Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Reese/Ryan saga

Reese Witherspoon reportedly called it quits on her marriage to Ryan Phillippe after discovering secret e-mails between Phillippe and actress Abbie Cornish, his co-star in an upcoming film. According to the National Enquirer, Witherspoon found messages on her husband's BlackBerry in mid-October while the pair were in New York for the premiere of Flags of Our Fathers. "Ryan was caught red-handed," a source told the tabloid. "All he could say was he didn't mean what he'd written." Phillippe and the Australian Cornish have allegedly been spotted making out by a few people. "They came into the restaurant a month ago, both casually dressed in warm-up outfits," said a fellow diner at a restaurant in Austin, Texas. "They asked for restaurant staff to pull curtains around their table, so no one could see them." Another witness claims, "We could see their legs intertwined under the table. As we left, we could see them clearly making out behind the partition." A Fox News reporter has also come foward to say that Witherspoon was clearly "peeved" at the Flags of Our Fathers premiere two weeks ago, saying, "The party took place in the rooftop penthouse suites of the SoHo Grand Hotel, and what I saw next was something I decided not to print at that time. The couple went out on the roof terrace and had a knock-down, drag-out fight... My line of vision was partially blocked by a big exhaust pipe, so at different times during the fight they were obscured. But then Ryan would appear, disgusted, on one side of it, and Reese on the other. Suddenly, Reese stormed back inside, crossed past me and headed for the elevator. Ryan followed in hot pursuit. Thus, their security guards assigned for the night went running after them, thinking that they were leaving. After a couple of minutes, though, clearer heads prevailed. The couple came back from the elevator with security in tow. Perhaps they'd forgotten that many members of Ryan's family, including his grandmother, were still in the room, oblivious to what was going on."

Kate cancels interview over weight question

Super skinny Kate Bosworth has cancelled an interview with an Australian paper allegedly because she didn't want to talk about what everyone else is talking about - her weight. The Superman actress's management reportedly insisted on vetting questions for the interview before her arrival in Sydney this week, and proceeded to cancel the entire interview based on a planned question about the media attention surrounding their client's weight. Bosworth is visiting Australia to take part in Melbourne Cup festivities.

Pitt to sue VF?

Brad Pitt is keeping busy with lawyers these days. The Babel actor is currently pursuing trespassing charges against an E! network crew and is also now considering legal action against Vanity Fair. Pitt is reportedly furious that an image of him taken in September 2005 is used on the cover of the mag's December issue, showing the actor in nothing but white boxers and socks while holding a gun. Pitt participated in an avant-garde video project about a year ago and signed a legal release for the still and video images taken in the shoot, but insists he had no knowledge they would be used for a magazine cover. "We are very disappointed that Vanity Fair has chosen to put an unauthorized cover on their magazine," said Pitt's rep. "It seriously makes me question their integrity and motives." Vanity Fair has hit back, stating, "In a letter dated 5 October 2006, and sent to Pitt care of Brillstein-Grey [Pitt's managers], [the photographer] informed Pitt that a still image from this portrait was going to be featured in the December issue of Vanity Fair... Vanity Fair decided to do a story on [the photographer]'s video portraits and obtained rights to the entire collection of photographs from those sittings, which included Pitt's." A source claims Pitt never saw the letter sent to his managers.

Small picture post

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Lindsay Lohan in Hollywood

Jessica Simpson shopping at Rite Aid

Jared Leto leaving an NYC hotel

Adrien Brody with Elsa Pataky, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at the London premiere of Hollywoodland

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey heading to lunch in Beverly Hills

Alyson Hannigan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jennifer Love Hewitt at a Museum of Television and Radio event

United nations

Courtney Love opens up to Rolling Stone - ICYDK

More bad news for Anna Nicole: she now has pneumonia - Popsugar

More pearls of wisdom from KFed - TMZ

Frugal-Fashionista does Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba

Eva Longoria dresses up for Halloween - I'm Not Obsessed!

Halloween 06 Special: The Corpse Look

Happy Halloween people! I'm not one to dress up, but to join in the festives, I'm going to blog about the 'corpse look', which is interestingly also one of the FW06 beauty trend. What is the 'corpse look'? Basically, it's super pale skin, pale lips and light brown eye-shadow.

The 'corpse look' as seen on the FW06 runway:
Marni had the best corpse look. Tanya (first picture above) totally rocked this look.

Vera Wang had the more elegant (if that's possible) corpse look. The models have a bit of purple eye-shadow on instead of only brown. Oh, having that Eastern European/ Russian face really helps to achieve this look. But since we can't control that, you could just apply very pale powder onto your face, (but not too much or else you'll look caked!)

The corpse look is actually a variation of this season's popular brown eye-shadow look. This Bobbi Brown chocolate palette is perfect to achieve this look. Make sure whatever eye-shadow you use is matte (no shimmer.) Apply the eye-shadow on the eyelids, and a tiny bit along the lower lashes. To make your lips pale, apply a bit of foundation and nude or whitish-pink lip stick. Do not use lip gloss since well, the corpse look isn't meant to be glossy or cheerful.

This look is a very runway, couture-ish look, so what better time to play with it than Halloween? Besides, it's always nice to look elegant while endulging in childish fun.

So, what are you dressed up as today?

Exec says women hate Tom Cruise

The Paramount exec who fired Tom Cruise in August speaks out in the December issue of Vanity Fair about his decision. Sumner Redstone admists his wife Paula who convinced him to sever the relationship, and says, "He was embarrassing the studio. And he was costing us a lot of money.... Paula, like women everywhere, had come to hate him. The truth of the matter is, I did listen to her... His behavior was entirely unacceptable to Paula and to the rest of the world. He didn't just turn one [woman] off. He turned off all women, and a lot of men." The Paramount exec says it was a culmination of Cruise's antics - including the couch-jumping Oprah interview and psychiatry-slamming argument on the Today Show - that turned the tables on the actor's career. "When did I decide [to fire him]? I don't know. When he was on the Today Show? When he was jumping on the couch at Oprah? He changed his handler, you know, to his sister - not a good idea." Redstone thinks Cruise's behavior cost Paramount somewhere between $100 million to $150 million, and that his severing his relationship with the Mission: Impossible actor was a good lesson for Hollywood. "The explosion was good," he says. "It sent a message to the rest of the world that the time of the big star getting all this money is over. And it is! I would like to think that what I did, or what we did, has had a salutary effect on the rest of the industry."

Ryan's interview redux

A few tidbits from newly-separated Ryan Phillippe's interview with Howard Stern from September 2002. Reese was reportedly so upset by the interview that she banned Phillippe from ever talking to the shock jock again.

- Ryan said he was proud of Reese's paycheck: "She's a chick making more than 99.9% of the men in Hollywood"
- there was no pre-nup between the couple, so he would get half no matter what
- the couple's daughter Ava had been sleeping in their bed every night and driving Ryan nuts
- Howard commented, "I don't know how the hell you're going to stay married."
- Ryan was attending therapy sessions for depression
- the pair didn't have sex until 5 weeks after they'd met
- Ryan discussed being hit on by gay casting directors
- Ryan admitted that he would tell daughter Ava that she was unplanned once she got older

New couple?

New couple?? Ivanka Trump reportedly celebrated her 25th birthday Saturday night by canoodling with That 70s Show star Topher Grace. The pair were spotted getting cozy on the balcony at the Social House in Vegas before heading to Pure nightclub, where they "never left each other's sides," said a witness.

Out and about

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Kate Bosworth picking up some groceries

Sandra Bullock, Rosario Dawson and Catherine Zeta Jones at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan heading to Sunday brunch

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at a playground in India

Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, and Bridget Moynahan at the ACE Awards

Ashlee Simpson in London

Tara Reid in NYC

Mischa Barton at the DKNY Men's Underwear Celebrity Field Day

Brooke Shields, Kate Walsh and Elisabeth Rohm at the Stranger Than Fiction premiere in LA