Friday, February 29, 2008

Old Navy's "February Air"

Ever wonder what that catchy song featured on the new Old Navy commercial is?? Well after seeing it so many times during the award show season this past month, I have done some research and found this fabulous artist and song, both which I can't get enough of. And considering it's the last day of February, I figured what perfect timing to share this bit of news...

WHO: Lights
WHAT: "February Air"
WHERE: Her MySpace Page (You must add her as a friend!)

And just for fun, a clip of the Old Navy commerical:

- Erin Dustin

The Limited Edition 2.55

The luxury retail market is always coming up with gimmicks and limited edition goods to lure customers into buying more and more.
Chanel's latest Limited Edition product, is this 2.55 in honor of the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit. Now this may look like any old 2.55, but for once in fashion, the beauty lies on the inside.
Inside the flap to be specific. Inside the flap, is this signature by the legend of fashion himself, KARL LAGERFELD, commemorating the Mobile Art Exhibit in Hong Kong. Logic tells me that Chanel is trying to rip people off, because the scribbling of a few words inside the flap is certainly NOT worth the premium they are charging for it over the standard 2.55's. A mere signature does NOT bring one closer at any level to the author of the signature. The red/orangey color isn't even that complimentary!

But the fashionista side of me is in AWE that I have been able to get so close to and even trace Karl Lagerfeld's signature. I admit, I might have even let out a tiny squeal of delight. A little like what Victory Ford felt when she found Coco Chanel's dress form in Lipstick Jungle (though of course, this is not QUITE as cool nor meaningful, since I know nothing about designing and making clothes). I know this reaction is probably completely illogical and against my better judgment since it is obviously a marketing ploy to make more money for Chanel, but oh, I just can't help it! :)

And I can't wait to go see the exhibit! Its fully booked this weekend, but I'm definitely going next week! Report back!

Baby Harlow

Cel mai recent numar al revistei People dezvaluie in exclusivitate primele poze cu micuta Harlow, fetita lui Nicole Richie si a lui Joel Madden de la Good Charlotte. Tabloidele scriu ca Nicole a inceput din nou sa tina diete drastice pentru a reveni la silueta ei super skinny. Inainte de a ramane insarcinata nu cantarea mai mult de 37 de kilograme.

Mary Kate Olsen @ Paris Fashion Week

Mary Kate Olsen la showul Giambattista Valli din cadrul Saptamanii Modei de la Paris. MK poarta ochelari rotunzi Chanel, jacheta si pantofi platforma Giambattista Valli.
Gemenele Olsen vor lansa in curand o carte despre moda, intitulata "Influence".

Man Fashion Review:Sunglasses

Finding just the right pair of sunglasses is not easy. There are thousands of brands, styles and colors to choose from online or in your local sunglasses retail store. Moreover, the price ranging from as low as $20 to as high as $300. So how much and what brands are you looking for is very much depend on your affordability and of course your preference. So here are some reviews that in my opinion is value for money. (Click on pictures to find out more)

Heat Hand made, imported, Italian Acetate Material with high quality, scratch resistant American Polarized Lenses for maximum UV and sun glare protection. This sunglass frame can be converted into a pair of prescription sunglasses and includes a durable, designer hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Heat Sunglasses H24 - Black/Gray Lens

Heat Sunglasses H24 - Mocha/Smoke Lens

Size is 54-15-125 and will fit both adults and teens. Available Colors: Black/Gray Lens, Mocha/Smoke Lens. Heat Sunglasses H23 - Black/Gray Lens

Heat Sunglasses H23 - Black/Gray Lens

Size is 55-14-125 and will fit both adults and teens. Available Colors: Black/Gray Lens, Tortoise/Smoke Lens.

Coyote With 5 layers that protect from glare, impact, scratches, and water, the Sidecar's polycarbonate polarized lens are the emblem of quality and durability. Features a 58 mm lens. Their double hard coating makes them highly impact resistant and unbreakable. Not only is the Sidecar's frame fashionable and uniquely shaped, it is made from Grilamid nylon for durability, light weight, and flexibility. Perfect for any and all outdoor activities, these sunglasses are the epitome of quality sport lenses! Coyote Eyewear Sidecar - Black/Rose Flash

Coyote Eyewear Sidecar - Black/Rose Flash 

Available Colors: Tortoise/Gray Flash, Black/Rose Flash.

Coyote Eyewear PZS 52 X-Large - Brown/Copper  

Coyote Eyewear PZS 52 X-Large - Brown/Copper

Available Colors: Gunmetal/Gray, Brown/Copper. 

Rockstar Eyewear Ziplan (Men's) - Brown

Rockstar Eyewear Ziplan (Men's) - Brown  

Basic square wrap frame with a comfortable fit. Metal frame. Available Colors: Gunmetal, Black, Brown, Silver. 

Rockstar Eyewear Ice - White

Rockstar Eyewear Ice - White  

Square aviator style sunglasses with leather temple. Classic look with a modern touch. Metal frame. Available Colors: Pink, Brown, White, Gun.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leggings Have Basically Officially Jumped the Shark

Can you count the number of things wrong with this promotional photo?

No, because you need a computer to count to infinity gazillion.

I really sort of almost wish not that Whitney Houston was still a crackhead (because I luuuuurves me some Whitney, and I'm really glad she's almost back to fully being Every Woman), but maybe just that the popularity of her reality show and this post could've been a bit more synchronicitous so it'd be funnier when I react to *Intuition's denim and tie-dye leggings with a resounding


And while we're here, we may as well get a closer look at the travesty:
Soooo Peg Bundy, and not in the funny ironic way. And I love the description: These deluxe faux-denim leggings are so street chic." Okay, first of all, "deluxe" and "faux-denim" = oxy moron, for there is NOTHING deluxe about faux-denim leggings or faux-denim ANYTHING for that matter. And these are "street chic" if -- and only if -- you're working the street.

Hopefully Jerry Garcia's grave is spacious enough to accommodate him as the poor guy rolls over a few times in rapid succession.

* Special thanks to Chicago JP for alerting me to this most heinous fashion morts.

All I Can See Is Red, Red, Red

So, the other day I go to the dermatologist for a rather mundane, routine matter - puffy eyelids of the not - so - major - anyone - will -really -notice- but- apparent- enough- to -me - to - go -to -the -doctor variety.

First of all, the doctor asks if I'd used any new make-up or nail polish (uhh, yes and definitely yes). Turns out that nail polish is the #1 cause of eyelid puffos in women! (Don't you love that there's a hierarchy of causes?)

Oh, so I'm at a large practice with lots of other docs -- I've really liked the other doctors I've seen there -- but this was the first time I'd seen this particular doctor. And I didn't really like her because:

a.) She didn't really seem to listen to me. I'd been to that same practice for the same issue before, yet she didn't take the time to check my record -- on the laptop sitting open with my chart on it right in front of her -- and see what the deal was. (That seems like the easy way out to me! Just look it up! Chances are it's the same thing! But maybe my inclination to take the path of least resistance is just one compelling reason why I'm not a doctor).

b.) She mentions a topical treatment I'd tried before and then like quickly tried to flip the script, changing the topic, and fucking UPSELLS me on some laser treatment to "reduce the redness in my face" to treat my super mild rosacea. Apparently I'd only need about three or four treatments... at about $450 or so A POP (!!!). Um, lady, I'm used to coming in here and paying a $30 copay. You really think I wanna shell out like $1600 (as if I had $1600 to spend on "mild redness") on fucking lasers? What irked me the most was that after I told her that the redness really didn't bother me that much, she kept on with "well, you know... something to think about."

So, I walk in to get eyelid medicine or some whatever and potentially leave in debt? WTF?

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not fully against laser treatment or anything. Especially if I had a beard or something I couldn't get rid of. (Eep!) But the redness in my face is just MINOR part of me, and not a very big or important part of me either. It's probably like maybe the 14th thing people notice about me? If that? And it's redness I've earned through a combination of factors both within my control -- drinking too much coffee and probably not enough water; Jack Daniels; tacos and other vices -- and a few beyond the stretch of my dominion -- being really really incredibly white. That aside, I'm pretty proud of the fact that my skin is generally clear, through a combination of sheer luck, never going to bed with make-up on (sick!) and maintaining my situation via moisturization. So why would I risk this shit (granted, if I did get some kind of laser treatment done, it would not be at a spa, but still) for an outcome that's not guaranteed, for a "problem" that only really seems to be a problem to my doctor -- who most likely stands to make a fat commission -- but not to me?

I'm not even 30, so I'm in slight disbelief that I've reached an age where people want to zap my face with lasers and pay them for the privilege.

Soon I'll be bring you some happy, healthy skin and beauty products I've recently discovered. Until then, I say fuck a bitch! Point your frikkin' laserbeams at someone else!

Sing it, Fiona...

Is it pool season yet??

Well Cindy Crawford and Melissa Odabash seem to think so. They were spotted shopping for swimwear last week at the Peninsula Hotel in L.A.

Ashlee Simpson parties at Marquee

Ashlee Simpson was spotted looking fab in 7 for all Mankind jeans and an American Apparel black top at the Caribou Iced Coffee party at Marquee this past Tuesday. The party was thrown to celebrate the release of Ashlee's new album " Bittersweet" which is in stores now!

Owen and Kate doing the "nasty"

According to this week's Us Weekly mag Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson may be back at it again. After Owen's suicide attempt, Kate must be ready to give Owen another chance at love. She broke it off with him because of the lack of attention she was receiving from him due to his part hardy ways. It's kinda weird that Owen, who's' knocking on 40's door, parties more than Kate at 28.

"They are hooking up," a Wilson insider told Us. Confirms a Hudson source, "They have definitely been talking, hanging out and, yes, hooking up."

Serious Sweater Weather

Uh, it's like 4 degrees in Tampa or some shit. What I'm saying, people, is that it's colder than Sharon Stone's face after a marathon round of deep-freezin' Botox action or whatevs.

Sweater solutions:
($169, Club Monaco)

($144, Patrizia Pepe, Yoox)
Perfect Saturday sweater = comfy, but not bummy.

($496, McQ By Alexander McQueen,
Stars are major ahora. (Just axe TopShop.) '7os-style echoey stars? Even majorer.

Thursday Splurge Day: Jill Sander Lily Pond Printed Dress

The high price to pay for material lust...
($523, Jill Stuart,
Adorably expensive.

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen Working on Fashion Book

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are collaborating on a coffee table book that will look at the influence of artists and fashion designers on celebrity fashion. The book is called “Influence” and it will include big names like Christian Louboutin, Lauren Hutton and Bob Colacello.The book does seem aligned to their other business ventures, particularly a clothing line called The Row.But it’s kind of

Still "in": leggings, vestele, sandalele romane

Au fost si raman in tendinte si in sezonul cald vestele, colantii si sandalele romane, care nu lipsesc din colectiile D&G, Givenchy, Balenciaga sau Burberry Prosum. Mai multe despre tendintele primavara/vara 2008 here
Nicky Hilton


Mary Kate Olsen in sandale romane

Lindsay este vazuta foarte des purtand leggings

Supermodelul Lily Donaldson in leggings

Vesta este un element vestimentar nelipsit din garderoba lui Kate Moss

Colanti asortati cu un top din linia lui Gwen Stefani - Harajuku lovers

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoes In Vibrant Colors

These new brightly colored patent leather styles will put a swing in your step. In colors like bright yellow and fuchsia, these shoes are sure to add excitement to any outfit Patent-leather peep-toe Mary Janes from J.Crew $198.00 and Cole Haan Elly Open Toe Ballet $185 at Saks.

Borrow This Bag!

I recently posted about the fabulous website Bag Borrow or Steal which allows customers to rent handbags. The Gucci 'Queen' Medium Hobo is sure to impress, with metallic platinum leather trim and goldtone hardware. And although the retail price is $1650 you can rent this bag for only $73 a week or $215 a month.

Love 'Em or Leave 'Em: Tom's Shoes

So, for better or worse (and I'm pretty sure that, no matter what, it's better, because for every pair you buy they donate a pair to a shoeless child), I bought a pair of Tom's shoes. And I decided to go big and bold with the glittery silver pair instead of boring green canvas or whatever.

Silver glitter TOMS shoes, $48. I think they're kind of cool in a weird way. What say yous? Yea? Nay?

I for one say YAY!