Friday, August 31, 2007 50 Things Men Wish You Knew

Found this interesting site, that universal guys truths that all women should understand . What's more, you can even put in your comments now as this site is still cumulating the comments.

Here are some of the things extracted from the site that I find it really reflective, and truth!

- I just may lie to make you feel good. Don’t be angry about this. You really weren't looking for the truth anyway.

- When you get angry over some stupid little pointless thing, I question your intelligence.

- You’re really bad at faking it.

- If I offer my help while you're getting ready, it means you’re late.

- Never ask me to pick out your outfit. I will invariably get it wrong and make us even more late.

- If you think I’m speeding now, you should see me drive when you're not in the car.

- We don't mind being told we look good. Just don't call it a "cute outfit."

- You can pick the movie, but have a reason

To find out more, follow this LINK. Have fun

Prada Vernice Sfumata Pump

Prada's accessories are always one of the first brands I look at in's accessories preview. Afterall, Prada's accessories are always the sales force behind the brand and they're usually copied by all the other high street brands (thus Prada's accessories almost always form part of the new trends.)

The first time I saw this season's Prada's shoes, I thought err... I hated the gradient colour theme (more so for certain colours like green and black than others,) and I wasn't really into the whole leg-warmers-with-heels trend because realistically, I'm not going to even try that. But when I was wondering around Barneys in LA, I couldn't resist trying on a pair of one of Prada's FW07 runway shoes, the Vernice Sfumata Pump, which to us normal people, are commonly known as the gradient-coloured pumps. So I tried them on and wow, I loved them! I instantly felt like I was sucked into the world of artistic, intellectually glam world of Prada. I especially liked the thick, black, elastic strap in the front. I was wearing a flowery skirt that day so it didn't really match my outfit but I imagine it would look absolutely amazing with black pants -modern, sleek and creative. Sigh, now I'll probably spend the next few months admiring these shoes online everyweek.

JACKETS: PART 2: Everybody In Great Grey Coats!

A follow-up post to my grey coats post, part I from the other day, in descending order of prostitution location.

Turnin' Tricks At Soho House:
(Apprx $1248 USD, Alexander Wang,
Via Catwalkqueen. This coat by Alexander Wang, who is fucking everywhere right now is a work of art. I wouldn't know whether to wear it (and risk dripping coffee on it, as I so inevitably do on the walk to the train at least two out of five mornings a week) or have it mounted and framed and hang it above my bed.

Turnin' Tricks At The Time:
($594, 3.1 Phillip Lim,
Also a thing of pristine beauty, although nowhere near as gorgeous as the Alexander Wang jacket. It could be winter forever if I had that to keep me warm.

Turnin' Tricks At The Hotel On Rivington:
($232, Plastic Island,
So simple and little girl chic without being too barfy cutesy pie.

Turnin' Tricks At The Times Square Hilton:
I absolutely love this jacket, both because and despite the fact that it's named for my favorite trashionista namesake, Lindsay Lohan. And it's waaaaay cheaper than a Mike & Chris, which it totes looks like.

Turnin' Tricks In A Port Authority Bathroom:
($68, Roxy,
Roxy would usually never be my thing, but this plaid grey coat is too cute. Tillys and Roxy -- who knew?

Footwear Friday

Okay, here's a Freaky Friday Fun Fact: I really don't like ice cream much. Something about the salt content and how all that soda makes me crave gallons of water for a freaking fortnight. But what I DO like is cone heels. So, let's begin, shall wes?

Ahhh the Lanvin cone heel -- the daddy mack of them all. J'adore! They're not easy to get your hands on, but I did find a pair of the blue ones, and if you're a size 40, you're in luck.

($567, Lanvin,
Sure, they're totally unwalkable, but if you're spending that kinda cash on heels, you probably can afford cabs. There are also a handful of pairs on eBay.

($278, Hugo, Zappos)
A gorgeous alternative to Lanvin, and they're patent leather too! Two trends for half the price of one!

($75, Na Na, Piperlime)
These are gorgeous -- and gorgeously priced -- in black too, but the olive is really unique.

($125, Vince Camuto, Piperlime)
The snakeskin, peep toe and chunky heel combine to make this shoe a sexy stunner.

($398, Tapeet, Zappos)
Another great chunky-heeled version in a metallic.

($28, Delicious,
Simple, sexy, super affordable = sold.

($17.99, eBay)
Really can't argue with the price here.

($175, Report, Piperlime)
Simply beautiful.

($171, Fornarina, Zappos)
I'm not too into snakeskin, but I could certainly make an exception for these.

($138, daniblack, Zappos)
And I could absolutely make an exception for these...

($201, Via Spiga, Zappos)
Love the cut of these. They're sorta '80s rich-girl prepster in the best possible way.

($72, Pink Studio, Lulusfashionlounge)
How can you even tolerate how cute the polka dos are? Normally rosy tan and light blue is so vomitoriously kountry kitchen, but it works so perfectly here. A great work shoe.

($185, Miss Sixty)
I could probably do a week's worth of posts on Oxfords alone, but these are also great work wear.

($442, Costume National, Zappos)
As are these. Ultimate power bitch banker heel. Woo!

And her opposite, the fun-lovin' hippie kid sister who comes to visit for the weekend and leaves crumbs everywhere.

($171, Fornarina, Zappos)
Fun and festive.

($25, Abate For Payless)
My Lord I love high-end/low-rent collabos!

... And finally... my two faves...

($175, Report Signature, Piperlime)
Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Oh yes indeed.

... And...
($625, Pucci,
Possibly the most best shoes ever in the universe and history of all shoes forever and ever amen.

No drugs involved, says Owen's attorney

Owen Wilson did not suffer a drug overdose on Sunday but he was taking anti-depressants, the actor's attorney tells Access Hollywood. The actor, who was rushed to hospital after allegedly cutting his wrists in an attempted suicide, did not have his stomach pumped, says the attorney. Wilson was found by his brother Luke in his Santa Monica home, and a 911 call report showed it was logged as an "attempted suicide." Media outlets had speculated that he was also found with an empty bottle of pills beside him, but the attorney said he was not aware of any drugs, other than anti-depressants, being in Wilson's system at the time of the incident. Wilson is currently recovering at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and has asked that people respect his privacy during this difficult time. The Santa Monica City Attorney's office has announced they will not release the 911 call made by Luke. "In reaching this decision the City believes that in many instances no person should have to worry about whether placing a call for emergency assistance will automatically make his or her medical request open to public review," the City Attorney's office said in a press release on Wednesday.

Tom defends controversial role

Tom Cruise has broken his silence and is defending his controversial role as the German colonel famous for a failed attempt to kill Adolf Hitler. "All I can say is, 'Save your comments until you see the movie,'" Cruise told a German weekly regarding the German politicians and media who have attacked his religious beliefs and his decision to play one of Germany's greatest heroes in the movie Valkyrie. "I want to think positive and concentrate on the film. I carry a great responsibility to the Germans, for whom a man like Stauffenberg means so much," Cruise said. "And I feel this responsibility to the man himself. The more I learn about him, the greater my respect and admiration of him." Cruise added that when director Bryan Singer approached him about the role, he tossed a script on his desk with a picture of Stauffenberg on the cover. Says Cruise, "Intuitively I saw a similarity in the profile of this man and myself. Naturally that's something that makes an actor curious." Cruise says he enjoys living in Berlin with Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri: "To my great delight I've discovered that my family and I can walk in the park at night and it's not dangerous."

Keira disses fellow young starlets

Actress Keira Knightley took a shot at celebs like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for flashing their private assets. The British actress says she is sickened by celebrities who expose themselves to photographers, and claims their actions make them "s**ttier than everybody else." The Atonement actress insists that she has too much class to follow their lead. "I'm not going to get blind drunk and them stumble out and fall over and puke up in front of people. I'm not saying I don't do that in private, but I try not to," Knightley said at the Venice film fest. "The whole celebrity thing is not magic. They're real people proving they're s**ttier than everybody else because they don't even wear knickers."

Picture post

(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Jennifer Garner at a press conference in Tokyo

Cameron Diaz out on her birthday in NYC

Sienna Miller at the launch of Twenty8Twelve in London

Nicole Richie picking up a Jamba Juice

Lauren Conrad on the beach in Malibu

Michelle Trachtenberg in West Hollywood


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Man Fashion: 7 most popular type of shirts

MAN SHIRT, some of the most common trends are in collar, a button front or cuffed sleeves. The materials frequently made up in crisp fabrics like cotton.

Today, I am going to talk about 7 popular type of shirts that well received by male fashion world.

Classic Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt

You really can’t go wrong with this, as long as you find the right matching color and pattern. Try to find something that doesn’t have any pockets, if you can, for smart casual. White is most preferred color as it is easily match with whatever pants, but almost any color will work.

However, the latest trend is black or other uncommon dark color, which is very popular in man fashion world, which was against those days where black is always related to mafia or gangsters.

You can mostly find this type in the business attire or smart casual wear.

Short-Sleeved Dress Shirt

For men who want to look youthful and professional, the style is a way to dress colorfully while wearing a plain dress shirt. They're less serious, if you're not in a staid business environment.

So those are the basics. There are other shirt styles out there that may look good on you, but these are pretty much safe for anyone. My advice is to avoid anything flashy or trendy - they tend to get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

The most classic and mannish. Just make sure you leave at least the top button undone, ha ha, otherwise this will look like a geek. It is well received with solid colors and jeans or khakis.

Tip: For jean, it is preferable to leave it un-tucked if this is not too long, but if wearing khakis, tuck it in.

Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

Again, classic and mannish, these come in a variety of fabrics and designs. These short-sleeved polo shirts are mostly suitable with jeans or khakis. Color strip or solid colors are both well received in man fashion world. Recently, it is also very popular in man and women sports world like golf.

The Turtleneck

A round close-fitting neckline that comes up higher than a crew neck but not so high as a polo neck. This was initially design to suit winter weather in Western world, and it turned out to be fashionable style in male and female fashion world. Don't you dare laugh, this looks is really great. They come in a variety of fabrics, something nice and thick tends to suit every man.

Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is most well received by all age group. College t-shirts are fine, as long as they meet the other guidelines. Some prefer with pocket and others no, but I think they look better without. Most common colors are white and black, red is hot and yellow is fun. A nicely match t-shirt makes any man look twice as good! T-Shirts also gives men the choice of creating a ‘personal brand’. This means they can personalise the T-Shirt to their taste, political affiliations or personal thought, and this is getting common in teenage fashion world, and also well received by man in IT world, such as Steven Jobs of Apple, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.

Tip: Make sure it fits your body, these don’t look good baggy.

Classic Wife-Beater

Also known as A-shirts, they are usually worn by men, They are generally made for use as underwear, and generally have large sleeve holes and a large neck, down to near the chest. The term originates from frequent depictions in popular culture of aggressive American men, usually living in poor conditions and having low income, beating their wives and/or children while clad in this shirt.

Tip: Looks good on well-built fellas, pathetic on skinny fellas, and disgusting on fat beer bellied fellas