Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa, Please Put These Carin Wester Klea Sherpa Ankle Boots In My Stocking

($429, Carin Wester,

Granted, Santa, I know I don't "celebrate Christmas" or "believe in you," but perhaps if you could please somehow fit these perfect, putty-colored Carin Wester wedges into the stocking I do not own, I could make a gracious exception. How does that sound? Also, seeing as how they're $429, I will completely understand if this is my only stocking stuffer. I think that's more than fair.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paul and Joe

I was in Paris for the holidays and came across the cutest brand called Paul and Joe. The store in the Marais district was really adorable and all of the clothing has the cutest most feminine details. I wanted everthing in the store!

Solestruck Is Having A Big Shoe Sale. HUGE.

Guise! Solestruck is having a MASSIVE shoe sale. Get 50% off of any sale shoes with promo code FP72HMPZF. Through Monday!

($279, Maurie & Eve,
Sadly these Maurie & Eve leopard wedges weren't on sale, but I did get these Rocket Dog Otto heels in white leather. Because you can never have enough of those!

($191, Matt Bernson,
I paused briefly to consider these Matt Bernson Ripcord wedges because they're like $80, but I took a pass since I'm terrified of high wedges.

($19.95, Rocket Dog,
These were like $9. I mean, come on. Anyway, Solestruck also has free shipping for return customers, and you can opt to ship your shoes in an earth-friendly box. Now go forth and consume!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Man Fashion Tips: Buying clothes for your plus size girlfriend

If you guys are thinking of getting your ladies great plus size fashion this Christmas, but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because help is at hand. Here’s your guide to keeping it simple this festive season.

Size is everything!

First things first, you need to know her size before you take to the shops. Some women have one size for the top and another for the bottom, so subtly try asking her for these. There’s no point going to the store without her measurements and there’s nothing worse than coming back with an outfit too small, or heaven forbid, too big!

Keep them figure-hugging and curvalious!

If you’re thinking of buying your Missus a dress this winter or one of those funky, in-trend Christmas jumpers, then make sure you keep her fabulous curves in mind. Buy a dress that nips in at the waist and why not go that bit further and get a glamorous belt –she’ll love you for being thoughtful.

One thing that every girl loves!

Shoes! A safe bet, no matter what her size or shape. If you buy her a pair of shiny sparkly heels, then you can’t wrong. Note, this doesn’t include slippers!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zara evening collection

Pentru petreceri, cocktailuri si alte evenimente specifice sezonului sarbatorilor, Zara a lansat colectia "Evening".
Predomina texturile lucioase si imprimeul leopard.
Piesa vedeta a colectiei este rochia lalea, rosie, un amestec de lana, vascoza, rayon, nylon si poliamida. Pret 499 ron.

Rochie 199 ron

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fall and winter palette is not so saturated as summer one. But on the other hand it is more generous. This season designers chose favourite tints almost unanimously and used them in their fashion collections. So, what are those fashionable colors?

Camel's hair
Camel is the most popular color of this season. Warm beige, send color, honey color or caramel color are just different alternative of the most fashionable color of the season FALL-WINTER 2010-2011. We can see clothes of those colors at Alexander Wang, Aquascutum, Giambattista Valli, Karen Walker and 3.1 Phillip Lim's fashion shows.

London fog
Gray color is still in fashion, changing just its tints. Today the right tint of gray is delicate smoky, soft like morning haze. Its main virtue is that this color can be worn with any other color you like! Light gray color like Carolina Herrera, Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs and Preen.

Royal blood
Red is the main color of this fall. But not all tints of the red are trendy. Fashion designers and modellers prefer dramatic colors such as old wine color, overripe cherry or gore color. ADAM, Altuzarra, J. Mendel, Tory Burch and Monique Lhuillier love those tints.

Soldier's overcoat
Military style bring us new ideas. Different tints of khaki and olive color are in fashion again. Military palette offer us such designers as Erdem, Julien Macdonald, Dennis Basso, Philosophy, Rag & Bone and Richard Chai Love.

Petroleum stains
One of the main tendencies in fashion is ecological palette. Variegated prints that resemble petroleum stains, city junkyard view or aftermath of nuclear explosion. Cynthia Rowley, Jeremy Laing, Gary Graham, Rachel Comey, Tory Burch and Tibi voted for fashionable ecology.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Round Of Applause For My Hair!

To know me is to know that my hair is kind of the bane of my existence. I like having curly hair, but, in the words of Kanye West, it's a process. Getting the right balance of conditioner, styling products and the providence of the gods of anti-humidity is a non-stop chore. While some people have the occasional "bad hair day," I have about 345 of those every year. The remaining 20 calendar days are random and unforeseen good hair days. Like today, lo and behold! So I had to document the rare event that is my good hair day. Credit goes to Davines No. 1 Finest Oil Non Oil, my beloved LA Looks Cashmere Curls, and C.O. Bigelow Protein-Enriched Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair, and the dry climate of Los Angeles, where I'm holed up on a work trip at the lovely Andaz Hotel, where the beds are comfy and the WiFi is free! L'chaim!

Post script: Sorry for the lag in posting! Work grind keeps on grinding, plus I'm beatin' up the beauty beat for But the 'Binge abides!


What clothes should we wear to look fashionable this season? So, should we wear shorts this season? Why not? But how should we wear shorts? Switch on your imagination and you'll see that shorts will become an indispensable piece in your wardrobe. Here are a couple of rules about wearing shorts. What to wear them with and what to combine them. See photos below.





Rag & Bone


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey, Do You Have $1,250?

Good! So you can buy me this vintage Chanel letter necklace from What Goes Around Comes Around?
($1,250, vintage Chanel,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Men of the Year

GQ's 2010 Men of the Year Issues is on newstands on Nov. 23. This issue honors the year's achievers, leaders, and renegades with five separate covers:


Drake (“Breakout of the Year”)

Jeff Bridges (“Icon of the Year”)

Stephen Colbert (“Patriot of the Year”),

James Franco (“Leading Man of the Year”)

Scarlett Johansson (“Babe of the Year”)


Man Fashion: Common Silly Mistakes to Avoid in Mens Fashion

Some of us always been classified as special group of human being that are less fashion conscious by our opposite sex (except minority). Whether we like this statement or not, we do find some of the silly fashion mistakes that made by most of the men on the street. So we thought like share out just few with some of the readers here.

Novelty Tie? Come on, Pianos or guitars should never be depicted on a tie. We know Christmas is at the corner, but try to avoid anything with festive tag on to it.

Watch out for trousers! never be too short or too long. Rule of thumb is to rest hemlines of trousers on the laces of your shoes.

Do you still notice some suit with label on sleeve? Remove this unecessary label from the blazer of your suit immediately. We are not full models for fashion designers, we should be judge by the look and style, not by the brand! :)

Watch out for our next review on common silly mistakes in men fashion.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Don't Like That A Brand Called TITS Exists

Look, very little makes me uncomfortable. Profanity, frank, open talk about bodily functions, medical oddities, self-expression, whatever. It all has a time and place, and it rarely bothers me. But really? Do we REALLY need a clothing brand called "Tits"?

Tits stands for "Two In The Shirt," and according to their blog, the name "'Two In the Shirt' is derived from the acronym T.I.T.S., which is quite fitting considering the nature of the clothing itself." We also learn that Tits is a "provocatively unique clothing brand that uses the female body as the focus of its design... embodying a unique prototype of various fantasies of women."

Really? That's not unique. It sounds like you're just... using the female body -- specifically breasts -- to sell some t-shirts and hoodies. Do you really need boobs to sell hoodies?

"Each design showcases classy prints of nude or nearly nude women." Well, at least you're up front about it. But since when is a greased-up woman eating a banana in a locker room while wearing a cheerleading skirt is classy? She is many things, but classy is not one of them. And DON'T get me wrong -- if you like looking at photos like that, have a BLAST. Have a ball, even! But don't call it fashion.

I NEVER thought I'd say this, but at least American Apparel owns it! They just like pervy ads. They're gross but they don't pretending it's something it's not. 

Sure. Tits just isn't a brand for me. For one, I already have two in the shirt. But it's also not for me because it's Just. Not. Clever. ("Titter" instead of "Twitter"? Okay, fine. At least it sounds similar. But "Titbook" instead of "Facebook"? REALLY?)  It's just porn someone threw a t-shirt on.

I Can Has Ray-Ban Wayfarers?

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the trench coat of sunglasses -- they're timeless, they look good on everyone, and everyone should own at least one. Or several pairs, if you're me.

The nice folks at ShadesDaddy asked if I'd like to review a pair of sunglasses, and since I'm becoming somewhat of a Wayfarer hoarder, they kindly sent me a pair of Ray-Ban's Button Pins - Summer Special Series #4 Wayfarers, which have fun, hazy badges and little peace signs printed all over them.

($125, Ray-Ban,

It's like someone took Kevin Arnold's big sister Karen's political ethic and printed them on a pair of sunglasses.

What I love about Wayfarers is that the style is instantly identifiable, but Ray-Ban keeps renewing a tried-and-true product with unexpected new prints, patterns and colorways (impossible to resist for a collector like myself) without altering the signature Wayfarer shape.

I'm especially into the whimsical pink-striped take on these tortoiseshell Wayfarers:

($125, Ray-Ban,

And as a New Yorker of 10 years, I have to endorse the Rare Print Subway Series. (I own them in orange with the Subway print on the inside).
($120, Ray-Ban,

Oh, and sidenote: these aren't Ray-Bans, but it's worth mentioning that these plastic black sunglasses, hand-beaded with seed beads by jewelry designer Jenny Dayco, just moved to the top of my very very long covet list. Available at Oliver Peoples.

Sneak-Peek at Spider-Man the Musical in Vogue


With eye-popping sets, fierce costumes, and an electric young cast, Julie Taymor and Bono bring Spider-Man, the $60 Million rock musical, to Broadway. Vogue's contributing editor Adam Green went backstage at the Foxwoods Theatre to give readers an advance peek at the new production in the December issue on newsstands Nov. 23rd.

See the full feature HERE.

Photos Courtesy of Vogue by Annie Leibovitz.

ScarJo Is Babe of the Year


GQ has named Scarlett Johansson “Babe of the Year” as part of the 15th annual Men of the Year issue. The issue hits newsstands nationwide on Nov. 23. See more sneak-peek photos HERE.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fashion Photos

Loving these lovely ladies with their big hair and dapper hats shot by Tom Munro.

What I want now: Daytime Sequins

What I want now are casual sequin pieces to pair with jeans and add a little something special to my day.

Shown: Tsumori Chisato Tiger Glitter Stripe Top J.Crew Joey sequin-embellished skirt $275, Juicy Couture Sequined Ballerina $167, BCBG Max Azria Two-Tone Sequin Clutch $128, Beige sequin flower corsage $14, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Day Diagonal mohair-blend scarf $160

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello, Lover... Sweater Dress, That Is

($416, Lover,
Hello, Lover, you beautiful cream sweater dress, you. I would very much like to spend the winter sitting by the fire, drinking cocoa with you.


Consider this your open invitation.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome To New York City, Dr. Martens!

New York City just got a little '90s-er, because Dr. Martens, which just turned 50 years young (really, he looks AMAZING for 50) FINALLY opened a Doc shop in Soho. It's not only the first in New York, but it's the first on the East Coast. Can you even? I was invited to check out the store the other week, and let me tell you, 1992 me was FREAKING OUT. And so was 2010 me.

The brand-new Dr. Martens shop is cozy and inviting and smartly adorned in the signature black and yellow of the very first pair of Docs I ever owned 18 years ago (shudder) and wore to a Violent Femmes show PRAYING they'd get all scuffed up and even-cooler looking.

Check out some of my favorite Dr. Martens from the Spring/ Summer 2011 collection and some photos I snapped of my favorite Docs. The animal print Docs are musts, and the patent leather teal floral embossed Darcies need to find their way into my closet IMMEDIATELY.


Dr. Martens New York

148 Spring Street

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mandy Aftel's Face Exilir Will Give You Toddler Face

I recently had an INTENSE moisturizer conversation in the bathroom at work (I was talking to a friend, by the way, and not to myself. And we were in the anteroom, and not like on the toilet -- it's always so weird when people converse while on the toilet), and I ACTUALLY heard myself using the term "anti-aging." Ugh. Mortifying that that's actually in my lexicon now. It was like one of those moments where you suddenly find yourself hovering above yourself, watching and listening in horror as you actually say something you can't believe you're saying.

($40, Aftelier Perfumes,

Anyway, I said "anti-aging" because I've recently been using Mandy Aftel's Aftelier Perfumes all-natural face Geranium, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang elixir. I recently discovered Mandy Aftel after Nathan Branch (who's one of the smartest fashion/ retail writers I've a fortnight), introduced me to Mandy and her phenomenal collection of all-natural, handmade fragrances. I loved them so much I wrote a story on her fragrances. So, where was I? Oh yeah, Mandy included a face elixir in the generous package she sent me, and I tried it out almost as an afterthought, having already fallen in love with her fragrances and not really looking for any extra love, you know?

Hand to God, people, her elixir made me look instantly younger. Like TEENAGE years, guys. Pre-teen even. It  moisturizers, hydrates and RADIATES youth. There's absolutely no messy greasiness. Just the clearest, brightest, softest skin I can ever remember experiencing. I wouldn't be surprised if people mistook me for a toddler. The difference between my skin when I use this and when I don't is the difference between awesomely perfect and gross.

My only gripe, and it's a small one, is that the bottle is very small -- 7 ml. BUT, I'm kind of an overuser, and while each bottle's $40, I figure lots of anti-aging products are barely bigger and about five times the price. And I guess what price toddler face?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fashion Neutrals

What I am really craving right now are these soft yummy neutrals. They pair easily with so many things and on a rainy dreary day like today they bring a bit of light coziness that I want to wrap up in.

Duffy Wool and cashmere sweater, $250
Helmut Lang Threadbare Tee, $140
Oasis Ruffle Back Coat, Tan, 130 GBP
Tan shearling trim wedge boots, 65 GBP
Burberry Peaked wool-felt cap, $225