kiss and tell - TMZ

Paris on a German talk show - A Socialite's Life

Frugal-Fashionista does Alicia Silverstone

Are TomKat getting married this weekend? -
I'm Not Obsessed!

J-Lo's ex alleges affairs

Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa has spoken out against the singer's claims that he tried to extort her for $5 million. Despite signing an agreement in 2005 stating he could not disparage or make money from discussing the details of his marriage to the megastar, Noa announced plans to pen a tell-all book. Lopez's lawyer has filed suit against him, saying, "Sadly, no peronal detail is too sacred to be sold by Noa for profit. Noa will do anything within his power to make money off his ex-wife - and thinks nothing of willfully breaching the agreement and hurting [Lopez] in the process." According to court docs, Noa is planning to allege Lopez had "multiple duplicitous sexual affairs" on the set of Anaconda as well as an affair with Marc Anthony. "I mean, I live in a free country. No?" Noa says. "I can express myself. I can talk and say whatever I want to."

More on the Star Jones Reynolds saga

Star Jones Reynolds continued to talk about her ousting from The View on Larry King Live last night. She said ABC execs didn't want her to return next year because of her falling personal popularity, and that she was told she could "make up" a story about why she was leaving and that her co-hosts and colleagues would go along with it. "They said, 'You can make up a story,'" Reynolds told CNN's King. "The audience didn't deserve for me to make up a story. That's not fair." She says she chose Tuesday to announce her exit after seeing a website with a "Countdown to Star leaving the View." The fallout from Reynolds's interview with People magazine has caused a public feud between her and show leader Barbara Walters. The former lawyer says she has spoken out because she was "having trouble reconciling" with ABC's advice that she lie about her departure.


Out and about

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Kate Bosworth arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman

Melanie Griffiths at the launch of Antonio Banderas's fragrance

Winona Ryder at the premiere of A Scanner Darkly, Maggie Grace at Caravan's grand opening, and Piper Perabo at the premiere of Slap Her She's French

Helena Christensen at a breast cancer awareness event in Dublin

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren at the grocery store

Rachel Bilson out with her dogs