Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mens Watch: Divers Must Have - Tissot Sea Touch

If you are in love with scuba diving, then you should not miss the chance to look out for any accessories that are style and yet serve you well with this sport activities too.

Well, Tissot Sea-Touch watch fill in so well. A released from the very famous T-touch line. It is designed for diving activities and divers like me! :) Combined patented techonology and stylish design, the sea-touch is a must-have timepieces for diving and also for daily use.

I was indulged in The Tissot Sea-Touch watch when I first came across this from the magazine. Without further introduction but look at some of the features. SEA-Touch by Tissot watches uses patented technology to ensure that this watch for divers maintains its high performance at all levels – above and below sea level. Yes, is right down to a depth of 200 meters, so divers, you are literally have the sophisticated functionality of this high-tech diving watch at their fingertips.

As well as being able to tell the time in two time zones and indicate the depth of the current dive, this timepiece integrates a digital chronograph, thermometer, alarm, perpetual calendar date, compass and divers’ logbook, all activated by touch on the glass. Other features like luminosity, shock resistance, anti-magnetism, band solidity and the integration of a time control device.

More review from YouTube.

So I don't see there is any good reason to reject such a perfect piece, with such reasonable price.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Man Fashion: Williamson For Men

Contributed by Charlie Johnson


Matthew Williamson has broaden his horizons and created his first men’s line set to be launched in time for Spring/Summer 2010; his individual use of bright colours and extravagant patterns has been continued within his opening male collection.

For those who is not familiar with Matthew Williamson, is an English fashion designer. His collections are shown twice a year during New York Fashion Week, and they often have an Indian influence, perhaps related to the time Williamson spent working in India for the clothing store Monsoon. He counts celebrities such as Björk, Cat Deeley, Sienna Miller, Kelis, Jade Jagger and Plum Sykes amongst his friends.

After the success of his Matthew Williamson for H&M collection it’s easy to predict how popular his first male designs will be; the items which will only available be in London, New York and Dubai (in his stores and Harrod’s) customers will literally fly to get the first piece Williamson for men.

The capsule collection which includes silk scarves, cashmere sweaters and a range of brightly coloured t-shirts isn’t designed for the faint hearted male; but why should women only enjoy his clothes, take a road trip to your nearest store and bring Williamson into your wardrobe.

His first capsule collection which includes silk scarves, cashmere sweaters and a range of brightly coloured t-shirts; is set to sell quicker than his high street range and with it only being available in New York, London and Dubai people are set to literally fly to get it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 Collection

Looking back to Milan Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana led the way with one of its strongest presentations in seasons, using Giuseppe Tornatore’s new film, “Baarìa,” as the starting point for a Sicilian-inspired collection highlighting Italian tailoring and distressed work wear.

If only Michael Corleone had these threads on hand when he was hiding out in the motherland. They're everything a macho, sexy, tough Sicilano could want, from long johns tucked into worker boots and henleys to Sunday-best suits looked especially sharp when contrasted with worn-out tank tops.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, and their attention is clearly in the right place.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paris Fashion Week: Hermes Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Hermes stepped back from the fashion fray on Saturday by delivering a collection of timeless pieces that willfully snubbed trendiness.

The storied label's menswear offerings for fall-winter 2010-2011 made nearly no concessions to the fads that have swept other Paris catwalks, including proposing slouchy longjohns as a stand-in for pants and relieving blazers of their sleeves. Hermes' menswear designer, Veronique Nichanian, served up to-die-for suits with straight-leg pants remarkable only for their perfect cut and sweaters that retired French soccer international Lilian Thuram — a front row guest — said he was already coveting.

 The rest of the pieces — which included slim overcoats worn with leather belts, velvet jackets in slate and mauve and cashmere V-neck sweaters — were timeless in a manner befitting a house that has been forging a reputation for handmade excellence since its start as a saddle maker in 1837.

Object Of My Desire: Loeffler Randall Snakeskin Belinda Pump

($332, Loeffler Randall,
Are you KIDDING me? And I love how, from afar, they look like newsprint. But NOPE! NOT NEWSPRINT! SNAKESKIN! And a SNAKESKIN ROSETTE? Um, "LIKES THIS!"

Also, as much as I NO lovey U2, I DO love this song, which perfectly expresses my longing for the above Loeffler Randall heels.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man Fashion: Were You Dress To Impress?

This is the question that I always want to ask myself and to the readers out there.

My favorite wear is this cargo pants or  button fly jeans with T-shirts, and the most with V-neck sweater or scoop neck sweater. Pack with a pair of white Converse sneaker. Of course, I do received comments from my girlfriend like "Is that what you're going to wear?" which is more like accusation than question to me!

On the other hand, I do put up designer dress suit, shirt and fashion dress shoes, and my favorite blue retro skinny tie when I attend some formal parties with my girlfriend. Oh yes, I do have maroon red as well. :)

The bottom line is I wear clothes I feel comfortable in. For me that's what dressing and fashion is all about. But for most ladies that isn't the case. I am sure you have heard that this question, "Is that what you're going to wear?" countless times. And for all you women out there, unless you're going to physically undress us and then redress us to your specifications, the answer is, "Yes, this is precisely what I'm wearing."

Not because we're (or just myself?) stubborn or provocative but because we either don't know bother or we just feel comfortable with.

End of the day, my fashion philosophy is about comfort and be my own style, as well as fit into the surrounding rather to impress. So how about you? Do share your view here.... :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainbow Fringe Leggings = WOOF

($150, Kapow! Wow!
Yes, these are rainbow fringed leggings. Calf-length, to make matters worse. They're by Kapow! Wow!? Which, at this point is more like Ka-pohhhhno. Woof.

WTF Files: Sorority Dress Code FOR CRAZY PEOPLE

GOD BLESS the good gals at Fashionista. They received, and posted (obviously) a six-page BATSHIT DOCUMENT of what one whore at the clearly distinguished chapter of the Pi Phi sorority at Cornell University deemed appropriate to wear to rush. IT'S SIX PAGES of fashion do's and don'ts. And, unbeknownst to her, most of her don'ts are actually do's and her do's are blatant don'ts. Also, people, this isn't just a rush document. It's a HOW TO LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE MANUAL. Seriously, someone give Anna Wintour the boot IMMEDS. This wretched beast is obviously a style GENIUS.

On eyeshadow:
"light pinks look surprisingly good on most people."

On cocktail dresses:
"No satin. no one looks good in satin dresses unless its (sic) from betsey johnson or dolce and gabanna."
Like... HOW do you jump from Betsey Johnson to D&G?

On pants:
"No full length pants of non-jeans material."

On shoes that are acceptable:
"mid-height Mary Jane heels or mid-height chunky kate spade"

One of my favorite of her directives:
"You best have a mani pedi when you get to Ithaca."

Never mind the vagina monologues. This is the cunt manifesto. Read the whole sordid sorority tale here.

Christian Dior Haute Couture primavara 2010

In cadrul Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, ce se desfasoara in perioada 25-28 ianuarie, John Galliano a resusit inca o data sa ne taie rasuflarea cu o colectie fabuloasa pentru Christian Dior.
Sursele de inspiratie au fost multiple, de la tema ecvestra, cu care a debutat colectia pana la Gibson girl, idealul de frumusete la inceputul secolului XX, Millicent Rogers, mostenitoarea excentrica a Standard Oil, fashion si beauty icon, colectionara si designer de bijuterii si designerul Charles James.
Rochiile de cocktail sau de bal, incrustate cu cristale sau bijuterii, dar si accesoriile foarte voluminoase sunt cu siguranta show stoppers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This Season's Must Have Accessory: A Watch

If you are trying to figure out what must have accessory to invest in this season the perfect thing is these oversized watches. They add a bit of sophistication and heavy metal (bling!) to the most casual or the dressiest of outfits. The bigger the better! Shown here: Swatch Fancy Me Watch at Nordstrom $150 and Michael Kors Gold Midsized Cushion Watch $250 Neiman Marcus.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men Skincare: Shaving Tips

Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Shaving Cream JarI believe most of you think process of shaving is so simple, you hardly put any work or thought into it. Of course, all you need to do is put some/any shaving cream on your skin or just turn on your electric shaver and start shaving. Hang On!

Are you sure you got the right shaving products for your unique skin? People complain about getting cuts all the time and acne problems blaming their razors. Some of us don’t realize that right skin care regimen and products will make a huge positive change on our skin. Some men in particular just do not let go of the cheap shaving foam or even worse – soap and water. Along with applying good techniques, you should find out what skin type you have and use the right products for your skin. Choose your shaving products wisely. For instance, alcohol in a product is not good on sensitive skin. It dries it and causes irritation. Same for menthol. Yes, they feel good at first, but the result may not be as pleasant later. Avoid foam based products. Aerosol gels or foams are most popular products. It’s because they are easy to use and find. They give you a handful of lather at the press of a button. However, it’s quality not the quantity of the lather that is important.

Coochy-Original Rash-Free Shaving Cream, 16oz OriginalChemicals that are bad for your skin foam those products up. Quality shaving creams do not just help you remove hair. They prevent skin irritation, acne, and razor bumps. And they are not that expensive. Only for couple more bucks, you can get a good shaving cream that does all that and more. During these last years, skin care and shaving products have greatly developed.

There are many products on the market for any skin type, so you just need to spend a little bit of time to analyze and choose the right one for you.

3 shocking style moments of the week

Din categoria "the most shocking style moments" ale saptamanii am ales trei celebritati care s-au remarcat in mod special si au starnit discutii aprinse pe forumurile si blogurile de moda.
In primul rand Amber Rose, prietena lui Kanye West. Celebrul cuplu de fashion victims/attention whores cunoscut pentru extravagantele vestimentare, a fost invitat la prezentarea lui Kris van Assche in cadrul Men Fashion Week de la Paris, eveniment la care Amber si-a facut aparitia intr-o rochie transparenta si decupata pe sub care a purtat doar un body in culoarea pielii. Rezultatul a fost un look 100% vulgar, dar cu care si-a atins scopul, acela de a atrage atentia.
Pe al doilea loc o plasez pe Victoria Beckham, care a fost vazuta in balerini, desi, acum ceva timp, declara ca nu se poate concentra in pantofi cu talpa joasa. Se pare ca Posh nu si-a schimbat parerea si prefera in continuare tocurile vertiginoase, dar are o problema destul de serioasa cu monturile.
Si, pe locul trei, vine Pamela Anderson. Nu pentru ca s-a imbracat deosebit, ci pentru ca a ales niste haine decente, nici prea scurte, nici prea transparente, nici prea decoltate.
Amber Rose si Kanye West

Victoria Beckham

Pamela Anderson la lansarea liniei de parfumuri Malibu by Pamela Anderson

credit foto: socialite life

Friday, January 22, 2010

Studded Handbags by Olivia Harris

I am a big fan of these studded handbags by Olivia Harris. The studs are just the right size to add some more visual interest to these leather bags without being over the top. Tres Chic. Shown: Studded Ball Hobo $495 and Studded Baby Ball $295

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Melting Season: Giveaway WINNERS!

Update: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Get thee to the comments section to see if you won. And if you didn't, get thee to the bookstore!

You read, right, readers? I mean, I just called you readers, and no one can look at glowing rectangles forever. Sometimes you need to curl up with the printed word, printed on a piece of paper, a lot of pieces of paper, actually, that are bound together between two much thicker pieces of paper. Like...a book. And I've got one for you. It's called The Melting Season, and it was written by my friend Jami Attenberg.

It's a novel about a Midwestern girl who decides to leave her unsatisfying life and husband behind and head west to find...something. Like Las Vegas. And a best friend. And maybe a clue. It's a fun read, and I highly recommend you purchase it when it comes out this Thursday.

Jami is getting plenty of attention for this, her third book, from O magazine and Glamour and Marie Claire and the Huffington Post and New York magazine...why not you?

We have a copy to give away to two lucky readers. Details on how to win after this excerpt:::

I wished I looked as classy. Valka had loaned me one of her party dresses, a strappy gown that swooped down low on the chest, and was shredded at the bottom and covered with sequins so that it looked like my legs were covered with shiny feathers. On her I was sure the dress would look glamorous, but on me it looked like I was trying to grow up fast. Valka helped me tease out my hair and told me I looked like I could be in a Bon Jovi video. “You’re a vixen,” she said. I did not want to be a vixen. I did not know what I wanted to be, but a vixen did not seem like the kind of thing that would come natural to me. I missed my flip-flops the minute I slipped on Valka’s patent leather high heels. “They’re fuck-me shoes,” said Valka. She scared me sometimes. I stared down and wondered how I was going to last in them all night, and if I really was required to have sex with someone when I was wearing them. Maybe I was a fraud if I wore these shoes. I had been with my husband for so long. And things had never been right in that area anyway. I had thought about what it would be like to have sex with someone else, sure. To see if it could be better. Or different anyway. But to fuck? That was a particular kind of act. Fucking was like howling at the moon, and I was no stray. Or had not been one in my past. I suddenly wanted to rip the shoes off my feet and throw them out of the room. Who knew there could be so much trouble with just one pair of shoes?

So tell me, reader, what have you ever worn that was most out of your comfort zone? Or, tell me what the hell you would wear for a night out in Vegas. I don't know, 'cause I've never been. Or, what is the most outlandish outfit you've ever borrowed from a friend? Just leave a comment, and the winners will be chosen at my whim on Thursday, the day the book comes out.

Also! Jami is doing a book tour. Won't you go say hello to her if she's coming to your city?

RAW Minerals Beauty

After years of working as a product developer for several large beauty companies Christina Marcaccini grew frustrated with the beauty industry's unwillingness to invest in safer more natural ingredients. She stared the RAW Natural Beauty company to give women better choices for their skin and for their health. The RAW Minerals collection consists of Ultra-fine mineral foundations which feel weightless and silky on your skin. The concentrated pigment also cover imperfections such as dark spots and acne. The foundations are also free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. There is even a special hydrating formula that won't cake. The Active Minerals Foundations come in a variety of different color for fair to dark skin and the Active Veil contains SPF 18. Try the 7-Piece Discovery Kit which contains everything you need to create flawless glowing skin. Enter promo code DISCOVERY50 for 50% off and free shipping on orders over $50.00

Fashion Delivers - Haiti Relief

Fashion Delivers is a charity organization that is coordinating to send new clothes, blankets, shoes etc to those who have been devastated by the Haiti earthquake. E-mail or call 212-629-6700 for a drop-off location near you and to find out more about how you can help.

Cele mai frumoase rochii la Golden Globes 2010

Acum doar cateva, la Los Angeles, a avut loc a 67-a editie a Globurilor de Aur. Alegerile vestimentare ale nominalizatilor si invitatilor au fost, ca de obicei, in cazul unui eveniment cu o astfel de amploare, un important punct de interes.
Cei mai buni stilisti si designeri au conlucrat pentru ca celebritatile prezente la Golden Globes sa arate cat se poate de bine. Ploaia, care putea distuge coafurile si pretioasele rochii, a fost inca o provocare pentru ei.
Zoe Saldana, vedeta din Avatar, a optat pentru o creatie Louis Vuitton cu volane si trena.

Pentru Christina Hendricks tanarul designer Christian Siriano a personalizat aceasta superba rochie cu volane, din colectia de primavara. Tinuta este completata de bijuteriile Loree Rodkin si poseta Christian Louboutin.

Drew Barrymore se bucura de ploaie, desi i-a udat rochia nude Atelier Versace, toamna 2009, decorata cu cristale. Bijuteriile sunt Loraine Schwartz si clutch-ul Roger Vivier

Diane Kruger a iesit in evidenta cu rochia Christian Lacroix couture accesorizata cu un clutch Raven Kauffman couture

Nicole Kidman a imbracat o rochie din satin Nina Ricci pe care a accesorizat-o cu bijuterii Fred Leighton

Cameron Diaz in Alexander McQueen, rochie din precolectia de toamna 2009, bratara vintage din anii '5o de la Van Cleef and Arpels si pantofi peep toe din satin de la Ferragamo

Creatiile Marchesa nu puteau lipsi de pe covorul rosu. Kate Hudson arata impecabil intr-o rochie alba, din colectia pentru mirese, pantofi Casadei si bijuterii Stephen Russel

Noua silueta a Christinei Aguilera, mult mai supla, a fost pusa in valoare de rochia in ton delicat de piersica, cu detalii metalice, creatie a Donatellei Versace

Dupa cum ne-a obisnuit, Jennifer Aniston este minimalista. Tinta este destul de banala si lipsita de stralucire, dar rochia Valentino este frumoasa, sandalele sunt Versace, iar bijuteriile Fred Leighton.

Penelope Cruz a stralucit intr-o creatie Giorgio Armani Prive accesorizata cu diamante Chopard

Pentru acest eveniment Chloe Sevigny a renuntat la tinutele moderne cu un aer rebel si la rochiile foarte scurte, purtand o rochie din sifon, cu volane, din colectia de primavara semnata de Maria Grazia Chiuri si Pier Paolo Piccioli pentru Valentino. Bijuteriile Buccellati i-au completat lookul.

Sandra Bullock a aratat superb in rochia mov Bottega Veneta din colectia de primavara 2010, clutch de la aceeasi casa, pantofi Casadei si bijuterii Loraine Schwartz.
Movul a fost culoarea vedeta la Globurile de aur, Leona Lewis, Jane Krakowski si Rose Byrne au facut aceeasi alegere cromatica.

Rose Byrne intr-o creatie Lanvin din precolectia de toamna 2010