Monday, March 30, 2009

RUN DON'T WALK to Rue La La For Their Nicole Miller Bridal Sale! Seriously, GO!

So, despite my previous run-in with a HORBS Nicole Miller "special evening gown" that I thought might make a dece wedding dress (I thought wrong), I tried on several ACTUAL Nicole Miller wedding dresses this weekend at Michelle in Brooklyn Heights. My Michelle experience was great, and I really liked two of the Nicole Miller dresses I tried on. I'm not going to go with either dress because they're too "big" and "cupcakey" on me, but they did feel wonderful on, and if I wanted a big dress, I'd go that route for sure, and I'd be happy to buy from Michelle.

BUT, actually I probably wouldn't because is having a Nicole Miller bridal sale for like the next few MINUTES or something, and one of the very dresses I tried on -- the silk faille mermaid with beaded details -- on is available. Originally $2600, available at RueLaLa in sizes 0 - 16 for $650 (!!!!!!!!). SERIOUSLY! GO! GO NOW! (You need an invite to log in -- lemme know in the comments if you need me to invite you!)

($650, Nicole Miller Bridal,

Brian Atwood Atrocity

I usually really like Brian Atwood heels (and will admit to ALMOST ALWAYS thinking of RYAN Atwood from The O.C. [RIP]), but these are both EVERY color too many and every shade of wrong:
(Apprx $574 USD, Brian Atwood,
I'm counting the SECONDS until they show up on Mariah Carey's feet.

Sad panda.

Perfect Tote Bag

These tote bags from the Gap are perfect for weekend getaways. They are roomy enough to fit your essentials and a great shape to grab and go. They come in some fun colors too like this plum. $34.00

Sunday, March 29, 2009

NY Fashion Week: Tim Hamilton Fall 2009 Collection

This time, the boots—once again made by ultra-cult designer Carol Christian Poell's Viennese cobbler—were polished.

Tim Hamilton Fall 2009

That says a lot about the clothes they accompanied. Hamilton pushed the tailoring for Fall 2009 in New York Fashion Week, streamlining the silhouette, narrowing lapels, shrinking collars.

Tim Hamilton Fall 2009

But influences real or imagined aside, what really stood out were the ensembles that were purest Hamilton in their oddness, like the double jacket layered over a long "leathered cotton" hoodie over his cropped long johns.


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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Collection of Jewelry by Bonbon Oiseau

Brooklyn based jewelry line Bonbon Oiseau has released a new line of Pacific Northwest inspired jewelry. Bonbon Oiseau is known for their innovative charming pieces and this new ethnic inspiration is really cool. Shown La Push Earrings in Turquoise $194.

Earth Hour: Switch Off the Light for an hour

As part of the effort to to take action on Global Warming. Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming in 2009.

Earth Hour
For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.


Beside turning your lights off for an hour, there are many other things you can do to make Earth Hour 2009 a success.

  • Sign Up Now. Become a part of Earth Hour and get useful tips and tools to reduce your carbon footprint everyday
  • Tell A Friend. Better still – tell them, your family and even your work mates. Encourage them to sign up. Email them a link to this website and mobilise even more people!
  • Tell Your Story. How is climate change affecting your family and your community? We want to hear how you're becoming part of the solution.
  • Run your own Earth Hour. Download our quick guide for how to run Earth Hour in your city or town. It's easy!
  • Your Earth Hour. What will you be doing at 8.30pm on Saturday March 28? We're keen to know what you have planned for Earth Hour 2009. If you'd like to share your plans with Earth Hour and the media, then please send us an email describing with as much detail as you can what you have planned to Don't forget to include your name, where you live (City and Country), and your contact telephone number including your country code.
  • Blogger Tool Kit: Create a blog post about the importance of global action on climate change and how participation in Earth Hour can make a difference.(Just like me! :) )

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bluefly Bridal Binge! Vera Wang, Bagdley Mischka And More! ROP!

I cannot even BELIEVE how many amazors potential wedding dresses Bluefly is STOCKED with right now. And by wedding dresses, I mean either non-traditional wedding dresses to wear AS your wedding dress or TO a wedding. Do BLUEFLY a favor and GET THEM OFF THEIR HANDS, okay? They're practically PAYING YOU to buy these gems! Also, apparently "just today," you can get 15% off dresses (discount taken at checkout), so DO IT!

($448, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)
I am feeling SO many emotions about this dress, all of them POSITIVE and overwhelming. It's sorta what I was hoping for with my Nicole Miller fail, but this looks even more fantasticosa! I'm not a fan of the wrap, but no big whoop, right?

($402, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)

($331, Badgley Mischka, Bluefly)
I'm not usually a fan of pleats like these, but I like the structured bib. Cool for alt-bridesmaids dresses!

($501, Amsale, Bluefly)
I mean, look me in the EYE and TELL me that Amsale's "Duet" gown isn't to DIE! It's simple but commanding and not overwhelming tacky. And that sexy back! LOVE! Also, short ladies, you CAN wear full gowns. And I love that this is full but not like the width of a sedan. This width is perfect for a shortie like myself.

($125, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Definitely not for me, but if you're looking for a more traditional wedding gown, um, HI! This Vera Wang is like four cents, relatively speaking. I could see this being really purdy on a tall, thin type.

($331, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Much better on shorties or tall types!

($400, Vera Wang, Bluefly)
Love the pretty stone color. Nice for a fall/ early winter wedding.

($324, Vera Wang, Bluefly)

($221, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
EEE. Love the black-on-white detailing!

($301, Adam, Bluefly)
Wooden beads aren't so me, but this is still a super gorj beach wedding dress!

($169, BCGB Max Azria, Bluefly)
Not so me, but still really stunning -- especially that open back.

($220, BCBG Max Azria, Bluefly)
One of my favorite -- love the champagne-ness.

Hayden-Harnett Gets Ripped Off

Check it out: Copycats have discovered our fave local small fashion label. In a major, major way. Observe:

On the left you have Hayden-Harnett's extremely cute Iskia link wedge sandal; on the right you have Shoes for Lovely People's (admittedly, also cute) version. Hayden-Harnett is hoppin' mad, justifiably. The H-H originals are only $100 more though. I'd kinda rather spend the extra dough — or wait for one of 'em to go on sale.

Luckily, they have loyal eagle-eyed fashion fans, who also spotted this travesty:

On the left, H-H's awesome Havana hobo, of which I have one (which I LOVE). On the right, a crappy fake-leather version by Bandolino, available at Herzberger (whatever that is), identical down to the tiny studs on the zipper pull. Horbzburger. (Though I kinda dig the turquoise color.) One's $500; one's $66. The Havana is supersoft and lovely — if you don't have a spare $500 laying around, wait for a sample sale. It's worth it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FashionBinge's MAJOR Ankle Boot Binge!

What with fuggo flip-flops and whatnot entering store windows for the summer season (even though I've been wearing my sleeping-bag-with-arms super-duper warm coat for the past week), it is time to STOCK UP on cute ankle boots or booties or whatever you want to call them to wear with skinny jeans, leggings, tights and skirts, or whatevs. Cheyck up on all of these great booties on SALE!

($148, Free People)
Don't LOVE the bow, but I don't hate it. Since it's monotone, it's still conspicuous enough.

($164, Jeffrey Campbell, Nordstrom)
Normally I'd say these are too too much, what with the cut-outs and the studs, but in black I think they work. I'd do it.

($200, Casadei,
Everyone always freaks out over Louboutin, but PLEASE give Casadei some love, okay? They were all over the red carpet at the Oscars. They're usually three times as much, but these are just $200. Woot!

($135, Shane And Shawn,
These are KINDA bad but could work on the right girl... or guy.

($135, Helle Comfort,
Kinda wack but they could be gorgeous on. And they've even got the word "comfort" built right in!

($184, Claudia Ciuti, Nordstrom)
Not a HUGE fan of open-toed shoes, but I do like these.

($152, Diesel,
I have absolutely no use for a pair of white booties, but if I did need a pair, I'd get these.

($49, Newport News)

($68, Arden B.)
Sorta springy.

($412, Casadei, Endless)
Two-tone patent leather, and suede on the vamp! Studs and metallics, blah blah, these are a few of my favorite things!! All at once! On ONE shoe! Woo!

Mens Car Review: Porsche Boxster for 2009

Whether you like it or not, Porsche Boxster has been around for a dozen years, evolving slowly but steadily in the time-honored Porsche way.

Porsche Boxster for 2009
Indeed, this popular mid-engine roadster--forever enshrined as "the car that saved Porsche"--has seen only one major update so far, during model-year ’05. That update was highlighted by more power, classier interior appointments, and cautiously revised styling.

Porsche Boxster for 2009
Finally, Porsche has finalized with Boxster upgrade. Model year 2009 upgrades start where they do for any enthusiast machine: in the engine bay. The previous base Boxster's 2.7L flat-six has given way to a new 2.9L unit. Power rises from 245 to 255 hp; the Cayman's 2.9 is rated at 265 hp.

Porsche Boxster for 2009
There's no displacement increase for the S versions; it remains 3.4L, but the powerplant is largely new and boasts direct fuel injection. It spools out 310 hp in the Boxster S and 320 in the Cayman S, increases of 15 and 25 hp respectively.

Anyway, the price is range from minimum of $52,000 for the base model and $61,000 for the S.

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Latest Accessory - The Cape

As the weather starts to warm up, we are looking to shed those winter coats. However, it is not summer yet and we still need a layer of warmth. The California Cape by American Apparel is the perfect solution. $65

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 CFDA Nominees

The CFDA Awards are to fashion what the Oscars are to Hollywood - a really big deal. This year, for the third year running, Marc Jacobs is nominated for Womenswear Designer of the Year alongside Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy and Narciso Rodriguez.

Jacobs is also nominated for the second year running for the Accessories Designer of the Year prize, which last year went to Tory Burch. For 2009, he is pitted against Vera Wang and Proenza Schouler, who famously co-won the Womenswear award with Oscar de la Renta in 2007.

Calvin Klein's Italo Zuchelli, Michael Bastian and Band of Outsiders designer Scott Steinberg will all vie for the Menswear Designer of the Year award. Swarovski's trio of emerging talent awards feature a triptych of future names-to-know. Winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award Alexander Wang, Jason Wu and Thakoon Panichgul - who have all been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama - will go head-to-head for the womenswear gong.

Patrick Ervell, Robert Geller and Tim Hamilton are all in the running for the emerging talent menswear award, while Albertus Q. Swanepoel of Albertus Quartus - who was named runner up in 2008's CFDA/Vogue award - is up against maker of to-die-for shoes Alejandro Ingelmo and jeweller Justin Giunta of Subversive Jewellery for the Swarovski Award for Accessories.


Celebrity style: jacheta din denim

Jachetele din denim sunt big in aceasta primavara. Merg aproape cu orice si, daca este sa luam exemplul celebritatilor, oriunde, chiar si la evenimente, cu rochii elegante.
Exista totusi o regula importanta: NU purta niciodata o geaca din denim cu blugi sau orice altceva din denim (ca Penelope Cruz in poza de mai jos). Tinutele all denim a la anii '80/'90 sunt interzise de politia modei.
Penelope Cruz pentru Mango, primavara 2009.

Kristen Stewart

Kim Kardashian

Kanye West

Chloe Sevigny

Emma Roberts

Ashley Tisdale

Shenae Grimes


Sonia de la Ce imbrac azi? mi-a pasat o leapsa pe care o dau si eu mai departe la DaDaMoDa, Nookie si Choo.
1. Care e singurul lucru pe care nu ai vrea sa-l schimbi niciodata la tine?
2. Primul film care iti vine in minte acum?
Parfumul: povestea unei crime.
3. Ce ai desenat ultima oara (pe hartie, nu in paint)?
Ceva abstract, niste mazgalituri.
4. De cate ori ai spus “te urasc” pana acum?
De putine, dar am gandit-o de multe.
5. Cu ce personaj din literatura te identifici?
Sa zicem unul din personajele din romanul "Elogiu femeilor mature" de Stephen Vizinczey.
6. Cat de bine te intelegi cu tine?
Prost spre foarte prost (din motive de perfectionism)
7. Daca ar fi sa scrii o carte… ce titlu ar avea?
Depinde de continut. Titlul ar veni la final.
8. Descrie in trei cuvinte o persoana pe care inca nu ai cunoscut-o.
Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig (stilista)
9. Continua propozitia
Azi, inca adormita, m-am trezit visand (la)... o portie mare de cartofiori prajiti.

Spring - Summer 2009 Trend. Fashionable Overalls.

Fashion tendency keeps gladdening us with new TRENDS. Overall a new fashion trend of Spring - Summer 2009 ! This season an overall is for the all cases. Blue denim overall is for business noon, an overall made from silk is for cocktail party, an overall from variegated silk is for party in your garden. It is a good alternative to dresses. Overalls are as self-sufficient as dresses but look much more defiant than dresses.

See Fashionable Overalls Gallery below. Click image to enlarge.

Summer silk overall Leonard

Green cocktail overall Pucci

Denim everyday overall DKNY

Silk evening overall BCBG

Smart red overall Salvatore Ferragamo

Light summer overall Moschino Cheap & Chic

Chic evening overall Chloe