Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Philosophy Celebrate! Set

($30, Philosophy, Sephora)
Kicked your coke habit this year? Or just switched to crack (it's cheaper!) Got a big promotion because your boss died? Didn't get pregnant or arrested? Only got a little pregnant? CELEBRATE with Philosophy's Celebrate set -- three deeeeeeerisheshry scented bottles of Lavender, Pink Bubbly, and Pomegranate 3-in-1 washes. They do a body good!

Happy new year, everyone, from all (two) of us at FashionBinge to all (three to four!) of you out there!

And stay tuned for some SUPER suhweeeeeeet giveaways comin' up this monf!

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+ Hourglass Concealer
+ Smashbox's Rapture Gloss Set!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Hourglass Concealer

($32, Hourglass, Sephora)
Hands -- and brushes -- down, this is one of the best concealers I've used in decades of hiding my shiners. Seriously, you could have a cat stuck to on one side of your face and a pepperoni pizza on the other side and after a few strokes of Hourglass, NO ONE except you would ever know. That's how good this shiz iz. I'd recommend applying with a brush since it's a thick concealer. That way you won't be tugging your precious, tender little undereyes down to your chin. No one looks good like that. Anyway, $32 ain't cheap, but you know what IS cheap? Looking like you haven't slept in a week. Get it, girls.

More Sephora suggestions: Smashbox's Rapture Gloss Set!

A Peacock Walks Into A Store...

(Image via Ian Peacock/

FOR REAL, A REAL PEACOCK walked into a STORE... called PEACOCKS! In Scotland, where apparently peacocks come equipped with the mental capacity of rocket scientists. THIS IS THE GREATEST SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER! THIS IS THE BEST, MOST AMAZING THING EVER!

And speaking of amazing, apparently so is Ian Peacock, who not only has written for a billion great publications but LOVES Persian cats (my first kitty was a glorious Persian named Romeo, hallowed be his name. He lived to be 19 and was an angel amongst kitties, even when he graced us on this very earth, for which he was always too good) AND is actually named "Peacock." I think I'm in love.

+ More of my peacock obsession as it relates to fashion and accessories here.

Also, these peacock Keds are cute if not a little too literal. But okay for you maybe? I didn't mean that in a bitchy way. We're still cool, right?
($63.55, Keds,

Pass The Bubbly Please

Ah. The New Year is upon us - where did the time go? One more reason to celebrate with friends and loved ones, and one more reason to dress up and look fabulous. I'm sure you have all found your dresses already but I just passed by the store window of BCBG the other day. BCBG has always attracted me, there is something simple and ethereal about their dresses, and their cutting (for me at least, is superb).

Their dresses make you feel almost old hollywood glam or simply modern chic. I know they're rather simple, definitely something you've seen before, but talk about excellent draping! I don't know, there's something about them that makes me fall in love.

Love the velvet bodice of this dress!

This dress is actually much more beautiful in person.

Aughhh...I need to get this - look at that sleeve detail!

So simple, so lovely (especially the colour). Hm, I will advise you not to wear a headband that the model demonstrates...

Ok, kind of generic I know, princess cut blah blah blah. But the material! And a colour that would look great on all skin tones.

What are you doing for New Year's? &equally important, what will you be wearing?

Heart Shirts And Blondette Sale!

Admiring on this Lauren Moshi heart tee at Blondette.

($85, Lauren Moshi, Blondette)
BTW, Blondette's giving you 25% off $150 or more with promo code afterchristmas08
through January 3. KNOW that.

(Apprx $43 USD, Illustrated People, Topshop)
Also LOVE this very '80s but not like OMG WOAH LQQK IT'S NEON Illustrated People top at Topshop. It reminds me of the crap Madonna spray paints in her "Borderline" video. Sadly it's only available in size Small on the British site and NOT AT ALL on the US site. INTERNATIONAL TRAGEDY!

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Best dressed in 2008 part. 2

Celebritatile care s-au imbracat cel mai bine in 2008, part. 2.
Jennifer Lopez, diva glamour, nu putea lipsi din lista "best dressed".
Jennifer cu poseta Versace din piele de crocodil

Rochie din satin Roberto Cavalli, diamante Neil Lane si poseta vintage Daniel Swarowski

J. Lo intr-o rochie Alberta Ferretti

Nicole Richie nu face parte din categoria celebritatilor care poarta un lucru o singura data. De exemplu, geanta neagra Balenciaga, pe care o are din 2005, pantofii Christian Louboutin "Miss Boxe" sau jacheta din piele Alexander Wang le-a purtat de nenumarate ori. Si anul acesta ramane in randul vedetelor bine imbracate.
Nicole in rochie Proenza Schouler si jacheta de piele Alexander Wang. Accesorii: geanta Chanel, colier Hermes, pantofi Balenciaga

Rochie si poseta Stella McCartney si jacheta Alexander Wang.

Miss Richie in jeansi vintage Levi's, pantofi Christian Louboutin "Miss Boxe" si cu geanta Balenciaga

Lauren Conrad si-a imbunatatit stilul in 2008 si a devenit o adevarata fashion icon. Nu este chiar o trendsetteritza, dar are potential.
Lauren poarta jeansi skinny J Brand, pantofi Miu Miu, esarfa si geanta Chanel

Rochia "Jasmine" este din colectia ei Lauren Conrad Collection

LC in rochie Stella McCartney, colier si geanta Chanel

In 2008 stilul Angelinei Jolie poate fi descris in trei cuvinte: monocromatic, simplu, elegant.
Angelina poarta o little black dress Versace custom made, pantofi peep toe Sergio Rossi si cercei cu perle Mikimoto

In rochie Versace si bijuterii Ralph Lauren Vintage Collection

Angelina poarta o rochie cu nasturi la spate semnata L'Wren Scott si pantofi Stuart Weizman

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Cabochon Earrings: Lust!

($165, Kenneth Jay Lane,
Witness my raging, unbridled lust. Sin from my lips? Trespass sweetly urge!

And OMG these too:
($230, Dori Csengeri,
I don't know where to look first... I just know I can't stop staring...

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Smashbox Lip Gloss Collection!

If you're a lucky lady, you got a Sephora gift card or two this ho-ho-holiday. I didn't get one, but BOY OH BOYEEEEE could I rack up some goods... or, um, suggest ways for YOU to spend your hard-earned gift bucks. So, consider me your personal shopper! Like one of those annoying pop-up thingies that pop up in your shit when you're browsing stuff online. Except not as annoying!

Anyway, I HIGHLY, INSANELY, EXTREMELY recommend Smashbox's Rapture Lip Gloss set:
($29, Smashbox, Sephora)
Unlike some gloss sets, these aren't too-too mini -- none of that annoying two-uses-and-they're-gone business -- I've been milking mine for weeks upon weeks -- the formula is excellent, and there's zero gross gooiness! THREE WINS! My favorites are Ravishing (second from left), which doesn't end up looking quite as dark on, and Candid (third from left), which leaves a nice berry glow.

And, stay tuned for more FashionBinge Beauty Buys, featuring WAYS TO SPEND your Sephora gift cards!

Best dressed in 2008 part. 1

Mai sunt doar doua zile din 2008 si, ca orice bloggerita de moda care se respecta si isi respecta cititorii, trebuia sa vin cu o lista de "best dressed". Dupa cercetari si studii indelungate am adunat celebritatile care s-au imbracat cel mai bine anul acesta.
Lista mea, mai mult sau mai putin obiectiva, are mai multe parti, pe care le voi posta zilele urmatoare.
Incep cu Posh, Gwyneth, Kylie si Kate.
In 2008 Victoria Beckham si-a consolidat pozitia in lumea modei odata cu lansarea colectiei de rochii.
A purtat multe tinute Marc Jacobs, a carui imagine a fost, dar si piese din colectia ei de denim si ochelari, dVb, si The dress collection by Victoria Beckham, o linie de rochii timeless, lucrate manual in UK.
Ar mai fi de mentionat ca a renuntat la bob pentru o tunsoare "Pixie", care l-a inceput a incantat-o , dar acum nu ii mai place si a lansat un nou duo de parfumuri - "Signature" for him & her.
Posh poarta o rochie "Evol" din colectia proprie, pantofi Yves Saint Laurent si geanta Chanel "Kelly"

Shopping la Kitson, magazin cunoscut ca home of celebrity shopping, pe Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, unde se vinde si dVb, in jeansi dVb si geanta Chanel vintage

Alaturi de Marc Jacobs in rochie si sandale Marc Jacobs (cum altfel?)

In 2008 actrita Gwyneth Paltrow si-a schimbat look-ul, renuntand la parul foarte lung, pe care nu l-a mai taiat de la moartea tatalui ei, si optand pentru o tunsoare mai scurta si mai sic. Combinatia ei preferata pentru covorul rosu a fost rochie+sacou.
Gwinnie poarta o rochie Lanvin, bijuterii Chopard si sandale Giuseppe Zanotti pentru Balmain

LBD Balmain si pantofi Alexander McQueen

Gwyneth in rochie Stella McCartney

Kylie "the impossible princess" a ramas si anul acesta in lista celor mai bine imbracate celebritati.
Kylie in Australia la lansarea celui mai nou parfum al ei, "Sexy darling", intr-o rochie Yves Saint Laurent.

La London Brit Awards, unde a luat premiul "Best international female solo artist", in rochie vintage Vicky Tiel

Kylie arata ca o zeita greaca in rochia drapata J'Anton si bijuterii Tous

Stilul lui Kate Moss, un mix intre masculin, sexy, boho si rock'n'roll este intruchiparea sicului facil si are o multime de adepte. Este considerata cool chiar si atunci cand poarta cizme uzate sau tricouri gaurite. Tinutele all black sunt printre preferintele ei.
Kate la petrecerea de lansare a noului ei parfum "Velvet hour" in rochie Marc Jacobs si sandale T-bar Christian Louboutin

Rochia cu gheare de leopard este din colectia ei pentru Topshop. 100 de astfel de rochii au fost vandute in doar 15 minute.

Kate intr-o little black dress (LBD) Poltock and Walsh

Good Golly Boots!

I found (and purchased) two pairs of boots this weekend.

Yes, two.

They are comfortable ... and I love, love, love them.

Steve Madden - Legion

INC Brook Riding Boot - mine are chocolate brown and aren't so shiny.

Oh sales how I love thee.

Men's Top 10 New Year Resolutions

With Christmas is just over and New Years is just around the corner, people like me is always thinking of what new promises I would like to make to myself for 2009. I believe some of you out there don't think too much about making new resolutions, either because you don't believe in doing such a thing or you have never been able to keep up with them in the past. Others continue to make new resolutions every year (Like me :) ), either because you felt you have kept up with them well enough in the past to warrant making a new one, or you legitimately want to make a lasting change in your lives.. whatever.

I came across these top 10 list of New Year Resolutions:-
  1. Spend more time with family
  2. Fit in Fitness
  3. Tame the Bulge
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Enjoy Life More
  6. Quit Drinking
  7. Get Out of Debt
  8. Learn Something New
  9. Help others
  10. Get Organized

For me, I don't have any issues in relate to points 3, 4, 6, and 7. So all these are fall out from my list. Perhaps I could be healthier with more regular exercises, and constantly learn up something new and of course contribute back to society, is the almost important task. How about yours?

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Man Fahion: All about Designer Ties

All men have the potential to look classy when wearing a designer tie. On the other hand, getting the wrong designer tie can also make you look immature, or downgrade your overall style. More so if you're a business professional, your designer tie makes a statement about you before the first handshake is even made.

So before I go further, here are 4 fundamentals you need to consider before buying a designer tie.

Tie Texture

It's very important to choose a designer tie made of high quality material, natural fibres are always best, whether silk, cashmere or wool. However, silk ties don't go with every kind of suit, so be sure that the texture of the designer tie complements the texture of the suit. Like generally goes with like although there are exceptions, for example a woolen flannel suit looks very chic with satin ties, a complete contrast and opposite.

Tie Length

Make sure your designer tie is the right length. Most shop offer ties at 55/56 inches. Men's ties are at the correct length if they just about reach the belt buckle, which is generally 58 inches, although taller men may require even longer ties.

Tie Colors

When choosing designer tie color, you must always take into consideration color of your entire attire. The last thing you should do is to wear the same color tie with your shirt, which look formidable in darker tones.

Red Tie/White Shirt
This is the ultimate power dresser. It shows you mean business and want to be listened to. With a dark suit it is at its most potent.

Red Tie/Blue Shirt
You mean business, having things to say but are prepared to listen to those around you. You still want to be thought of as one of the boys.

Refer to my earlier post on tie color and personality for more explanation.

Tie Pattern

It should never be larger than the size of your eye, or it will take the focus from your face. A large patterned designer tie will become the focal point of your outfit and distract from your face. Also, designer tie should take care not to clash with the pattern on the shirt or jacket and the rest of the clothing.

For example, if you go with a striped tie, don't wear a similarly striped shirt or you could be mistaken for an optical illusion.

Lastly, To keep the shape in your tie, it should be rolled u at teh end of the day. Do not hang it over a coat hanger or worst still, leave it knotted and pull over your head.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marimekko for Kids

One of my favorite textile lines, Finnish company Marimekko has recently launched it's stylish clothing line for kids.

Another Cute Zimmermann Suit!

I am sitting here, unshowered, festering in my not-so-festive, not-so-sexy post-holiday slump, like a carby blob of primordial ooze. WHICH MEANS THERE'S NEVER BEEN A TIME TO CHECK OUT CUTE BATHING SUITS, like this one by FashionBinge favorite, Zimmermann!

The polka dots are so "I'm a little girl in the late '70s." AND it's on sale! AND I ate like a TUB of cookies and a half of tub of Sugar Sweet Sunshine's banana cream pudding. WIN!

($121, Zimmermann,

Tendinte manichiura primavara 2009 de la Chanel

Pentru mine Chanel si OPI sunt cei mai importanti trendsetteri in manichiura.
Pentru primavara lui 2009 Chanel propune doua nuante: 485 Django - bej roze si 483 Vendetta - un violet inchis.

Colectia se numeste "Bohemian fantasy" si a fost inspirata de stilul boho si rochiile gipsy. Aceasta are 22 de produse in tonuri de pamant, neutre, dar si roz si rosu pentru buze sau violetul indraznet pentru unghii.
Deci, in 2009 purple is the new blue, pentru ca in 2008 culoarea vedeta a fost albastrul.