Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lash Out: Falsies From Make Up For Ever

I was in Sephora yesterday and paused to admire Make Up For Ever's delightfully ostentatious false eyelashes. They're very Cabaret/ Paris Is Burning. Since I don't hang out in WWII-era Berlin speakeasies, and I don't Vogue, I don't really have where to wear them, yet still, I covet.

Angelina On the Cover of OK!

Angelina Jolie is, indeed, pregnant according to OK! Magazine.

Angelina Jolie's loose, flowing Hermes gown piqued curiosity and media speculation at the SAG Awards. And now OK! has confirmed through a source close to Angelina Jolie that she is expecting. "Angie has wanted a second biological baby for some time now ... And the minute she's pregnant, she was glows. She's the type that doesn't want to scream it to everyone but has the quiet, expectant mother glow. Her smile says she's the luckiest woman in the world."

Reports have circulated that Angelina intends on selling the story of her pregnancy to a tabloid magazine, and giving the money to charity.

That Piece of Metal

Up to now, my favourite and most trust-worthy going-out handbag is a small Vuitton Vernis pouch. While I'm not big on monograms, I do think that the monogram on Vernis isn't as obvious or popular as the typical tan-coloured monograms. But what I really like about the Vernis bag is that it's made of patent leather, meaning that it's not 'the end of the bag' if someone spilt a drink on it. Plus the shininess of patent leather just somehow seems to suit going-out at night. But after using it for a few years, it's beginning to turn yellow and just recently at the back of Teen Vogue, the Vuitton ad was advertising this new Vernis bag:

On first glance, I thought it looked like a pretty and practical going-out bag that could last at least four seasons. But right in the centre of the bag, there's gold piece of metal that says 'Louis Vuitton'. In my mind, that's a con.

Unfortunately, having this big piece of metal on bags seems like a thing Marc Jacobs has been favouring in the recent seasons, whether it's at Vuitton...

or Marc Jacobs. Honestly, when I first saw those Marc Jacobs bags in real life, I remember thinking, 'That's ugly. Why would MJ add that brand-named-metal on such nice, contemporary bags?' And is it really necessary? It's usually pretty obvious when a bag is by Marc Jacobs (to me anyways.)

MJ seemed to have started these metal tags a few seasons back with Vuitton's canvas bags. I remember really not liking the tags back then. The thing is, it's understandably harder now for designers to differentiate their bags in the market from high street ones, especially when high street stores manage to produce the bags so quickly and some stores (eg. Zara) actually manage to make the bags to not look cheap. But is this really what designers are offering us now?

This season, Marc by Marc Jacobs has shrunk their metal tag smaller into this 'standard supply' tag, which is kind of an improvement from last season's metal plates (literally). (If you've visited a Marc boutique last season, you would have probably noticed some of the bags had HUGE Marc metal plates on them.)

Gucci has stitched on italic 'Gucci' on some of its bags in recent seasons too. But for some odd reason, it seemed more artistic and prettier than the Louis Vuitton metal tags -and I'm not even a fan of Gucci bags. (The picture here has a huge 'Gucci' name on it. The Gucci bags I'm referring to have smaller ones stitched on.)

Anyways, back to the first Vuitton bag on the top of this post, what does everyone think about it? I can't decide whether the gold metal tag is horrible enough to make me stop considering it!

Rihanna's Got Milk

Rihanna is the new face of the "Got Milk" ads

The sexy songstress is asking everyone to "shut up and drink."

Quote of the Day

"We both want children ... And we both can't wait, and we practice a lot! But nothing yet. I'll let you know." - Eva Longoria Parker talks about her maternal instinct and her bedroom behavior on Good Morning America.
*Image: Splash

Jordin Sparks' Super Bowl Attire

"American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks will perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" while wearing quite the ensemble at Super Bowl XLII.Fashion designer Lloyd Klein, whose couture collections are shown on the catwalks of Paris and New York, created Sparks' shadowed midnight blue faille tailored suit with black leather side panels. Klein worked with the vocalist to create a suit that would fit her and

Britney Hospitalized Again

Britney Spears was placed under psychiatric hold earlier this month ...

Britney Spears was hospitalized again early this morning and is currently under psychiatric hold. A source told People magazine that she was escorted by police. Spears was brought to UCLA Medical Center for a 72-hour lock-down and evaluation. Pal Sam Lufti told People "She went willingly. It was like something in her heart was telling her she should go. She knew something was wrong."
A source says that Britney was hospitalized because she was "driving around her neighboorhood like a mad-woman ... Britney has been prescribed medication which she retuses to take." Reports that Spears attempted suicide have been rebuffed by Lutfi and friend Alli Sims.

*Splash News

Jessica's jeans

Jessica Simpson in jeansii preferati - William Rast, Devi Kroell hobo bag, sapca Reebok.

Noua colectie DVB

Victoria este in plina campanie de promovare a noii linii de denim din colectia DVB. Aflata la magazinul Saks Fifth Avenue Posh a purtat un outfit all black accesorizat cu manusi din piele Gucci.

Men's Accessory: Omega Watch

Watchmakers Advice
By Claude H. Suddreth "Opinion Expert" (Phoenix, AZ USA)

I am rather opinionated when it comes to mens luxury watches. This comes from spending 2 years in watchmaking school, studying directly under the guidance of a certified master swiss watchmaker who came here from Europe. Men watches, especially mid to high grade swiss watches, are a passion of mine. I am not loyal to a brand or a style or anything else. I judge them for what they are, in terms of quality, function, construction, and style. A watchmakers point of view.

This said I will tell you that this particular men watch is what I consider to be a "best kept secret" sort of watch. This is an AUTOMATIC watch (read: Mechanical - NOT Quartz), and of CHRONOMETER grade function. Chronometer as used here is a measure of accurate timekeeping, not quality - a point often misunderstood - and is used mostly from a marketing point of view by companies such as Rolex. HOWEVER. This movement in THIS watch is actually EXCELLENT in terms of quality, time keeping ability, and construction - easily comparable to other Swiss made movements from other famous manufacturers costing several times as much. This watch, properly serviced, will provide a lifetime of use - and probably more. Absolutely the sort of men's watches you pass down to the next generation. (maybe still long way to go! :P)

All in all - and EXCELLENT choice - especially for those seeking their first QUALITY Swiss watch purchase.


Brand Name: Omega
Model number: 1202.30.00
Dial window material type: sapphire
Clasp: push-button-safety
Case material: stainless-steel-and-18k-gold
Case diameter: 39 millimeters
Case Thickness: 10 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel-and-18k-gold
Band length: mens-standard
Dial color: silver-white
Bezel material: 18k-gold
Calendar: Date
Movement: Automatic
Water resistant depth: 165 Feet

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lipstick Jungle - Behind the Scenes

So Thursday February 7th 10/9c the much hyped Lipstick Jungle by the author of Sex and the City, will debut on NBC. The show follows the main characters; Movie Exec Wendy Healy, Editor-in-Chief Nico Reilly, and Fashion Designer Victory Ford through their trials and tribulations in NYC. Sound familiar? The termination of Sex and the City has left a gaping hole and face it we miss female drama, humility and the edgy fashion of the show. Will Lipstick Jungle be able to fill those minolo's? Watch next thursday and let me know what you think?

And to get you all ready for Fashion Week here is a debut video from the stylists at Lipstick Jungle.

Beauty Buys That Blow!

Styledash has the 12 beauty products that basically suck, according to

The funny thing is, I actually use about four of them. Here's their take versus mine, which is obviously far superior, because it is.

Smashbox Lip-Enhancing Gloss
Their beef: "Color only lasts through a half-hour commute, and it's hard to ignore the plastic aroma and grainy texture while you're wearing it."
My take: I agree that it doesn't last long, but I have their True Color gloss in Protege, and it's a perfect non-megawatt simple neutral gloss for daywear. And I disagree about any funky texture or smell of yuk.

Revlon Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Hairdryer
Their beef: "... don't let buzz words like 'ionic' and 'ceramic' seduce you into buying it. Bad design and bogus claims had me ready to go back to the louder, heavier Elchim 1800. Despite having multiple settings, this dryer's heat was too intense and its frizz-fighting 'Ion Select Dial' futile."
My take: I agree that there's not much super ionic or tourmalinic (???) about this dryer, but it absolutely fights frizzos (and I should know), and it gets lotsa points for its lack of jet-engine-blast volume. And hello -- it's $35. Perf.

Redken All Soft Gold Glimmer Perfecting Shine Treatment
Their beef:
"'Shine treatment' brings a serum texture to mind, but this was a thicker, gel-like goo infused with golden flecks. When sparingly applied from hair ends to mid-shaft, you can expect to get some separation and added texture -- which is odd because it's meant to soften and add shine to hair. (It didn't.)
My take: WTF? I absolutely adore this product. It's a frizz-fighting WEAPON OF FUCKING MASS DESTRUCTION! And it adds an overwhelming amount of shine with a minimal amount of gooey goopiness. The only thing I agree with here is yes, it does smell like a tropical isle. Which rules.

Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Washable Lengthening Mascara
Their beef:
"A mascara that promises "zero clumps" with "stunning length" and "clean definition" at this price sounds too good to be true -- and it is. The reason it doesn't clump? The formula is so thin, you'll need at least two coats to get decent lash definition. Then it starts clumping."
My take: Um, did we use the same product? Yes, this is a VERY thin mascara -- I'll give them that. And you need to use about four coats, not two. BUT, it's an indispensable tool for lengthening, lifting and separating. It's the Wonderbra of mascaras, if you will. I use it as a base and then add a thicker mascara on top of it for maximum effectage. Next to Maybelline's sub par, super-overhyped Great Lash mascara, this thing Speaking of thickening mascara -- I used to use Benefit's Bad Gal mascara, which nearly gives you Tammy Faye Baker eyes, in an awesome way, until my sister and I both concluded -- it ends up migrating from your eyelashes to your undereyes by COB, no matter what. Boo. So now I'm kind of back on the market as far as thickening mascaras go.

Anyway, tell us which beauty products you love/hate/feel indifference/ blind rage toward.

2008 SAG Awards

With major award shows being cancelled left and right celebs are pulling out all the stops when it comes to any red carpet moment.

Angelina Jolie in Hermes and Brad Pitt in Tom Ford

Ellen Page in Zac Posen

Eva Longoria in Naeem Khan

Glenn Close and her unbelievable upper body in Giorgio Armani


Kate Hudson in Balmain


Runway Recap: Chanel Ready-to-Wear Spring 2008

Schizophrenia! Rizzo! Stars and stripes! Bondage! Boredom! Prostitution! Grey Gardens! Granny knits! Coogi! White people in racist country clubs (I don't think there was ONE non-pale-skinned model in that show! Wait. There was like one Asian or something. But COME ON!) The movie Overboard! No, it's not a shortlist of Britney's faults and favorite things. These are what look to be the much-too-many inspirations behind the Chanel's dizzingly unfocused 2008 RTW collection.

Check out the denim pieces; instead of making you go to the trouble of tracking down some blinding acid, pouring it into a bucket and dunking your head in, they've done that for you. Thanks, Uncle Karl! Enjoy the parade of atrocities!

David Beckham Wears a Naked Victoria Accross His Chest

David Beckham is all in support of his wife's recent cancer campaign, as he was seen wearing the Marc Jacobs creation during a trip to Brazil where he has opened his latest Football Academy. Victoria posed nude for the t-shirt for a campaign to highlight the dangers of skin cancer. She is featured with her hands strategically placed over her chest alongside a caption reading: "Protect the skin

Heath's "Secret Struggles" Revealed in US Weekly

The new US Weekly's cover story features quotes from a "close" source/pal/confidant close to Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. According to the article, Williams was heartbroken throughout their three year relationship by her boyfriend's abuse of alcohol and drugs, including heroine, cocaine, and unidentified pills.

The article also claims that Williams took Ledger to Promises Treatment Center in California in early 2006, but that he refused to enter, and swore he would change and clean up his act.

Two separate sources also told US Weekly that after their split, Williams insisted that Ledger be drug-tested before his visitations with their 2-year-old daughter Matilda.

Lancome: L.U.C.I

The other day I walked passed the Lancome counter and caught a glimpse of their new SS08 collection. Intrigued by the pretty shell packaging and vibrant colors, I booked an appointment to try out the new collection the very next day!
The theme of this SS08 collection by Gucci Westman is L.U.C.I, Luminescent Colorless Color Intelligence (And yes, I am aware that Colorless starts with a C and not a U. *shrugs* Maybe its a french thing?). The idea is to have a collection of colorless shimmery make-up that changes color all the time adjusting to different skin tones and the reflections of light. Doesn't that concept sound so awesome???
To begin with, the make-up artist did the whole usual cleaning, moisturizer, toner, pore minimizer (it is such a Lancome thing!) routine with me. Then she introduced me to their new make-up primer, La Base, which she applied to my face/nose (to fill in the pores) and under my EYES! Apparently, this is a special oil free formula that is even suitable as a eye primer! I'm not sure I follow the logic of oil free --> suitable for eye thing, but I LOVE the idea of undereye primer. It is SO annoying when the skin there is dry/flaky (even my eye cream has been applied!) and thus looks AWFUL when you apply concealer there. This product is genius. And it might be my imagination or the foundation, but I felt that my pores did look smaller. After all that base, foundation and concealer, she finished off the face with the Photonic Illuminating Powder, which is just loose powder with the sparkly light reflection stuff that is suppose to help highlight and sculpt your features. I really didn't feel the difference.
Moving on we had the eye make-up, where I daresay is where the whole luminescent thing should be at it's best. One of my favourite products out of the whole collection is the Illuminator, which is basically cream eye shadows. that goes on clear but reflects color when light hits it. How totally awesome is that??? I LOVE it. I got the "ray of pink light" shade. You can also use it as a base before you apply powder, but personally I think the powder would just mask the effect. If you get the more neutral apricot shade, you can also use it to highlight your features. After all, it DOES say it is an illuminator for the eyes and face.

The other eye make-up product is the eye shadow palette in the pretty white shell shaped box, the L.U.C.I EYES light color in motion duo eye shadows. I was really excited about it. I love eye shadow palettes and the colors looked so vibrant! The white shade that comes with the color is not simply a typical highlighting color, but it is a photonic eye shadow that changes color when light hits it. You can use it for highlighting or blend it with the color to create a third shade! The lady did a combination of ray of green and ray of purple (which is really quite blue) for me and let me say, the colors go on VERY sharply. Unfortunately for me what looked soo pretty in the palette did not go so well with me.... it was so overdramatic that it bordered on tacky on me. Maybe I am just unused to it? I mean, vibrant colors looked SO well on the models! Or could it be that Asian complexion doesn't go well with greens/blues? Well, in the end, as much as I LOVE eye shadow palettes, I had to pass on these ones. And a good thing too. I met up with 3 of my friends after and they were all totally horrified to see me as such!
To complete my eyes, she applied the Courbe Virtuose mascara on me (after the mascara booster of course). This one is suppose to make the lash curve and give divine length, but to me it just felt like any old Lancome mascara for me.... like Hypnose. Another thing I LOVE about this collection is the lip stuff. Even though the packaging is a bit bulky, I really like the Color Fever Shine (left). Especially since they came out with THE perfect ice pale pink color (Pink Flora) that I've been dreaming about. I love it. It applies quite smoothly too. They also have a collection of photonic Color Fever Gloss (right). They have this nice sheer shade that gives the perfect shine by itself and over lipstick. But one must be careful with these lip colors though. They have these two shades that are completely white that are loaded with photonic stuff that when you put it on your lips, it becomes a scary glowing alien color- not good.

Over all, I like the concept of the luminescent thing and subtly it works. But I reserve judgment on the super vibrant colors and the photonic overloaded lip stuff- thats just a little too much for me!

Phew~ well that was a lengthy review of a make-up collection. Kudos for finish reading it!

Image Source: Lancome