Saturday, January 31, 2009

Man Fashion: Golf Clothing for Men

Lately, I'm addicted to a new sport. Yes, golf, and to my surprise, this game is more challenging that what I thought and see! I believe some of the golfers do agree with me. In the past few weeks, I have spent most of my time searching for golf apparels, golf clubs and related accessories that are fashionable and yet within my budget.

Of course it is not difficult to find golf apparels in the market, which you find such golf apparels in almost every sports shop. There are also specialty stores for sports gear. Some retail shops and department stores even have their own sports sections where you can easily access golf apparels.
But to get the apparels that you like and suit you, it is important know some insider tips. :)

So in this weekend, I thought of share with you some of the basic buying guides for golf clothing.

1. Find the Right Fit

People who are fortunate enough to be born with nice bodies can easily get golf apparels in the right fit. More often than not, they can wear the ones displayed with the mannequin models. However, if you do not have the same case, then it is crucial that you be cautious of the sizes and styles of the golf apparel you buy.

Mike Weir chose a black undershirt with his two-tone golf shirt.

Be sure that the clothes you get are in your size. Fit them first before purchasing them. If you can freely move with the apparel then it is a right fit to you. If you did not find a golf apparel that fits your measurement, then it is best to buy the one that is one size larger than your measurement and have it altered.

Sergio Garcia played the final round in a bright green Adidas polo shirt with a white mock turtleneck beneath.

2. Choose according to Your Taste

There are many choices when it comes to golf apparels. Many stores for sporting goods can give you wide selection for your golf apparel. Thus, it is best to browse through the different stores and pick the item that best suits your taste and sense of fashion. You must be comfortable enough to the item that you will wear. For men, the basic golf apparel is a combination of a nice golf shirt with comfortable golf pants. Women can choose to wear golf skirts or pants with their golf shirts.

Tiger Woods had his own two-tone approach: a camel-colored Nike sweater over a tight, long-sleeved white mock turtleneck.

3. The Right Golf Shirt for Men

The best top to wear when you play your game is the golf shirt. This shirt is usually made of cotton to ensure comfort in the course, although some can be made of different materials. The golf shirt is collared, T-shaped and has slits on the bottom sides. Some golf shirts provide an extra pocket. You can pick among the different brand names for your golf shirt. There are also all sorts of color to choose from.

Men and women need to find the right golf tee for playing. Get the measurement of your chest and shoulder area to ensure that you get the right size. Make sure that the shoulder seams of the shirt falls squarely to the shoulder joints. Be sure to fit the golf shirts too. Try moving your arms around as you do the fitting. You need room for mobility. However, buying a loose shirt will also have its disadvantages. A proper fit should be aimed for.

4. The Right Golf Shoes for Men

There is a lot of walking involved in the golf game. Thus you need the right golf shoes to provide the support needed by the feet. It is very crucial that you know the right size that fits your feet. Be sure also that your choice of golf shoe support the type of arch in your feet. This way the golf shoes can give you the maximum comfort as you walk.

5. The Right Golf Pants for Men

You must know your waist and hip measurements when buying your golf pants or skirts. Keep in mind that the fit is a crucial factor. The length of the pants should also fit right. It should be made of materials that will allow easy bending for the legs. It must not be tight-fitting.

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Friday, January 30, 2009


Mary de la Nicole Richie fashion si JMC de la Victoria Beckham style mi-au acordat unul dintre cele mai populare premii printre bloggeri : premiul "Your blog is fabulous".
Huge thanks ladies!

Eu trebuie sa:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
Blogurile pe care eu le consider FABULOASE sunt:
So fash'on
Carola's musings
Style diary
Song os style
Choo's box
Fashion in my eyes

Expo Ideal Mariaj

In perioada 30, 31 ianuarie-1 februarie 2009 are loc Expo Ideal Mariaj, expozitie organizata de revista Ideal Mariaj.
Expo Ideal Mariaj se prezinta sub forma celui mai mare eveniment de profil de pe piata romaneasca, organizat pe o suprafata desfasurata de aproximativ 7000 mp. Expozitia se afla deja la cea de-a patra editie si isi propune sa ofere solutii complete pentru ca ziua nuntii sa fie transformata intr-un eveniment de vis si organizarea acesteia sa beneficieze de optiunea de a alege dintre cele mai bune agentii specializate in domeniu.
Peste 130 de firme participante, de la case de moda si de bijuterii, echipe de stilisti de la saloane de frumusete, firme de design floral, agentii organizatoare, case de productie audio & video, companii de inchirieri limuzine, agentii de turism, pana la scoli de dans.
Expo Ideal Mariaj se adreseaza atat viitorilor miri, persoanelor implicate in organizarea unei nunti, cat si oamenilor de afaceri cu interes in industrie. Cei care vor trece pragul Expo Ideal Mariaj vor putea afla care sunt ultimele tendinte in materie de rochii de mireasa si costume de mire, bijuterii, machiaj si coafura, invitatii si marturii, aranjamente florale, cadouri, destinatii pentru luna de miere.
Revista Ideal Mariaj a pregatit pentru cele trei zile ale expozitiei, un program special, care va cuprinde o prezentare de moda, cu scop umanitar sustinuta de vedete autohtone, demonstratii de machiaj si dans sportiv, mini-concerte sustinute de artisti precum Andreea Antonescu, Elena, Anna Lesko, Lavinia, Lili Sandu, Niko, Haiducii, Morosanu, Distincto sau Anes.
Programul de vizita al Expo Ideal Mariaj este urmatorul:
Vineri - sambata (30 - 31.01.2009): 10:00 - 19:00
Duminica (01.02.2009): 10:00 - 16:00
Pret bilet: 10 ron.

Rihanna Rocks Stephen Webster Earrings At Pepsi Smash

You were probably too busy noticing her bizarro prosthetic legs, but I am harts-ing the earrings Rihanna wore to the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash.

They're by Stephen Webster from the "Shattered" silver collection. Downside: not downturn-friendly at $590. Oh wells.

Image via LoveBScott

Aretha Hat Singing Guy LOL!

Guy in a DIY Aretha hat singing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee.' So dumb yet so farking LOLsy.

+ More Aretha Hat ridiculousness!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling Tickled Pink

I'm feeling like wearing a lot of soft pink colours! After looking at this site.

Some fancy things I would like to wear right now.

Oh, I just want to wear chiffon and go around in bare feet (even if I did just purchase huge crazy boots). Yes, I want spring. I'm all ready for it.

People Are SERIOUSLY Buying The Aretha Hat!!!

National morts, by milliner Luke Song

SERIOUSLY? HOW AND WHY are people actually BUYING the Aretha Hat????

+ The Aretha hat meme runs hog wild at Buzznet. LOLs are guaranteed.

Via ShopDiary

+ FashionBinge stays Golden... Golden Girls, that is!


Tighten your girdle, pour yourself a stiff one, and fire up a Lucky Strike! Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant may be creating a line of Mad Men-inspired clothing!

Not many more details are known right now. So until we know more, guess you'll have to settle for this Mad Men shirt. And a billion more Mad Men fashion ideas!

Technology: Tech-Savvy House Paint

You might wonder what Tech Savvy House Paint got to do with Fashion? You are absolutely right, there is no linkage either be direct or indirectly. I'm just side track a bit today, to talk about this unique invention. Hey, what about Men fashion from Milan Fashion Week? I'll definitely continue after this! :)

A team of University of Tokyo scientists headed up by Shin-ichi Ohkoshi have invented a paint that can block high-frequency electromagnetic waves--specifically, those given off by high-speed wireless signals.

One of the most irritating aspects of wireless Internet access is the question of the best way to secure it. After all, anyone who’s ever ‘borrowed’ Internet from a neighbor or local business knows how simple it is. Such a paint is a simple and inexpensive solution to the issue of Internet security.

There have been other wave blockers previously invented, but PC World says that the paint invented by the University of Tokyo team of scientists uses a brand-new aluminum-iron oxide that is capable of blocking waves with a frequency almost four times higher than any other blocker in existence.

So if you are worry about the wireless security in the past, this is the solution just right for you.

Source: pcworld

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tendencies. Sled From Porsche.

Porsche Sled

Corporation Porsche produced an interesting new product - high-speed sled.

The desing of the sled is minimal art. The sled can pick up maximal speed within minimal time like cars of the same trend do.

Working on the sled Porsche went by focus on the children's needs. However the sled can carry more than 100 kg. So not only children can use them but their parents as well. Besides the sled is collapsible and can easily go into your car'strunk. So train your children to quality things from little up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Chance To Win Chloe & Jane's Perfect Spa Set!

DON'T DELAY, all ye ashy types! Enter to win FashionBinge's Chloe & Jane Perfect Spa Giveaway! This ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity ends Wednesday, January 28 at 6pm EST! HURRY HURRY!

Un-LOCK-ing The Mystery Behind PERFECT Curls!

Get it? UnLOCKing???? I AM KILLING it over here!

Okay, so inspired by yesterday's post about the $2 joy-fest that is Cashmere Curls styling gel, I must encourage FashionBinge readers, like Dear No One's Amanda, who asked how to get good curls to read this "how to get good curly hair" post.

If you're too lazy, I'll summarize the tips to getting curls of perfection:

1.) DO NOT use shampoo. EVER. Seriously, just read the post.
2.) Do NOT wash your hair daily. Every other day -- or when nasty -- is fine.
3.) Cut layers! Which, of course, comes with having a good stylist. But layers, layers, layers. If you have long curly hair without layers'm a big fan of the graduated layers in the back -- think, like the shape of a V instead of straight across, which can look kinda poodly, you know?
4.) Use a CRAPTON of conditioner in the shower.
5.) When you're out of the shower, flip your fucking head over, and lightly absorb some of the excess water with a couple of paper towels or a spare t-shirt if you're super green. (Before you ream me about how bad paper towels are for the environment, I use the damp towels to wipe up the bathroom too, kay? AND STOP JUDGING ME!)
7.) After the shower, while you're still basically upside-down, use ANOTHER crapton of conditioner.
8.) Use an AWESOME gel.
9.) Flip your damn fool head over, and either shake out your head a little, or, if you're using a super strong gel, and shit be stickin', use a wide-toothed comb and lightly separate your curls.

Kay! Stay tuned for more hair product revYOOOOS you can USE!

This Sabrina Dehoff Nylon Friendship Bracelet Is $115

($115, Sabrina Dehoff, Creatures of Comfort)
Sorry, New York Mag, but this isn't exactly a "Best Bet," when you can get 72 friendship bracelets for five bucks:

($4.99 for 72, Oriental Trading Company)

Knox and Viv Are SO Cute!

This afternoon Brad and Angie arrived in Japan with the WHOLE family, giving us our very first look at Knox and Vivienne! How adorable are they?! (Just look at Brad and Knox's matching caps!) And I must say, there's a huge resemblance to Shiloh. Definitely one of my favorite families!

Photos Credit: Splash News

Milan Fashion Week: Lanvin Men Collection Fall 2009

Milan was once again the center of one of the most important fashion events in the world: Milan fashion week, from January the 17th till January the 20th, which this year was concentrated into just four days.

On the occasion of this edition of Milan fashion week, many giant fashion houses had the opportunity to show their men’s autumn-winter 2009/2010 collections.

Lanvin's fall collection spoke for itself - and it was stunning. "We wanted to deliver an optimistic message, give people something real and find the real solutions to their clothes, change things and propose newness," said Lucas Ossendrijver, Lanvin's men's wear designer. And how. The collection was awash with striking new silhouettes, including a voluminous pleated trouser worn with a soft jersey jacket, reflecting the personal style of Lanvin's creative director Alber Elbaz.

In the next few articles, I will shared some of my top picked men fashion designers collection, which presented the image of classic, elegant man, and business style.

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Man Fashion: Obama Inspiration

We are witnessing history in the making, all of us are living and breathing hope - not the wild eyed, rainbows and sunshine hope that right winged mocked us with. We and the world are now entering an era where a shift of mindset is taking place.

While members of the international community have welcomed Barack Obama becoming the 44th President of the United States -- and the first African-American to take leadership of the country, their fashion style was also the center of attention all over the world too.

Mr President Barack Obama´s fashion style: a neat night blue suit, with a matching overcoat, white shirt and red tie. So… the flag colors covered the body of the most known man alive and most praised.

Michelle Obama´s look: Very chic and elegant, without falling down the line of grey. Gorgeous and shining, in an Isabel Toledo´s yellow suit. Excellent contrast between the shoes and olive green gloves breaking the monochrome of the lemon colored brocatto.

Some of first couple fashion in the past.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2009 Red Carpet

Big-screen beauties (Angelina! Kate!) and small-screen stars (Christina! Eva!) dazzle as Hollywood honors its best at SAG Awards 2009.Kate WinsletThe winner for best supporting actress stuns on the red carpet in her curve-hugging, cobalt Narciso Rodriguez gown.Anne HathawayThe actress is a picture of glamour in a oyster shell hued gown by Azzaro.Christina ApplegateThe Samantha Who? star is sexy

Cashmere Curls = PERFECT Curls For UNDER Two Bucks!

++ UPDATE: Moar curly hair tips here! ++

($1.79, LA Looks, Drugstores and Such!)
Do NOT laugh. LA Looks' Cashmere Curls gel gives you (read: me!) SPECTACULADO curls, and this shiz is under $2. PERFECT CURLS for less than the price of a LATTE, people! I'm using it in this photo, and, I'll be like the fourth to admit, my hair looks phenoms:

... And I'm only saying that because people said that on Facebook, totally unsolicited. And because if you have curly hair, you NEED to get LA Looks' Cashmere Curls.

And now, I will allow Boyz II Men to express the sentiments that are totally similar (except a bit more exaggerated, and way more Hilfiger and silk PJs) to the way I feel about Cashmere Curls.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chin up, walk tall

They're here!

They are mighty tall, and I walked around them for a while thinking that I should probably return them because they're so tall.

Except they're so awesome so I'm not going to return them.

Who doesn't like some Jak & Jil for their weekend?

Image Source: Me, Jak & Jil

Saturday, January 24, 2009

FashionBinge-Approved Sample Sales: Soundgirl, Dolce Vita, ROP!

+ FashionBinge fave... Soundgirl, Shoes For Lovely People and stuff:
Saturday January 24th (that's today!) & Sunday, January 25, 12 - 8pm
111 Saint Marks Between 1st and A

+ Superduper Dolce Vita neighborhood blowout sample sale
Saturday, January 24: 11am - 8pm & Sunday, January 25: 11am - 7pm
@ OpenHouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry St (between Spring and Kenmare)
Nice stuff from:
Dolce Vita
Honey in the Rough
Edith Machinist
TG-170 (awesome!!)
Maryam Nassir Zadeh

... Not in NYC? Fret not! Enter to win FashionBinge's Chloe & Jane Perfect Spa Set Giveaway and/or stuff from Lulu's! See? Everyone (almost) wins!

Men Dates: What Shoes Have to Say about Men?

Guys, just wanna share something interesting with you today. I came across an interesting article on shoes, ie. How Men shoes Really Tell about His True Love Potential by Donna Sozio. She commented that the shoes a man wears and the way that he treats them are fail-safe indicators of not only his romantic personality, but also how he'll treat his woman. For some insight into what your shoes say about your true character and relationship style, check out Sozio's guide below:


If you're wearing alligator loafers… What would you naturally do if an alligator came towards you when you were on a date? Take that response and apply it to how you should approach this guy, says Sozio. "Alligators are opportunistic eaters; they crouch down until their victim isn't looking, and then they pounce, and so will a guy wearing alligator shoes," she warns. These guys are dangerous, so pay attention when you're with them, Sozio recommends. "Be on high alert around these guys," she advises. "Because they tend to be sneaky and secretive."

If you're wearing hiking boots… Sozio says that a man who wears Timberland hiking boots on a date when dinner — not an outdoorsy activity — is the type of person who wants to feel like he could be on a mountain in eight seconds if he wanted to, regardless of where he was. "This guy is someone who is impulsively adventurous, so he's looking for a woman who won't make him feel restrained," she explains. "As long as you don't make him feel tied down, he will be a loyal partner."

If you're wearing high-end designer shoes Guys who sport this season's Gucci driving moccasins and Prada boots may very well be what Sozio calls "collectors." "This type of guy not only collects name-brand shoes, but also name-brand, 'trophy'-esque women, too," she explains. Because these men likely see women as boast-worthy accessories and not real people, Sozio notes that they most likely won't spend the time or effort required for nurturing a relationship.  

If you're wearing men's sandals… Unless you live by the beach, Sozio remarks that a man who wears men's sandals — commonly referred to as "mandals" — is confused. "This guy is caught somewhere between being Mr. Laid-back Surfer Dude and Mr. Corporate America," she explains. "He wants to be open and free, but doesn't quite know how to do so." In many ways, this man is not where he wants to be, she says, so be careful of becoming his transitional or in-between girlfriend.

If you're wearing trendy sneakers… A man who rocks a colorful pair of Adidas is someone who prides himself on being well put-together, urban and cool, says Sozio. "Even if he pairs these sneakers with a blazer, this guy wants you to know he likes to keep things casual," she asserts. This man is a creative, independent thinker, which Sozio cautions may mean that he will be hard to pin down. "If you're interested in impressing this guy, create an atmosphere where he can be in a relationship with you, yet feel independent at the same time," she advises.  

If you're wearing suede bucks… When evaluating a man wearing these preppy classics, you must first consider his age. "These are 'old man' shoes," explains Sozio. "If a young guy is wearing them, it likely indicates that he's sort of an old guy at heart; he'll be somewhat conservative and perhaps a little stodgy, never deviating from what traditional society wants him to do." If he's an older man donning these reliable mainstays, however, this could be a simple sign that's he's a solid, dependable man who would make a loyal partner.

If you're wearing a worn-out pair of sneakers… A guy who shows up for a date wearing a disheveled pair of sneakers shows no respect for himself or you, Sozio says. "You have to wonder how a guy who doesn't care enough to present himself well at a first meeting will treat you as you continue to get to know him," she cautions. "Don't think this guy is simply trying to be casually cool—casually cool can come in the form of spiffy, well-maintained athletic shoes," she notes. "A man who picks you up wearing ratty footwear isn't interested in showing you his best or the respect you deserve." So you guys need to take note of this "serious" comment.

Friday, January 23, 2009

George Returns to ER

Yes, it is very true! George Clooney will be playing Dr. Ross once again when he makes a guest appearance for ER's 15th and final season. Even more exciting, the sexy doc was said to be filming with his ER love interest, Julianna Margulies! (I've caught a glimpse of him filming and it appears that he is wearing a wedding ring! Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ross, loves it!)I can't contain my excitement! The hospital drama has stepped up this season with appearances from some of our favorite docs, but I have a feeling this one might top them all! Tune in! The season finale airs April 2nd on NBC.

Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Nods

The Nominees Are In:

Actor in a Leading Role -

Richard Jenkins - The Visitor
Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn - Milk
Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler
Brad Pitt - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Actor in a Supporting Role -

Michael Shannon - Revolutionary Road
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt
Josh Brolin - Milk
Robert Downey Jr. - Tropic Thunder
Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight

Actress in a Leading Role -

Kate Winslet - The Reader
Meryl Streep - Doubt
Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie - The Changeling
Melissa Leo - Frozen River

Actress in a Supporting Role -

Amy Adams - Doubt
Penelope Cruz - Vicky Christina Barcelona
Viola Davis - Doubt
Taraji P. Henson - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Marisa Tomei - The Wrestler

Directing -

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

Animated Feature Film -

Kung Fu Panda

Best Picture -

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

Callalilai By Aoyama Itchome Sale ... Dresses From Mr. Rogers' Land Of Make-Believe!

Good news, all you fans of Callalilai (by Aoyama Itchome). First of all, the shop has finally gone online, so even if you can't hit up the Brooklyn Heights store, you can buy online! Also, they're having a stooooopendioso sale!

A few ejemplos, clase:

($125, Callalilai By Aoyama Itchome)

($71, Callalilai by Aoyama Itchome)

($71, Callalilai By Aoyama Itchome)

($71, Callalilai By Aoyama Itchome)

($159, Callalilai By Aoyama Itchome)
This could actually look really hot with some opaque black tights, black booties, a few long layered chains, and a black blazer.

Callalilai styles definitely aren't for all of you, but they've got a really nice, ethereal feel and their use of bold color and pretty piping kinda remind of the royal garb Queen Sara Saturday and other inhabitants of Mr. Rogers' Land of Make-Believe wore:
Also, not even kidding, you can BUY Land of Make-Believe handpuppets!!!

($12.95, Holgate Toys)