Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 Ways for Men to Dress Slimmer

Larger guys can easily give the impression of being much thinner than they are, simply by wearing certain clothes.

And the Jacamo plus size mens clothing range has plenty of items to choose from that will result in a genuinely slimming effect.

  Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right Jacamo plus size mens clothing.

1.       Stripes

There is a golden rule with wearing stripes... Horizontal: No. Vertical: Yes.

Vertical stripes will make your silhouette look longer and slimmer.

Horizontal stripes, however, will have the opposite effect and make anyone look larger than they are...

2.       Jackets

A single-breasted jacket will make you look far slimmer than a double-breasted one; this is because people’s eyes will automatically focus on the centre point.

Also, try to avoid jackets or blazers that are double-vented as this will draw unnecessary attention to your bottom!

3.       Sizes

NEVER try and squeeze into a size that is too small!

Wearing clothing that is overly tight will look terrible and you will feel very self-conscious.

4.       Belts

Belts are a very important accessory!

You should always wear one as it will hold your waistline and ensure that your trousers hang correctly!

5.       Colours

Wearing contrasting colours will immediately draw attention to the joins between your clothes, i.e. your stomach... 

Stick to shades that are more similar to one another.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Make Up

Dressing up for Halloween this weekend? I was just at Sephora and saw these awesome Halloween make up kits. Each one contains all of the things you will need to get these stunning looks. I especially love the vampire red lips!

WHY BUY: Levi's Black Jean Leggings/ Jeggings/ Whatever

Welcome to a new FashionBinge feature called "Why Buy?" wherein we tell you why you should buy something. No, no one is paying us to write these. If something is great and we've roadtested it and determined that it indeed does not suck and/or fall apart upon initial handling/ espying, we will advise you to buy it! It if it's terrible, you will not find it here. Make sense? Easy breezy, no? Good! Great.

Okay, our first "Why Buy" is Levi's jeans leggings/ jeggings, whatever.

Why buy them?

Well. I've been wearing a pair for a year, and these were the "jeggings" that convinced me jeggings were, in fact, okay. They're less legging, more thin, exTREMELY skinny black jeans. They look good with absolutely ANYTHING you'd wear skinny black jeans with (for me, that's mostly everything but like... a bathing suit), and after wash after wash they haven't faded, nor do they look too annoyingly new.
($40, Levi's)
The OTHER reason you should buy them: they're on CRAZY sale!  $40, guys! Stock up. UPDATE: THEY'RE ON SALE FOR 40% OFF, PEOPLE!

While mine don't feel like they've shrunk, they do fit a little snug, so I'd probably size up. And I'd probably buy two pairs. Thank me laters.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Marc By Marc Jacobs Faux Fur Terry Jacket Is THE BUSINESS

($258, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
You know how EVERYONE is doing faux fur outerwear this fall? Faux fur vests, cropped jackets and stuff? Well I'm kinda "meh" about it. Faux fur's kinda like a laser -- you need to handle it VERY carefully or you could really end up doing some serious damage.

HOWEVER, my coworker Lisa came into work the other day wearing this Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Ridge Loopback' French terry jacket with faux-fur trim. I almost tackled her to the ground in a where'd-you-get-that assault. This jacket is now officially my favorite use of faux fur, since it pairs faux fur with a really unexpected asymmetrical pea coat-style jacket in terry, which is even more unexpected and adorable. It even looked cuter on Lisa than it does on this here model. I suspect it'd look extremely cute on me too. #wants

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Disney Tron Merch IS THE FUTURE!

I'm gonna pat myself on the back as I proudly admit that I'm pretty much TOO YOUNG to remember "Tron." AHEM! Yay, me! I only really know that it was the past's creepy concept of the future, and because there was no Internet, I guess everyone believed it, and what happens in the movie is  a computer named HAL kills everybody, including Harrison Ford's and Jeff Bridges' characters, because it knew secrets about the government, and that Journey did the soundtrack, right? Maybe I'll watch it on an iPad for ultimate post-modern irony.

Anyway, Tron: Legacy is being released in December 2010, and Disney Consumer Products is releasing a small collection of super-sweet Tron-inspired couture accessories. Such as...
($795, Jerome C. Rousseau)
A silver, tiered, five-inch platform heel? YESSSS! GOD, YES!

($365, Tom Tom)
Mirrored lucite bracelet, guys. Seriously. Get into it.

... But the real business is Hayden-Harnett's Tron collection. 

(Super User Cuff: $110; Master Control Cuff: $98; Clu Hobo Bag: $478; Quorra Sholder Handbag: $242; Byte Carryall: $129; Kaster Clutch: $478
If that's what space-future is like, then I want to go there. Not tomorrow, but yesterday.

Okay, finally check out this photo of a dog dressed like Tron for Halloween:
(Kelly Neal/ Metromix New York)

Spotted At Target: Bigfoot

Like any white-blooded, middle-class American, I LOVE Target. But I DO NOT love the fact that from Target, you can procure not one but TWO different Bigfoots (Bigfeet)?

There's this horrifying Bigfoot costume FOR ADULTS:

I have nightmares about waking up to something like watching me in my bedroom.

And then there's this Bigfoot toy, which is an exercise in pure terror.
($97.99, Fisher Price,
Per the description, this ONE-HUNDRED DOLLAR (!!!??!?!) Bigfoot comes with a remote control that "allows him to walk forward and backwards and the 6 buttons are Happy, Angry, Sleep, Fun, Ball and Exercise." WHAT? "Angry" button? Where's the "Total Panic Attack" button?
I do not BELIEVE this picture of a little boy playing with Bigfoot. You know they Photoshopped a photo of a happy little boy face after the actual little boy shat his pants and ran off, emotionally scarred for life. Could you blame him?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lucky Eights

Rarely in the fashion world does being a size 8 guarantee you a score at a sample sale. Thanks to funky shoemakers Faryl Robin, if that's you, your number just came up. A shoe sale exclusively for size 8s! Which happens to be both Bingers' shoe! I'll report back later, but for now, the deal:

Shen Opens On Court Street: Brooklyn Gets More Beautiful

Beautiful news for Brooklyn! Shen, a new beauty boutique, just opened on Court Street, in the former Ola Baby space. Now no disrespect to the hardworking, always-shlepping (strollers, grocery bags, babies) moms of Brooklyn, but we needed another kids and baby store like Manhattan needs another Starbucks: to say we needed a cosmetics shop is a pretty little understatement.

I stopped by today and learned that Shen is owned by a former Vogue staffer and a former beauty editor, and clearly they know what they're doing, because the bright, airy, welcoming shop stocks hard-to-find beauty products like Melange solid perfumes, Lipstick Queen, Roullier White's Mrs. White's products (Mrs White's Classic Cold Cream is on my must-try list), Becca Cosmetics, Kate Logan skincare, and Lafco Candles.

Shen also has a cute little kid-beauty section in the back, and they'll soon have makeup applications.

Follow Shen on Twitter at @ShenBeauty, and, most importantly, welcome Shen to Brooklyn!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diane Von Furstenberg Home Collection

Diane Von Furstenberg has long been an inspiration to me. The designer herself is timeless as are here collections. Recently DVF has debuted a new home textiles collection so now you can dress your home with these fun prints.

YESSS! Neiman Marcus Free Ship Code!

Ohai! Had to quickly share that there's a free shipping code for, which adds up if you shop at Neiman Marcus, which I rarely do, except I just did.

The free shipping code is OCTSHIP, and it expires 10/25/2010 at 11:59pm, so you have an entire work day to spend pondering what to buy.

I got Tom Ford Black Orchid rollerball. Pennies in the world of Neiman Marcus, but since I'm balling on a beauty budget, free shipping only sweetens the deal.
($45, Tom Ford,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrity style: blana

Blana domina podiumurile de prezentare ale colectiilor pentru toamna/iarna 2010-11.
De la haine all fur, pana la jachete cu aplicatii, veste, caciuli, cizme, genti, blana adauga o nota de lux tinutelor.
Celebritatile au adoptat rapid acest trend si si-au etalat blanurile naturale sau faux.
Rachel Zoe cu o haina de blana faux din colectia ei pentru QVC

Surorile Kardashian, Kim cu blana Fendi si Kourtney cu blana faux Juicy Couture

Mary Kate Olsen

Olivia Palermo

Eva Mendes

Kelly Rowland

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitsch List: An Olde-Tymey Rotary Phone & A Chocolate Skull From AHALife

 Taking a break from posting about studded booties and skinny jeans to put these two totally great kitchsy must-have housewares on your radar:

1.) An olde-tymey rotary phone! IN PINK! 

Singapore's Stephie Says sells BRAND-NEW rotary phones in beige, black, red, and PINK, FTW! I don't even have a land line anymore, let alone a "regular phone," but I kind of want a rotary phone just to put on my shelf and recall the creepy split-pea green rotary phone we used to have in my basement when I was kid. A rotary phone always makes me want to redo my bedroom in all pink and dance around my room like Ann-Margret. 

($28, Bond Street Chocolate,
And perhaps you didn't realize it when you woke up this morning, but you're in the market for a dark chocolate skull by Bond Street Chocolate. It's dark chocolate, 3D (naturally), and it's the featured product today on Ahalife, which is a new flash sale site that's kind of like Daily Candy meets Gilt. Each week there's a small boutique of gorgeous gifts, housewares, jewelry, beauty products, apparel and more. Basically, it's the better version of the stuff you already have. Like a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG CAMERA!! And a set of Aftelier Perfumes perfume trios (check out the story I wrote about Mandy Aftel and Aftelier, and then get ready to never love another perfume again as much as you'll love these.) And the selection is curated by an international set of fashion insiders, experts, tastemakers, celebrities and philanthropists. So sign up. And this chocolate skull could be yours. I mean, after "chocolate skulls," there's really just there's no backing out at this point.

Celebrity style: book launch style

Hilary Duff si-a facut debutul literar, Lauren Conrad a mai lansat doua carti, Tori Spelling a scos prima carte pentru copii, iar Lisa Rinna si Nicole Richie revin cu romane noi.
Toamna aceasta este plina de lansari de carti scrise de celebritati.
Pentru a-si promova cele mai noi creatii literare fiecare a optat pentru tinute care le caracterizeaza stilul personal - sexy, girlie, putin edgy sau casual.
Lauren Conrad a lansat doua carti in aceasta toamna, "Sugar and spice" si o carte de stil, "Lauren Conrad style".
LC si-a prezentat noile carti imbracata intr-o rochie alba din dantela Notte by Marchesa accesorizata cu o bentita subtire Jennifer Behr si pantofi Aldo.

Cu doi copii mici, o linie de accesorii si una de haine, Nicole Richie este o vedeta ocupata, dar si-a facut timp sa scrie un nou roman, "Priceless".
Pentru lansarea din New York s-a imbracat in blugi rupti, un tricou negru, jacheta din catifea Winter Kate si a accesorizat cu o palarie, esarfa Alexander McQueen si Christian Louboutin "Lipspikes".

Tori Spelling si-a lansat prima carte pentru copii "Presenting... Tallulah", eveniment pentru care a ales o rochie Vivienne Tam.

Hilary Duff si-a facut debutul literar cu "Elixir". La lansarea din New York a purtat leggings din piele Current/Elliott, blazer Stella McCartney si pantofi Yves Saint Laurent.

Lisa Rinna arata hot la 47 de ani intr-o rochie Herve Leger la lansarea romanului "Starlit".

Celebrity style: capele

Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Massimiliano Giornetti pentru Salvatore Ferragamo sunt printre designerii care, in acest sezon, au readus in prim plan capele.
Celebritatile le prefera in zilele reci de toamna ca variante mult mai stylish la jachete sau cardiganuri.
Preferata mea este capa reversibila alb/negru, din matase vintage din colectia de toamna/iarna 2010 Winter Kate a lui Nicole Richie.

Kim Kardashian cu o capa Thierry Mugler

Jessica Simpson

Lily Allen cu o capa Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Attack of Leopard Print

Splashes of Leopard print are popping up all over the city. The beautiful print is a fun playful accent and I myself am angling for a Leopard print coat like this one.

A.P.C. Leopard-print cotton sweater, $150
Natural Loopy Leopard Print, $250
ASOS | ASOS Belted Leopard Coat at ASOS, $126
Leopard print pony shoe boot, $250
Oroton Gold Leopard Chain Mail Necklace, 100 GBP
Black Stripey Leopard Scarf by Mulberry, 130 GBP
Rika / Leopard Print Scarf, $170

Barneys Co-Op Brooklyn Opens

Barneys New York CO-OP Brooklyn opened this week! The new store is located on the corner of Atlantic Ave and Court Street in Brooklyn Heights. While the selection of designer clothing has steadily been growing on Atlantic Ave over the last couple of years. The addition of Barneys CO-OP department store will sure be a change for the neighborhood which consists mostly of small boutiques.

194 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Celebrity style: leopard print

Imprimeul leopard este in topul tendintelor foarte bine primite in acest sezon rece.
Dolce & Gabbana, Dries van Noten, Etro, Moschino, sunt doar cateva nume care au folosit acest print in colectiile de toamna/iarna.
Celebritatile style-setter au adoptat trendul si poarta rochii, pantofi, genti, esarfe leopard print.
Jessica Alba cu esarfa Tolani

Kate Bosworth cu geanta Mulberry

Kim Kardashian cu poseta Christian Louboutin

Kourtney Kardashian cu esarfa Zara

Kourtney cu geanta Christian Louboutin

Naomi Campbell

Nicky Hilton

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thief & Bandit Makes My Very Favorite T-Shirt

($40, Thief & Bandit, Etsy)

My little sister lives in Richmond, Virginia, and she has tons of friends who are making cool things that I always want to buy. Often I'm super lucky and she buys them for me! Such as my very favorite t-shirt made by her friend Amie Cunningham who created Thief & Bandit -- it's all handmade, and it's all fun, craftsy shirts with fun, tribal-inspired squiggles and designs, and fabric accessories in bright colors. JUST LOOK at that t-shirt and TELL me it doesn't remind you of all things Tom Tom Club!

($48, Thief & Bandit, Etsy)
I hope you like this fabric necklace, but I hope you don't like it as much as I do, because I really want it. So I can wear it with a white t and a blazer. Or maybe even a busy t-shirt, because busy is the new black.

Check out Thief & Bandit's site, their blog, and Thief & Bandit on Etsy and get to buying cute stuff!!