Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Put On Your Dancing Shoes: Meet the New Cast of DWTS

First Up ... The Women:


Audrina Patridge


Bristol Palin

Florence Henderson

Jennifer Grey

Margaret Cho

And Now ... The Men:


David Hasselhoff

Kurt Warner

Kyle Massey

Michael Bolton

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Rick Fox


Celebrity style: buline

Ca si dungile sau carourile, bulinele sunt motive care revin constant in moda.
Sweet si retro, imprimeurile cu buline sunt in acest moment preferate de Rihanna, care a ales o salopeta colorata din pre-colectia de toamna de la D&G. Din aceeasi colectie Sara Rue a optat pentru o rochie.
Bulinele sunt si pe placul viitoarei mamici, Christina Applegate, care a imbracat o rochie Valentino.
Allessandra Torresani si Lauren Conrad au preferat combinatia alb-negru pentru tinute a la anii '50.
Lauren Conrad in Anthropologie

Alessandra Torresani

Rihanna in D&G pre-fall 2010

Sara Rue in D&G pre-fall 2010

Christin Applegate in Valentino

Monday, August 30, 2010

Winter Kate Kimono Jackets

So ready for a season change and to dive into these lush rich colors. These bohemian Kimono inspired jackets by Nicole Richie's Winter Kate line are so stylish and can be paired with so many things!

Ready? Aim? I'm About To Hit 'Buy' On This Olivia Harris Handbag

($545, Olivia Harris, Bergdorf Goodman)
I've long been on a quest for a real-deal, actual factual BIG-GIRL BAG. A nice carryall, preferably tall and dark, that will last. Forever. One that won't break down on me. One that can handle all of my needs. No more use 'em and lose 'em handbag relationships. This is the one serious handbag I will be COMMITTED to and stay with, day after day, season after season. An accessories marriage.

Like a total meet-cute, I was shopping at Bloomingdale's this weekend, and BAM! There she was, this beautiful beautiful Olivia Harris. Waiting for me. I got her number ($545 -- ugh). And tonight? I think I'm gonna stop thinking and start doing. I'm gonna put a ring on it.

Victoria's Secret's Version of J Brand's Houlihan's Skinny Cargos

($59.50, Victoria's Secret)
Everyone's been jumping on that J. Brand Houlihan skinny cargo bandwagon and hanging on for dear life. Here's Victoria's Secret's version, the London Jean. I love the olive shade (one of four colors), and the cool ankle zippers and the total lack of bagginess. Admittedly, I have no experience with Victoria's Secret clothing, but for $60, I'd be willing to give these cargos a go.

2010 Emmy Awards: Glamour Girls

These glamour girls look radiant and ravishing on the red carpet. Eva, Lea, January, and our other famous small-screen stars certainly made a big impression at the 2010 Emmy Awards.


Claire Danes


Lea Michele


January Jones


Jayma Mays


Eva Longoria


Keri Russell


Kyra Sedgwick


Brooke Burke

*Photos Courtesy: Getty Images

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It Happened At The Hester Street Fair

The Hester Street Fair is an unmissable outdoor flea that's been happening down in the Lower Lower East Side every Saturday and Sunday since spring. It's a perfectly curated collection of delicious local food (admittedly today I had my third lobster roll from the Luke's Lobster stand), handmade goods, vintage clothing and accessories (SOOOOO much vintage jewelry), and new, handmade jewelry. Like Cynthia Rybakoff's great handmade jewelry. I admired her simple yet absolutely beguiling rock crystal necklace on a silver chain (but not long enough to buy it -- I was trying to resist giving into my impulse-spending tendencies, but I really should've picked this up, as it's on my mind hours later). She managed to take something as rough and unpredictable as a crystal and make it look elegant yet edgy. Even better -- it's called the Fortress of Solitude necklace. Also, thank you for reclaiming crystals from Spencer Pratt.

Non-New Yorkers, you're in luck. It's available online. Everybody wins!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrity nails

Pana la lansarea a ceea ce se pare ca va fi must-have pe unghiile celebritatilor, (asa cum s-a intamplat si toamna trecuta cu verdele jade) a celor trei nuante editie limitata "Le Khaki de Chanel" - khaki rose, vert si brun, pe 10 septembrie, la Fashion's Night Out, Lauren Conrad a ales sa-si coloreze unghiile cu ceea ce pare a fi Nouvelle vague, tot de la Chanel, Rihanna ramane la clasicul rosu, iar Garcelle Beuvais si-a asortat oja cu piatra inelului.

Garcelle Beauvais

AnnaLynne McCord


Pixie Lott

Zara casual toamna 2010

Colectia de toamna Zara casual ne propune cardigane, rochii maxi, jeansi evazati, pantaloni scurti din denim sau tricotati, jachete din denim, imprimeuri florale cu un aer boho.
Accesoriile ca botinele cu siret, mocasinii, fularele voluminoase, gentile cu franjuri, suprapunerile si nuantele de maro, kaki si bej completeaza tinutele lejere inspirate de anii '70.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Pairs Of Shoes By Which I Cannot Abide

I consider myself a fairly tolerant, accepting person. However there are a few things I cannot abide by. One of those things? These Cindy Says Keegan heels...

($142, Cindy Says, Endless.com)
I mean, they're platforms. Covered in pony hair. And feathers. And studs. And some kind of gem thing. They have whipstitching. And they lace up. And they have a fabric welt. The only thing they don't have is even the most remote shred of decency. And don't even get me started on the tan and orange version.

Hard to say which is more offensive. They both have their own separate list of bullet pointed atrocities.

Meanwhile, these Doc Martens for Opening Ceremony Darcie boots?...
($300, Doc Martens, Opening Ceremony)
True, I DO have the black version of these Darcie Docs. And I LOVE these gold flocked Docs. But while I do LOVE animal print, this is proof that animal print can be used for both good AND evil. There's just something '70s-in-the-bad-way about the print. It looks like a fabric batik wall hanging that my mom mounted on a hula hoop and hung on the wall of our basement rec room back in 1982. True story.

+ On a related note: Hello Kitty Doc Martens

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man Fashion: Large Mens Clothing Trends

Nowadays, there are various fashion stores in the cities that exclusively deal with plus size clothing. Tall and big men no longer return to their homes frustrated and empty-handed after a shopping spree. Plus size men no longer have to wear short pants that expose their ankles or shirts that cannot be tucked in. They also do not have to put up with those embracing moments when their shirts could not be buttoned.

Moreover, plus size and tall men had to part away with a few more dollars to buy their clothing from the few specialty stores. Their clothes were rare and thus categorized as ‘special’. This gave such stores the right to unscrupulously demand for more money. In fact some shops required plus size and tall men to book and order clothes before visiting the stores. Thanks to the plethora of large mens clothing, today they are available at affordable prices. Tall and big men can now comfortable shop for clothes within their budget limits.

Men have aggressively embraced fashion to attain an identity in recent years that clearly defines their sense of style. They want to uplift their confidence and emanate an appealing image which contributes to emulation of a positive career and personality impact. Back in the days fashion trends were reserved to average sized men. However, today there is a wide variety of large men’s clothing in different colors, style and seasonal trends. In fact they have hit the market with a boom.

Furthermore, you can get large men clothing in large quantities from online websites. In fact to increase the scope of their customers most online shops offer shipping and volume discounts on top of single item discounts. In short, any plus size and tall man should not be continue wearing clothes that do not perfectly fit when well-fitting affordable clothes can easily be accessed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Sexies Up London Fog

OHAI JOAN! Christina Hendricks, who is the actual person who plays Mad Men's Joan Holloway, who is NOT a real person, is the new face of London Fog's fall 2010 outerwear and accessories campaign. Because she can make even a suitcase look sexy. It's absurd, I know.

CATHERINE SEZ: Too bad they Photoshopped the sass out of her. Sad. She's not a skinny bitch! Why make her one?

Check out Christina Hendricks talking London Fog sexy times!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hessnatur Makes The Only Pants You'll Need This Fall + A Sick Leather Jacket For Just $200

I'm glad we don't, but if we lived in a one-pant Communist nation where we were forced to wear just one pair, I'd happily go with these gorgeous grey pleated wool pants from Hessnatur, which is a German sustainable clothing brand. It's eco-chic, as I like to call apparel that's good for the environment and doesn't look like matted, mangled, gnarled dreads in the form of clothing.

($198, Hessnatur, us.hessnatur.com)
These 100% wool grey trousers are just lovely, and that's thanks to Spanish designer Miguel Adrover, who partnered with Hessnatur, hence that gorgeous sheen, slight taper and smart volume. I love the idea of styling them with a darker charcoal top or just a fitted black shirt and a snug leather jacket, like these:

($199, Old Navy, Oldnavy.com)
Uh, can you believe this sick leather jacket is from OLD NAVY of all places? Diagonal details, wide collar, and zipper details!??! YaRLY!
($856, Graham & Spencer, Nordstrom.com)
Usually I abide by a strict "no brown clothing" rule, but I'd consider breaking that ban for this gorgeous distressed brown leather jacket. Love the texture and the slightly '80s draping.

... Speaking of things that VAGUELY sound like "draping," let's play word association. Draping? Okay. DON DRAPER. Boom. Gratuitous Don Draper photo:

Jon Hamm. My favorite type of ham.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Box-Office Beat: The Expendables Takes the Top Spot

Stallone and his brawny pals brought in the big bucks this weekend at the box office. See what other movies made lots of money ...


1 - The Expendables: $16.5 M

2 - Vampires Suck: $12.2 M

3 - Eat Pray Love: $12 M

4 - Lottery Ticket: $11.1 M

5 - The Ohter Guys: $10.1 M

6 - Piranha 3D: $10 M

7 - Nanny McPhee Returns: $8.3 M

8 - The Switch: $8.1 M

9 - Inception: $7.7 M

10 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: $5 M

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can We Allow This: One-Of-A-KInd Belted, Wackadoo Boots By Luxury Jones

($380, Luxury Jones, Needsupply.com)
I like boots, luxury, and vintage accessories. And I also like creativity! Do I want all three of those things all at the same time? Ehhh? Probably not. You?

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm A Big Enough Mad Men Stan To Buy Peggy's Helvetic Poster

Did you guys see that Helvetica poster on the wall of Peggy's office Sterling Cooper Draper Price? I'm totally enough of a "Mad Men" stan to buy it. Dork City, I know.

+ My "Mad Men" meets Gaga meets Miu Miu dress!
+ "Mad Men" furniture for sale!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


HOLY mid-century furniture! You can totally bid on the ACTUAL FACTUAL furniture from the set of "Mad Men" right now on Ebay!

You can totally buy Don Draper's credenza and store your booze on top of it so you can practice drinking 17 times a day and being a functional alcoholic, and lots more Mad Men office furniture, so you can put on a girdle and pretend to hire people, fire people, cheat on your spouse, have a Christmas party with conga line, get sad letters from your fucked-up daughter, or engage in pre-equal rights workplace sexism.

Sadly, as my friend pointed out, Jon Hamm is not for sale.

Proceeds benefit City Of Hope cancer care center.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Isabel Toledo's Payless High Ghillie Heels Are Something Alright

($39.99, Isabel Toledo, Payless.com)
What's black, and yellow, and crazy all over? Isabel Toledo's crazypants High Ghillie rugged cut-out Oxford Mary Janes with a yellow lug heel. They're bad because they're... well... nuts, they're good because they're Isabel Toledo and therefore fun, and thus a walking paradox.

BTW, the red ones are only available at Colette. But if I WERE to wear them -- and I'm not sure even I would (and that's saying a lot) I'd go with the yellow ones.


These Miu Miu's Metal Pumps Be Cray Cray

(Miu, Miu, Holt Renfrew)
The suede lilac verison of Miu Miu's Fall/ Winter 2010 metal floral heels are crazy good.

The black ones? A little crazy uh-oh/ slutty pilgrim.

($990, Miu Miu, Net-a-porter.com)