Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Helped Support Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Campaign To Fight Breast Cancer

Last year, I helped fight breast cancer by walking over 39 miles in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. This year... I put on a shirt. Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Polo. I was one of 100 bloggers asked to photograph ourselves in a Ralph Lauren Pink Pony Polo as part of the Ralph Lauren 100 Bloggers Unite Against Cancer Campaign.

Ralph Lauren's efforts in the fight against breast cancer has spanned more than 20 years. But this year is the 10th anniversary of Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony Fund For Cancer Care And Prevention, which is dedicated to helping the medically underserved receive quality cancer care and preventative care.

You can support the Pink Pony Fund by purchasing some lovely, luxe, limited-edition stuff. 100% of the proceeds of the luxury items  -- a startlingly chic hot pink Alligator Ricky 33 bag and a corresponding alligator cuff with Cooper Lock -- go to the Pink Pony Fund. You can also participate in the Pink Pony public auction from October 1st to October 21st at 100% of proceeds from the auction benefit the Pink Pony Fund. Sadly, Nacho Figueras is not included in the limited-edition luxury products nor the auction. But during the month of October, you can text "PINKPONY" to 501501 to automatically donate $10.

Finally, you can shop the Pink Pony collection -- a portion of all sales of Pink Pony products supports the Pink Pony Fund for Cancer Care and Prevention.

+ Check out Ralph Lauren's 100 Bloggers Unite Against Cancer Campaign at AOL Stylist.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Dream Of: Wren's Leopard Fur Coat

($795, Wren, Shopbird)

The leopard fur coat. It's so classic, so decade-unspecific. So Anne Bancroft-classy and at the same time so old-lady-with-a-cigarette-hanging-out-of-her-mouth-and-waving-a-flyswatter-around crazy.

But mainly, I just love how dreamy a leopard print coat can be. What's under it? Who cares. The coat is the outfit.

I Heart Pendleton Everything! + Weird '90s Flashback

I don't necessarily think Pendleton's Native American designs really flatter me, but that doesn't stop me from admiring their resurgence and their wonderfully wooly winter undertones.

Two Pendleton pieces that are on my fantasy shopping list (things I'll never buy yet would graciously accept as... you know... donations or something) are this Pendleton wool and leather weekender bag. It's so ruggedly handsome. It's like the Javier Bardem of bags, you know? But less scruffy:
($216, Pendleton,

From the sturdy, strapping leather details to the please-don't-get-me-all-super-dirty metal feet, to the luggage tag, I fully endorse everything about this Pendleton bag (as well as the lovely Epaulet, which you should visit in person or online.)

I ride a bike approximately once every... never. Seriously, I NEVER ride a bike. I haven't been on one since approximately 1997, and that was only for a brief moment to determine that up until then, I hadn't been on one since 1991 and since it was 1997, well, I sure as hell wasn't about to take up bike riding again. Hm. I wonder what I was wearing in 1997. Probably some really horrible "relaxed fit" DKNY jeans with zero shape. And a thrift store t-shirt that said "John Deere." And possibly a flannel.  Lovely. ANYWAY, I completely digress. If I WERE to ride a bike, Urban Outfitters' Pendleton bike (available early October) would be it.

BTW, here's me in the '90s. SO style-less that I HAD to share for the sake of comedy. Can you believe people actually COME TO ME for style advice now?!? Oh, and I'm pretty sure that was my "going out" shirt, and it was special because it was one of the sole things I owned from The Gap. I took good care to iron it. And those spoon-shaped gold sunglasses? THERE ARE NO WORDS capable of describing "the bad." I remember being CRESTFALLEN when they disappeared... Little did I know it was truly for the best. Live and learn, people. Live and learn.

Boardwalk Empire's Michael Kenneth Williams in GQ


As the legendary Omar from The Wire, and now the backstreet Kingpin on Boardwalk Empire, Michael Kenneth Williams brings charmed confidence to the screen. Here he hits the lumber of Atlantic City in the kind of three-piece suits that'll make anyone look like the boss. For the full article and more photos from GQ, click HERE.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Man Skin Care: Why Ingredients in Moisturizing Soap is so Important?

Showering has become a normal routine for most of us in this part of the world. Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, jump in the shower and get ready for our busy day. This is a habit we have grown up with and will continue for many years to come.

When we shower we usually use some bath and body products. We have shampoo for our hair and a form of soap for our skin and body. But how many of us have really spent time to read and understand what are the ingredients used in these products?

Most of us clean ourselves with bath soaps or shower gel. We use them everyday to wash and clean off our body during shower. However, soap or shower gel can do a lot more than just clean off dirt. In fact, our daily soap affects your skin. It can dry it out, or add moisture. There's why alot of companies design special moisturizing soap or shower gel to help with skin issues, such as body acne or dry skin issues that bothering most of us here.

The important thing when looking at bath and body products is to understand that all of those ingredients are being absorbed in to your skin, so when purchasing your soap or shower gel, it is always important to pay attention to the what's main ingredients are. Some will contain a lot of chemicals that can potentially irritate the skin or dry it out. Since everything is absorbed that you put on your skin, you will also be absorbing those chemicals in to your body.

That is why organic moisturizing soap or shower gel use full natural ingredients. Our skin does much better when chemicals are not involved. It also the reason why organic products are so well received in recent years.

So start to read the main ingredients of your moisturizing soap or shower gel today, and do some research to understand these ingredients that you are applying on your skin everyday will definitely help you to prevent any potential skin diseases.

I Dream Of Diane Von Furstenberg

($725, Diane Von Furstenberg,
I both dream of and die for this Diane Von Furstenberg navy sequin coat from the Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2010 collection. Well, I die figuratively for it. Not literally. No coat is worth actually dying for. I knew I loved sequins, but I never knew I could love navy so much. I'm constantly amazing myself, aren't I? 

Diane Von Furstenberg coat

($495, Diane Von Furstenberg,

Please also note the excellence of the Axelle DVF sequined cardigan, which comes in black and navy. Normally I'd go for black sequins, but since I already own a black sequined cardigan and a black sequined t-shirt, I'd go for navy. Also, navy's apparently having a moment this fall.

Anyway, since I'm now clearly on a DVF binge, please enjoy my grown-up girl dress that I bought this summer. It's the DVF Anina khaki silk shirtdress, and it looks casual, but it's really not. It's basically a gorgeous earthy canvas that you can style approximately 17,032 different ways.

I bought my DVF Anina dress (on sale!) at Diane T., which is a really nice boutique in Cobble Hill. It's kind of like a touch on the more conservative/mainstream side than is Bird. And a hair more affordable.

Finally, I TRULY think someone should buy me this Diane Von Furstenberg leather wrap dress (!!!!). I've worked very hard this year, I've been a very good girl, and I always finish all of my broccoli before asking for dessert.

($945, Diane Von Furstenberg,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Snow Art Exhibit

Summer Snow is an art exhibit that interprets the SS 2011 woman Mars̬ll Goccia collection. The art collabortive Nucleo suggests a snowfall out of season. Spraying white polyurethane with a semiautomatic machine Nucleo recreates the effect of random typical snowstorm on the shoes. The show runs Via Paullo 12/A Milan | 23rd September Р15th October. 26 Rue Saint Gilles, 75003, Paris | 30th September Р8th October

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Found The Ugliest Shoes MAYBE EVER!

($35.69, Wild Rose,
I was JUST talking to a friend about how online shopping addictions have become truly problematic. And then THIS landed in my inbox. HALLELUJAH! I'M CURED! These freak-nasty boots are like methadone to my shopping addiction.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buying, Mulling, Denying

Feeling just a TAD out of control with the purchasing lately. Like, I really DID need a new pair of black boots for the season. But...did I need two? Probably not, but they were relatively cheap, and so I will not indulge the little guilt monster that whispers maybe I should return one. However, I am instituting a waiting period on any other footwear purchases, and I'm even going to deny myself certain wants. I am so mature!


First I bought these Steven by Steve Madden "Intyce" boots, $129. I actually have two other pairs of boots in this style, with the very slight wedge heel and the buckle(s) on the side, but I love them and wear them all the time, and I think they work for a shit ton of outfits. AND they were only $96 with Piperlime's 25% off coupon (down to tk% off today, then poof!).

And then, a little birdie dissed them for being flat, and I started looking around for a cool heeled pair, and LO! Camper makes a boot in the Rachael style, of which I already have two sandals!

Camper "Rachael" boot, $145.65. Just can't get enough of that heel, I guess. UPDATE: Returned. Too skinny for my calves. *sadface*


Forever 21 "Ashton" T-strap clogs, $29.80. Saw these on a girl shot for Racked street-style thing, and damn, I just think they're hot. Obviously they're not going to be high-quality shoes. But worth the risk of them falling apart? UPDATE: BOUGHT! AWESOME! COMPLIMENTS! YES!


Vintage pony-hair moccasins, $64. I'm not getting these. Thought about it, but just don't think I can rock them as they were meant to be rocked. I do think they are superawesome though. One of you get them! (Tamar??)

Style Spotlight: Gap Leather Utility Jacket

($328, Gap)
Gap's new belted black leather jacket stopped me in my tracks when I passed it in the window of their Times Square location. It's clearly not meant to be... yet... since it's sold out in medium (and is it just me or does Gap run ENORMOUS these days), but I've got my eye on you, black leather jacket! You with the super-convenient hip pockets and the skinny, push-up-able sleeves.

More cute leather jackets here at Naag!

Man Fashion Skin Care: Product of the Week

If you wake up one day and realize there is a line of wrinkles on you face, you could probably don't bother much about it. But hang on, why leave this unattended if you have the chance to take good care of your skin right now? Yes, I have tested the the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle &UV Damage Corrector for a month now and the results is just amazing. Our skin is exposed to constant aggressors from sun exposure to stress to pollution which deteriorate collagen and elastin which over time produces those lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and can reduced skin clarity.

The Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector is an easily absorbed affair, termed ‘de-ageing serum’, formulated to work day and night to reduce the appearance of those lines and wrinkles, and repair and help prevent UV damage with results similar to an (expensive) dermatological laser treatment. Clinique advise using three drops twice a day, courtesy of the syringe-like dispenser and in 12 weeks, you should achieve 63% of the visible wrinkle reducing power of a laser – not bad considering the extortionate cost of laser treatment!

The serum address 3 main areas of concern:


UV is still one of the leading causes of accelerated ageing. Harmful rays penetrate deeply into skin causing direct damage to cellular DNA and distortions in the skin’s regeneration process, and indirect damage from the release of free radicals. The visible results of sun damage include: breakdown of collagen, uneven skin texture and the early appearance of lines and wrinkles, the “solar scars” that are the noticeable proof of collagen loss from extended UV exposure.

A potent blend of three patented repair enzymes encapsulated in a liposome delivery system work to help visibly reverse UV damage and mend “solar scars.” This technology represents 20 years of clinical study into molecular delivery systems and aids penetration deep within the surface of the skin to dramatically revitalise the appearance of photo ageing.

  • Micrococcus Luteus (Ultrasomes V) – these liposomes work best at night to intensify the skin’s ability to visibly repair sun-inflicted damage from UVB rays.

  •  Photolyase Fermentate (Photosomes V) – absorbs visible light to promote natural cellular repair, working efficiently during daylight hours, to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin over time.

  •  OGG-1 Fermentate (Roxisomes) – derived from the mustard plant, protects cells from oxidative damage resulting from UV and intrinsic ageing.


A high-level peptide complex boosts natural collagen production and helps maintain existing natural collagen with essential ingredients. Skin becomes more firm, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is diminished. Targeted for application around the entire face and especially the delicate eye area, it works to help reverse one of the most visible signs of ageing by effectively smoothing and softening the appearance of eye creases.

  • Whey Protein – a natural, amino acid rich, polypeptide helps skin look and feel more firm and resilient while minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) – helps to plump the skin and increase natural collagen production, resulting in firm skin and minimised appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – this bio-peptide helps prompt natural collagen production.


Additionally, a cocktail of ingredients work to protect skin by helping to fight free radicals from environmental aggressors and to prevent future damage to the skin.

  • Vitamin C and E (Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate and Tocopheryl Acetate) – provide antioxidant protection from free radicals induced by UV.

  • Ergothioneine – this naturally occurring amino acid is a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect skin from environmental aggressors. Works with Vitamin C and E, helping to provide balance to the skin and helping to re-activate each other.

  • Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Juice Extract – contains Ellagic Acid to help protect the skin and defend the skin against visible damage.

We know all the above technical terms sound complicated, but for simplicity, we always look at the end results. For the matter of fact, it's work!! That's simple. :)

You can get yourself this product at Amazon at just $62.50.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Time For... CAT FASHIONS!

In honor of my cat Sim's untimely demise, here are a bunch of cheery cat clothes and accessories. Yes, I'm a cat person. DEAL WITH IT. I used to try to air on the side of discretion when shopping for or styling myself with cat-related fashion, so as not to look overly young. But at this point, I'm like fuck it.

($78, Marc By Marc Jacobs,

($35, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
Love Marc By Marc Jacobs' Fantastical Tale cat rings in brass and black resin. See? Marc Jacobs gets it!

($76, Your Eyes Lie, Topshop)
British upstart Your Eyes Lie makes excellent, photorealistic digital prints -- like this giant cat print dress -- on the softest jersey dresses. They look fantastic with leggings, run large (yay!), and are super layerable.

Two baby kitties in a heart ring! Ee!

MAC's Fabulous Felines collection is obviously my favorite collection of all time. When I found out they were doing a cat collection, I almost fell out of my chair. Why I wasn't asked to be a consultant on the collection I will never know, but I'll let it slide. This time.

My favorite of the Fabulous Felines are the Leopard Luxe eyeshadow quad. LOOK at that gold! And that muted orange! So autumnal chic.


Love MAC's Cunning very berry lipstick. It's sold out online, so check your local MAC store.

($25, Paul & Joe Beaute,
It's CAT LIPSTICK! LIPSTICK IN THE SHAPE OF A CAT! I wrote about it for Naag.

($40, Joseph Aaron Segel,
Designer and RISD professor Joseph Aaron Segel sources vintage sweater and prints cats and sews hilarious, huge stuffed animals eyes onto them! And check out his Pretty Snake acid cat screenprinted t-shirts!

($38, Joyrich,
LOVE Joyrich because they always have comfie, casual, cheeky streetwear. Love Karmaloop because they ALWAYS have promo codes.

Hello Again! Bad News!

Hi Bingers.

I've been slightly AWOL from FashionBinge for the past two weeks. I was in LA for the VMAs (fun! Kanye West is actually pretty hot in person -- super buff!), but also because while I was out there, one of my two beloved kitties, Simone, unfortunately passed away very unexpectedly. I found out about it WHILE I WAS ON THE PLANE to LA and spent about four hours bawling, from Queens to about half past Colorado or so. She was the lovely, extraordinary little peaches-and-cream colored cat my husband and I owned with Beauty Blogging Junkie's Amber, who wrote a fitting tribute. Sim got sick and had to be put to sleep, all within an awful few days. The worst. The absolute worst. She had no pain. Only a terrible cancer that silently ate away at her spinal cord, only revealing itself until it was clearly too late and the decision had unfortunately been made for us. All we could do was take what would've become her terrible pain and make it our own.

But we will only remember her as the chirpy, silly, sweet little eager-to-please kitty she was. And a pristine little lady, a fast runner, a lover of TV, ice cubes, headbutting, and licking the bathtub, the queen of stretching and snuggling, and a totally shameless alpha who had no problem moving right in and demoting our boy cat, Rory, from the bed to the floor.

We only had her for one and a half of her 8-plus years, but we were really blessed to have so much furry joy in our lives, even for a short period of time. I picture her having kitty cocktail parties up in heaven, driving around in a pink convertible, wearing a head scarf and glasses, with all of her many friends. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I don't care. She'll always be in our hearts, and she'll always be our shining star.

Here are a few photos of sweet Simone, healthy, and always happy.

Eco Fashion Shows Updates

If you are care about environment, you should give some support to our eco-fashion designers. Let us update you the latest Eco-Fashion Shows for rest of the September month.

September 25-28
Paris – Since 2004 The Ethical Fashion Show has been bringingtogether designers who care about the environment and culture’s skills. From chic to traditional fashion including street wear, there’s something to suit all tastes.

September 27-30
Vancouver – Starting their inaugural Eco-fashion Week, a selection of some of  the best eco-designers from around the world will come together to showcase their latest collections of environmentally friendly, trend-setting fashion

 Do drop us a note if you have something to share, leave them in the comments and we’ll spread the news!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Week Spring 2011 Wrap Up

Here are some of my favorite looks from last weeks Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week.

Pretty prints from Rebecca Taylor.

Keeping it simple - Black and White from Rachel Comey

Pops of orange from Charlotte Ronson.

Ethnic bohemian from Anna Sui.

Spotlight: Laurel Wells Jewelry

Laurel Wells must be one of the coolest fashion designers ever to grace my inbox. After three years as head of apparel design for Hayden-Harnett (the amazing fall 2010 collection was her last for the line, a Fashion Binge fave many years over), the designer is returning to the solo game with a new collection of amazing statement necklaces inspired by Native American crafts. Each unique piece is a handmade gem of dip-dyed rayon accentuated with soft feathers, barely there chains, and/or cool beading. These necklaces are meant to steal the show—wear them with just a white tee and a simple skirt, and you are fabulous. Covetousness starts now:

Chilcotin necklace, $96.

Flint necklace, $86.

Nantahala necklace, $96.

Ocoee necklace, $224.

Buy them all (or just buy me one!) at Laurel Wells Jewelry.