Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Can Has Hasbeen Candy-Colored Boots?

(Apprx $397 USD, Hasbeen,
Um, WHAT could be sweeter than lace-up leather boots the color of candy dots? I want Hasbeens (a resurrected '70s staple) in EVERY color. INCLUDING, but not limited to... beige:

($339, Hasbeens,
And Endless has a sick selection of Hasbeens. Love this camel-colored boot.

Man Fashion: Summer Office Styles

Spring is definitely over and summer is where we are now. You want to stay cool at work, and you’re not just thinking temperature. If you’re not working at Microsoft, Google, or any of the big tech companies, chances are you don’t get the luxuries of wearing whatever you want. So how can you stay cool in the hot sun without being in the hot seat? Below are some pointers to get you started, and examples on how to use these guidelines to work for you.

Think about fabric: Pima cotton is breathable, versatile for all season, and has outstanding quality for clothing. Cotton blends, particularly with stretch wool or rayon/viscose, are great during the summer and keep your clothes fitted to your body. Linen is definitely a must-have in summer attire.

Think of colors: Try mixing bolder shades of spring pastel hues to “spring” into summer. Bold and vibrant colors can look cool and still be comfortable, such as various shades of purple, orange, and blues. Earth and neutral tones – like olives, tans, and browns – are definitely a standard and can look professional with minimal effort. Whites and greys are staples and versatile even when paired with bolder colors to accentuate your personal look. Minimize wearing black as much as possible. If you do wear black, get that in breathable fabrics like linen or cotton chinos, or look for it in subtle patterns.

Think of your workplace: Format your attire based on the dynamic of your workplace. Don’t wear sandals or flip flops if your work does not call for it.

Putting It All Together

No matter what fabrics, color and workplace, the most important of summer office wear is able to give you comfort and express individual personal styles.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Up With These New Sam Edeleman Zachery Booties?

($225, Sam Edelman,
Apparently these Sam Edelman "Zachery" booties are the NBFT. I'm kinda into them/ kinda scared of them. Thoughts? Let us discuss! TO THE COMMENTS!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lesleykat's LOL-Inducing Haul Video Spoof.

Lesleykat is a friend of a friend, and she's hysterical. Watch her spoof on haul videos. Amazing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Box-Office Beat

Not even a blonde-turned-brunette Angelina could top Leonardo at the box office this weekend. Inception was the top flick yet again. See what other movies made the big bucks...


1 - Inception: $43.5 M

2 - Salt: $36.5 M

3 - Despicable Me: $24.1 M

4 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice: $9.7 M

5 - Toy Story 3: $9 M

6 - Ramona and Beezus: $8 M

7 - Grown Ups: $7.6 M

8 - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: $7 M

9 - The Last Airbender: $4.2 M

10 - Predators: $2.9 M

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Bunch of Beauty Pieces!

(Image by the incredible Designed Memory)

Remember how I told you I'm writing about beauty for Well here are a bunch of beauty pieces I wrote in which I, of all people, tell YOU how to look better, whether or not you need to.

+ MAC's phenomenal Haute & Naughty mascara: Its packaging is totally Barbie And The Rockers, and it gives you RuPaul lashes. I think I've said enough.

+ Mistral soaps: Heaven-scent (GET IT?) handmade French soaps thick as bricks, and they last forever.

+ Fresh Pomegranate Conditioner: My favorite conditioner of all time. It comes with the story of how I klepto'ed them from the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

+ Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer: It's so not Snooki.

Mad Men Style Inspiration

Mad Men 1950s Style

I am excited for the Premiere of Mad Men tonight. I have noticed a lot of 50s inspired fashion trends for fall. Think cardigan sets, brooches, and full skirts.

What's On My Desktop? Patrick Nagel, Anthropomorphic Cats, Me & Kid Rock & More

Unlike what's in your bag or on your vanity, what's on your computer desktop is, if you're me, like the contents of a digital junk drawer: there's probably some stuff you might "need" in there, but basically you should really just clean it out. I save photos like little pieces of remnant fabric or tear sheets-- I had good intentions of using them for some project or another, but in all probability, I'll probably never do anything with them.

So, here are a few ridiculous things collecting digital dust, if you will, on my desktop. This is almost like pulling down my pants and exposing myself, but there's some pretty hilarious shit here, and my desktop is basically a direct reflection of my undying love for Perlorian-style, anthropomorphic photos of cats, Deco, crafts, the '80s, and an unknowable amount of kitsch. Oh, and animals dressed like lobsters. In other words, it just had to be shared.

Patrick Nagel painting. He did Duran Duran's 1983 "Rio" album. In my fantasy life, my house look like the set of Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love" video, and I have a huge room of only Nagel paintings -- like the Tate Modern's room of Mark Rothko's Seagrams paintings -- and I go there to be alone with my kitschy thoughts and dreams.

My version of cooking.


Uh, yes that's me and the Jonas Brothers. It was FOR WORK, okay? Job perk. Or occupational hazard depending on who you ask.

Shooting a piece with Kid Rock. He was actually quite genteel and smelled like the sweet smell of Detroit-based country-rap success.


Also self-explanatory.

Again, anthropomorphic animals.

The original Black Barbie (sorry, Nicki Minaj). I love "Notorious K.I.M."-era Lil Kim and the naughty Candyland theme David LaChapelle created for her. "No Matter What They Say" is the JUMP. OFF.

Yes, that's a teenaged Elizabeth Taylor. With a kitten in her pocket. Obviously.

Mayim Bialik in a 1993 issue of "People." I looked EXACTLY like her in the early '90s, and I only helped matters by owning one of those Blossom hats with the flowers.

This has become somewhat of a mantra at work. One of us will be stressed out and/or having a bad (hair) day, and someone will email this. It never fails to get a laugh. An amazing comment from one of my coworkers: "Why aren't we this horse?" SO true.

That Dog's "Retreat From The Sun" is still one of my all-time favorite albums, up there with Jeff Buckley's "Grace" and Rufus Wainwrights' "Poses" and self-titled albums (at my wedding, we "recessed" to the song "April Fools") I know every word, lyric, and every harmony.

I'd frame this and put it on my wall.

I have no viable or realistic explanation for this.

Holy shit. LOOK at my eyeshadow. It's so bad. I probably don't have to point out he fact that it goes up to my eyebrows, right? Because it does. That's obvious.

A tote bag I hand embroidered using a vintage iron-on pattern.

I Bought It: Miu Miu-Alike French Connection Dandy Voile Dress

French Connection

I've been in the market for some slightly more professional dresses -- I work in online content for MTV, so this is pretty professional in my realm. I don't exactly need a Chanel suit or whatever (though Chanel, if you're reading this and have some kind of blogger suit program, I'd be happy to wear one to work and watch people's WTH faces). Also, I've been scratching a LOT of impulse buy itches lately, and this French Connection dress was one them. I was at Bloomingdale's, and this pretty much leaped up into my arms like a lost puppy looking for a home. It practically licked my face. Annoyingly, I paid $148 for it (very unlike to me to whip out one and a half Benjamins, but again, this poor dress, it needed a home -- also, I don't carry "Benjamins." I don't think I've ever seen a real 100-dollar bill in my life except maybe in mafia movies... I really need richer friends) and then I saw it on French Connection online for half that, but it was sold out, so whatever. It fit perfectly, despite the fact that it was about 128 sizes larger than the three sizes I might normally wear. (Looks like I'm not the only one who finds that French Connection likes to size up.)

Anyway, as much as I love Mad Men-style everything (duh -- I'm in my '30s and live in Brooklyn. It's a given), there's a time and a place to dress like Joan Holloway, and a time and place to be not costumey. So while the pleated, nipped-waist style feels retro, the ruffled sleeves keep this from looking like you're swilling a Manhattan and vying for Don Draper's attention. It's like Mad Men meets Gaga.

Oh, and the print kinda references Miu Miu, no?
($1094, Miu Miu,
Hmm. Maybe I did get a good deal after all.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Candace Ang's Dinosaur Necklaces + Iosselliani And Fall/ Winter 2010 Pieces

So, I visited W29 Showroom the other week. That place is a fashion fulcrum for some of my favorite left-of-center designers like Ashish, who LOVES a sequin, and I DEFY YOU not to love sequins too.

Anyway, check out a few snaps I took of Iossellani's Fall/Winter 2010 tribal/Westerny-inspired/ Fleetwood Mac-ish heavy metal pieces.

Um, this is ALL ONE PIECE. If I could only wear one piece for the rest of my life, it'd be this one. Because it's like 23939 necklaces in one. This + a white t-shirt and some skinny black ankle-length pants and a pair of slipons? Are you kidding me?

($675, Iosselliani)
The tribal pièce de résistance!!

Candace Ang's phenomenal chunky mixed material (bullets! mesh-wrapped gems!) bracelets.

And here we have Candace Ang's hilariously cheeky dinosaur necklace from her collaboration with Margita Saplala. Annoyingly this dino necklace has -- har -- since become extinct, but the pyrite T Rex necklace is still around.

($210, Candace Ang,

Also, can dinosaurs please be the new owls? PLEASE?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alice + Olivia for MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics has recently released it's latest designer collaboration with this new line by Alice + Olivia. I love all of the funky colors and the retro (80's) glam packaging. These pops of color will be really great for fall and can be used in a small dose during the day or in a heavier application for a more bold look during the evening.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Leopard-Print (Literally) Bluefly Closet Confession

So, Bluefly is doing some contest called Closet Confessions, where you upload a photo of the most absurdly asinine thing you own for a chance to win some Bluefly bucks. I'm not usually the type to enter contests since I'm horrible at taking photos and making videos (which is why you'll usually see neither on this site, unless it's a Blackberry photo and I'm feeling saucy). But I knew I was sitting on top of a goldmine (or shit show, depending on your vantage point), because WHO ELSE OUT THERE IS HARBORING A LEOPARD-PRINT POLYESTER JUMPSUIT?

Yes, that actually is a salmon-colored (like, if you laid a piece of lox down on top of it, it'd camouflage so perfectly that you'd only be able to find it again by the smell) polyester jumpsuit -- not a dress, as there are TWO DEFINED LEGS! -- covered in leopards. The leopards, for some reason, have comically long white whiskers. And, it's just the gift that keeps giving, as it's got WOODEN buttons, an intense collar, and a drawstring. You know -- to emphasize your waist. As if anyone's gonna notice your waist. It's so Mrs. Roper, who's always been a style icon to me, and sadly I don't mean that with a hint of irony (nor, clearly, a shred of dignity).

I got this from a since-shuttered vintage store in the East Village, probably in 2002 or so, when I lived downtown. I remember seeing it and basically hearing angels sing. I've only ("only!") worn it once, and that was to a party Cat, our old roommate Holly, and I were throwing. The last time I tried it on it appeared to have, um, ahem, "shrunk," but that doesn't mean it won't be resurrected at some point. I'm not even sure if it fits at this point, but I certainly can't part with it. A closet without a leopard-printed jumpsuit is no closet I'd want to call my own.

+ Here's my entry if you'd like to vote for me. Johnny WEIR is choosing the winner, and I love him like I love cats, and I love cats to an unhealthy degree.

DANGER! DANGER! Alexis Bittar Sale!

WARNING! Alexis Bittar's having a huge sale, and I've only got one word for you: oof.

I already picked up this adorable neon pink pyramid necklace for $47, but I will further forewarn you, they kinda kill you with shipping and tax. Oh wells.
($47.50, Alexis Bittar)

I avoided buying this gunmetal ring and the rest of the neon pink Lucite pieces. But just barely.

($131.25, Alexis Bittar)

($47.50, Alexis Bittar)

($72.50, Alexis Bittar)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bargain Binge: Fire Floral Romper

($22.99, Fire,
If you're really quiet, you can almost hear this floral romper crying out "add to cart!" It's by Fire, a junior brand based in LA. I really appreciate how this sweet little romper comes in many variations on "floral," and there are many variations, lest you travel through life blissfully unaware of the wide plane upon which florals can exist! I'm partial to the mustard and bluebird colors above, but check out the '90s riot grrl possibilities of the rompers below:

I'm really into how these are summer pieces but have a fall feel. Because you know, with a romper, I'm big into winterizing with a black turtleneck (generally I LOATHE turtlenecks, but I'll make an exception for black ones), black tights, and distressed denim jacket or safari jacket and some chunky black boots. Anyway, BUY! They're practically GIVING 'em away.