Sunday, May 31, 2009

To-Die-For Vintage Wedding Dress On Etsy!

Granted, you'd definitely be flipping the script a little, but if you're looking for a super non-traditional vintage wedding dress, then seriously? Yes. This cream-colored, beaded drop-waist dress has more potential than Lindsay Lohan circa late 2004 -- like, right after she did Mean Girls but before she slid down the coke ladder and into the anorexic abyss.

I love how it's sorta '30s-meets-'80s but not overly either, which makes it still sort of modern without screaming "I THRIFTED THIS AND THEN WORE IT TO MY WEDDING!" Because there's a time and a place for yelling about thrifted stuff, but maybe your wedding isn't it.

Anyway, this could also be a lovely end-of-night dress, if you're so inclined. I'm not, but if you are, then go for it.

This Old Navy Tote Bag INFURIATES ME!

($4.99, Old Navy)

WHO! Not "that"... it should be WHO! "I Heart Boys WHO recycle!"

THAT/ WHO Grammar Rule =

I refuse to believe it should be any other way!!!! Grrr!

Stuart Weitzman Bulletin Heels: I Surrender!

($156, Stuart Weitzman,
While spending HOURS (sadly that's not even an exaggeration) looking for those elusive Stuart Weitzman Trianon heels, I came across these Stuart Weitzman Bulletin heels. Not for a wedding, obvs (at least, not for mine... though if you wore these for your wedding, you'd fully have my utmost respect), but for real-deal straight-up everyday bawsin'. It's kind of like a pair of purple suede heels came down with metallic robo-acne. And I'm fine with that. Plus, you could just stick a Post-It to the side of your shoe to remember stuff and if someone asked you WTF is up, just be like "So? Lady Gaga's doin' it, so I am too."

Beacon's Closet Scores: Leather Motorcycle Jacket & Redonk Heels

Dropped some stuff off at the Park Slope Beacon's Closet today and exchanged some old stuff for some new-old stuff, including... these ridiculous...LY AWESOME brown leather studded heels from Italian brand B&H or Bag-Het or something. They're studded but not in a super on-trend way, which I kinda like. They were $15.95 and in perfect condition.

And, for some bizarre reason, this PERFECTLY fantastic old-school black leather motorcycle jacket from Bona Drag (seriously!) was just sitting there! Waiting for me! For just $29!

It's currently available at Bona Drag for $95. For real.

+ Past Beacon's Closet scores...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


($360, Stuart Weitzman, Zappos)
Not only are these Stuart Weitzman Trianon a fashion MIRACLE -- I mean LOOK at that Deco heel. Could you DIE and come back to LIFE? -- but they'd match my Jenny Packham wedding dress (bought it, btw, at Mark Ingram. Totally painless, and they were wonderful!) PERFECTLY. It's like Jenny Packham and Stuart Weitzman collaborated and MADE my dress to GO with these flipping GORGEOUS heels. Like to borrow a line from Beauty Blogging Junkie's Amber, I'm breathing into a bag over these. HOWEVER, I'm out for BLOOD because they're only available in a 9.5. I breathlessly emailed Zappos who were all like "oh, you're a total doll, lovey, but you're SHIT OUT OF FUCKING LUCK BECAUSE WE'RE NOT GETTING ANY MORE IN." (They didn't swear, but still.) SO NOW WHAT?

Look, I realize that if I DON'T get these, it's not the end of the world. I know I've lived a Very Good Life and that I'm really truly fucking blessed just to have functioning body systems and arms and legs and hands and feet, but speaking of feet, I WOULD STEAL THESE OFF OF SOMEONE'S ACTUAL FEET -- RIP THEM OFF THEIR ANKLES (if they were a size 8). LIKE, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? WHO DO I NEED TO SLEEP WITH TO GET THESE IN A SIZE 8? Because I'll do it, and I'll sleep with them (quickly, drunkenly, and then deny that it ever hapened). I'm effing serious here.

Anyone know anyone in Stuart Weitzman PR? Anyone know Stuart Weitzman? I REFUSE to believe that there isn't a size 8 sitting in a warehouse somewhere. And I... I'm gonna go Nancy Drew on Stuart Weitzman ass and I'ma FIND 'EM!


Private Sample Sale: Foley + Corinna Bags

Not sure if this is still going on (sorry dudes - late pass), but Foley + Corrina in the Lower East Side is (was?) having a private handbag sample sale. Call 'em up at 212-529-2338 to see if you can get an appointment to check out what's left of their selection of bags at 50 - 75% off.

I wouldn't be mad at their Mid City Tote in Ombre for like $200 or so. (Normally it's over $400.) Anyone gone? Went? Lemme know!

Saturday Sale! Aloha Rag

NYers, check out Aloha Rag's sample sale. It's today --

When: Saturday, May 30th.
Where: 505 Greenwich between Spring & Canal
What: 40 - 70% women's and men's -- Alexander Wang, Repetto (!!!), 3.1 Phillip Lim, Giuseppe Zanotti, Martin Margiela, etc. What?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pedro Garcia = Shoe Porn

($237, Pedro Garcia,
Pedro Garcia's knotted platform in dusty rose. What I wouldn't do to these...

PS: Overstock has a dece amount of Pedro Garcia shoes.

Star Trend: Bag Tod's. Style Lesson.

Celebrities want to carry much stuff with them as normal people do.But they have to stay fashionable and elegant.

That's why Carla Bruni, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and many other celebrities chose G-bag Tod's like they made plans with each other to to it together. It suits casual attire and austere style as well. All the bags are hand made and made of soft genuine leather.

1. Kxenia Sukhinova 2. Halle Berry 3. Freida Pinto 4. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy 5. Anne Hathaway 6. Katherine Heigl 7. Kate Winslet 8. Julia Roberts 9. Ingeboga Dapkunaite

V is for Vintage Shopping Event NYC June 5th – June 7th

For three days only V is for Vintage will be hosting a pop-up store in the SoHo district of New York. Vintage boutiques, stylists, and private collectors have been invited from across the country to co-host. The event will be decked out with graffiti walls, live DJ’s, and signature cocktails. Vintage items will include Chanel, Valentino, YSL, Courreges, Bill Blass, Mugler and more, all priced up to 50% off. There will also be a collection of vintage furniture and menswear too Mens too!

The V is for Vintage- Presented by The Garment Room

June 5 – 7th, 12pm – 9pm daily
112 Greene Street, NYC 10001 (between Spring and Prince Street)
Tel: 347. 581.7930

Man Fashion: What is Cost Per Wear?

As I shared with you before, in this economy turmoil, We’ve all been faced with the dilemma of finding the right clothing to add to our wardrobe as well as justification to spend the amount of cash, more so for these days, fashionable items can cost a pretty penny. So, the great way is to adopt the mathematic calculation that I shared with you previously, cost per wear (CPW). To figure out how to save money with the CPW formula, simply divide the original cost of the item by the estimated number of times you will wear that item. When you look at it this way, you’re looking at a way to save money with the CPW formula.

Let’s take a pair of pricey men’s jeans for example: High-end jeans have become pretty commonplace and are now a necessary item to have in your closet. For the average man, a $150 pair of jeans will probably yield 40 wears over the course of a year. We’d apply the CPW formula by taking the price divided by the number of wears — in this case it’s $150/50. Suddenly, the $200 pair of jeans that you’ve been eyeing becomes a sensible purchase once you apply the CPW formula and realize you’re essentially paying $3 per wear.

Keep in mind, an acceptable cost per wear will vary from person to person. A few factors should go into determining a CPW that is right for you. Start by calculating your annual clothing budget and the number of garments you are likely to buy over the course of a year. Try to cover the following categories:

So keep in mind that this article is not trying to ask you to spend more. Rather, more about spending wisely. Make your dollars make sense and use the CPW formula to save money and set your mind at ease the next time you’re face-to-face with a hefty price point.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

FashionBinge Demonstrates Fortitude: Mike & Chris Chapman Jacket

($745, Mike & Chris,
Wants versus needs, wants versus needs. I am demonstrating DISCIPLINE and FORTITUDE by not rationalizing how this Mike & Chris leather jacket is SUCH a good deal (even though it is) and how I work hard (because I do) and therefore DESERVE IT (because I DO!)... I'll just let it... sit there. And admire it from afar. Sigh.

+ Shop the Net-a-porter sale. Or don't. It's still depressingly overpriced.

Lansare Bijoux Terner

Dupa cum va spuneam, impreuna cu RFB, DaDaMoDa, Ce imbrac azi?, Roxana Radu, So fashon, Adina Necula, Laura Bucur, Sweet fancy treat si Carola's musings, lansez astazi, exclusiv online, linia de bijuterii si accesorii BIJOUX TERNER. .
Brandul, elegant, sofisticat, modern si accesibil, a fost fondat in 1974 la Miami si se bazeaza pe principiul all items, one price - toate produsele au acelasi pret, adica 59 de lei.
In prezent Bijoux Terner are peste 550 de boutique-uri in peste 60 de tari.
Magazinul din Bucuresti este situat la parterul centrului comercial Baneasa Shopping City si ofera bijuterii si accesorii ca genti, posete plic, esarfe, coliere, bratari, butoni, atat pentru femei, cat si pentru barbati.
Cateva piese din cea mai noua colectie Bijoux Terner, preferatele Celebrity fashion blog:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale: She Shops, She SCORES!

NYCers, get thee to the Charlotte Ronson sample sale. You WILL NOT leave sorry. Or emptyhanded.

Stuff I got:
Bijou espadrilles -- AVEC pyramid studs! For $30! Whut? This will be my FIRST foray into espadrilles and/or wedges. I'm skeeered! White ones available at

Denimy motorcycle jacket. Originally $279. Sample sale: $50. It's a little big, but whatevs. The asymmetrical zipper = win.

For real-cute embroidered top, except I got it in heather grey, and I'll somehow be able to resist the urge to pull it up and reveal my navel. Somehow, I'll just be able to do that. I think it was like $15! Srsly!

Charlotte Ronson sample sale:
Wednesday, May 27th through Friday, May 29th
1071 Sixth Ave between 40th and 41st Sts, suite 301 (212-643-4810)

What Is This J. Crew Catalog Trying To Tell Me?

Anyone else get the June 2009 J. Crew catalog? (Um, which I wouldn't even GET if it weren't for a CERTAIN BRIDESMAID'S DRESS... ahem... JK LOVE YOU MEAN IT LOVE YOUR HAIR HOPE YOU WIN!)

Anyone else notice that the model on the cover is holding a REALLY large flower? A flower in bloom? Page 4 informs the reader that the flowers are one-of-a-kind, not available for purchase (pity, that) and that they "just couldn't resist" using them for the shoot... They COULDN'T resist using an ENORMOUS flower that's full of folds and may or may conjure images and ideas of labial folds?

I mean, there is basically an enormous Georgia O'Keefe-style FLOWER VAGINA sitting on my coffee table right now. I'm uncomfortable.

Skeptical? Here's a closeup shot:

You could at least buy me dinner first.

The CFDA Wants Your Vote!

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) has announced that this year for the first time they will open the POPULAR VOTE AWARD to the public. You can vote on the CFDA website for your favorite designers starting today, Wednesday May 27th – Tuesday June 9th. The winner will be revealed on June 15th at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

Bridal Binge: Ring-a-ling!

I'm now literally dreaming about the Piaget Possession ring, but this one is calling my name now, too....

Tiffany Frank Gehry Torque ring in 18k white gold, $650.

UPDATE: This ring is soooo not right. It was all square and mannish looking on my finger. Didn't fit with my engagement ring at all. The lady straight up told me not to do it, and that I should get a "classic" platinum ring and "leave the funky" for other areas of my wardrobe. However, none of the other Tiffany rings spoke to me. Le sigh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Introducing Seafolly Swimwear

Just in time for summer, the Australian based Seafolly has launched it's newest collection of swimwear. The best thing about Seafolly is each bathing suit has multiple top and bottom choices, so you can mix and match to make the suit that is perfect for your body type. Check out their e-shop at

Peacock Maxi Dress For Tall, Lanky, Hippie Chicks

($178, VaVa by Voom, Unique-Vintage)
I am not tall, lanky, nor a hippie, but I seriously fucking LOVE a peacock... On me, this peacock maxi dress would probably make me look like a 5'1" human-peacock hybrid with boobs and curly hair, but if you're tall and leggy, go for it. It's by VaVa by Voom.

More maxi dress loves:
+ Isabella Oliver jersey maxi dresses
+ What Comes Around Goes Around Copa maxi dress

I'm Having A Garden Party, And Betty Draper Is Invited!

($118, French Connection, Macy's)
Betty Draper's too busy shooting Season 3 of Mad Men to come to my garden party, but if I were having a garden party, and she were coming, you know she'd whip up some fantastic Jell-O mold, no doubt while smoking, glamorously, of course -- because smoking while cooking was SUPER glam back in the early '60s -- and she'd probably wear something like this classic belted floral garden party dress by French Connection. Oh, and check out the butterfly (I think that's a butterfly -- or a butterfly lady dragon or something?) detailing on throughout the print -- it updates the whole look and keeps it from looking too period.

+ More Mad Men-inspired fashion!

Lansare exclusiv online

Peste 2 zile voi gazdui in premiera lansarea exclusiv online a unei linii de accesorii si bijuterii inedite. Alaturi de mine in acest demers se afla:
1. RFB
2. Ce imbrac azi?
3. DaDaMoDa
4. Roxana Radu
5. So fashon
6. Adina Necula
7. Laura Bucur
8. Sweet fancy treat
9. Carola's musings
Tineti aproape!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Man Fashion: Trousers of Best Fit?

So why is the generally recommended length for men’s trousers? Because it creates a clean line at the back of the trouser, adding to the lengthening silhouette that is the suit’s main aesthetic advantage. Because when a man is walking it looks more elegant if his suit trousers flap less and expose less of his ankle.

If the trouser were longer, it would create a puddle of folds that could ruin the silhouette of a suit, dragging the eye down and making a man look shorter. If the trouser were shorter, it would flap around the ankle and remove any elegance – probably reminding the viewer of a schoolboy in short pants.

To quote one famous Italian “I don’t necessarily want people to see my socks, but I want to make sure they can see my shoes.”

Now, if men on the continent simply wore their trousers shorter, they would encounter the aforementioned problem with flapping. But they aware of the rules and why they exist. So they wear their trousers narrower as well, fitting them closer to the ankle and minimizing any flapping.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

WTF Files: Cheap Monday Polka Dot Jeans

($49, Cheap Monday, Urban Outfitters)
Look, I've worn a lot of Really Stupid Shit. Usually on purpose. Usually at parties, and usually because that Stupid Shit's only gotten funnier as the night's gotten later. Also, I can take a joke. And I LOVE Cheap Monday. But the joke's gone too far this time. These polka dot jeans are an affront on good taste. Seriously, can we just not and also say we didn't?