Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

So I just finished watching "Shopgirl," a Steve Martin film that was surprisingly good: contemplative, bittersweet, darkly funny, and thought-provoking. Claire Danes does her "I'm about to cry" face where she screws up her face into several different contortions before sort of smiling, a la Angela Chase, and it still got to me. She's got that one down, boy. But the movie is incredibly detail-laden, and deeply stylish, such that I was struck, scene after scene, by her outfits. She pretty much wears nothing but awesome dresses throughout the film. And so I'd like to officially add this to the list of Good Fashion Movies that Ms. Spinach posted a while back. Danes's character is a classy gal with great taste but not so many dollars, so I think many of the dresses she wears (before Steve Martin's character starts buying her Armani gowns) are supposed to be vintage. They are fabulous. Here are some shots I found of some of her outfits:

Costume designer Nancy Steiner has an impressive resume; she's also worked on "Little Miss Sunshine" (which I still haven't seen), "Lost in Translation" and "The Virgin Suicides," "Elizabethtown," "The Good Girl" (remember Jennifer Aniston's genius mom jeans?), "Reality Bites" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She's also designed the costumes for a ton of music videos, ads, and editorial. I think I'd like to be her, actually.

Lindsay's man shops for rings

Harry Morton was spotted buying an engagement ring at Cartier in Beverly Hills. The rich kid has been dating Lindsay Lohan for about four months, and the pair seem to have been inseparable over the summer. One of Morton's assistants confirmed that he did indeed make a purchase at Cartier, saying, "I can confirm that Harry was shopping at Cartier, but what he purchased I cannot confirm. If it was in fact a gift then that's between him and whomever the gift is for."

Affleck tries to justify Gigli's failure

Ben Affleck says the tabloids are ruining people's perception of actors. At a press conference for Hollywoodland at the Venice film fest, Affleck said, "I think more and more people pay attention to actor's private lives.. It makes it difficult to suspend disbelief when you are going to watch their movie because really what you are thinking about is whatever you have read about them in a magazine rather than the performance they are giving and it makes the actor's job harder." The new dad also thinks "the movies become incidental pit stops and commercial breaks in the soap opera of [an actor's] life."

Pitt visits New Orleans

Brad Pitt is in New Orleans with his family to announce the winner of the design contest he co-sponsored with Global Green USA. "I'm very, very excited about the result," Pitt told People mag. "There are a lot of great ideas that came across the table." The Troy actor toured the Katrina ravaged city for a few days and was shocked by what he saw. "This is a social justice issue. As I walk around, I'm appalled and embarrassed that people don't even have the opportunity to return. This isn't supposed to happen here." Pitt teamed up with Global Green in a search to find an affordable, environmentally sustainable plan for rebuilding homes and community centers in the area. "My goal," Pitt said last month, "is to see something tangible, to see something built that can become an example, a template...a flagship for other people who are facing rebuilding."

United nations

George Clooney's new woman? - A Socialite's Life

Paris grinds with pro skateboarder - TMZ

Paris Hilton talks oral sex - ICYDK

Nicole Kidman, pregnant by photoshop - Dlisted

Egotastic as an MTV Video Music Awards megapost

Out and about

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Mandy Moore in the West Village with her publicist

Liv Tyler in NYC

Sandra Bullock at the Venice premiere of Infamous

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz at a VMA pre-party

Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at a birthday party

Jessica Alba in Beverly Hills

Jessica Simpson winning a car at the VMA Style Villa

Gwen Stefani with Kingston in NYC

Ashlee Simpson in NYC

A Little (Too Much) About J Seacrest

I’m the NKOTB here at Fashion Binge. Since the ladies were lacking in their coverage of sartorial opportunities for the modern man, they graciously decided to allow me to throw my two cents in on occasion. But in keeping with the gender proportions of Bloomingdale’s SOHO, I’ll only be contributing about 1/6th of the content (give or take), and the quality will only be basement-level compared to MKH and TL’s consistently excellent posts.

Just so you know a little about me, my fashion icons (in no particular order) are Ralph Lauren, Beck, Max Fischer and Alan Flusser. I spend way more time going to and thinking about sample sales than any straight man should. And more than anything, I love a good fashion quest, which is why I’m constantly rifling through bins at Daffy’s or Googling things like “bib-front shirt.” Which reminds me: check out this site if you like really, really dope shit.

Thanks for listening. Carry on…

Slider Phones

Having had the same Nokia 6100 for 3 years, I've been on the lookout for a new phone for a while.

Over the years, all my phones have looked remarkably alike, the Nokia 6100, the Nokia 8250 and this other Nokia one so old that I don't even remember the model of. But it looks like the third one shown- except more squarish. They're all basically just upgraded versions of each other. So this time, I was determined to look for something different.

Hence I turned my attention to sliders, because they just look so sleek and cool. Plus, sliding is just fun! Naturally I was drawn to the ever stylish LG Chocolate and the Samsung E900, with their super sleek form and cool sensor buttons.

But alas, my strong sense of brand loyalty to Nokia (in case you haven't notice) wouldn't let me buy anything else but Nokia. I mean, what if those flimsy things from Samsung and LG breaks on me after a year? My Nokias have never broken on me before- while the Samsung flip one T Mobile gave me when I opened my mobile phone is already dying after one year! (Incidently does anyone know whether they're supposed to give me a new phone when I resign my contract each year?)

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Anyway, deciding to get a 3G just in case I should ever find myself in Japan/Korea or that T Mobile suddenly decides to gift me with the free use of the internet and video conversations at the price of a phone call, I was basically left with two choices: the new N80 or the 6250 (or whatever else you call it in your country). While the N80 is the newest, whatever extra function they added has made it thick and bulky- not pretty. And who needs something mega expensive and not pretty? So in the end (after all this thought process) I finally settled on 6250 because of its function and sleek appearance (although I would prefer it even slimmer).

Aniston settles suit over topless photos

Jennifer Aniston has settled a lawsuit with a photographer who snapped a few topless shots of the Friends alum. Aniston filed suit last December, claiming the photog took the pics on her property "covertly from a great distance...using powerful telephoto means of trespass and/or through the use of an enhancement device." The Break-Up actress said she suffered "shame, mortification, hurt feelings, emotional distress, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, feeling of being violated and injury to her privacy and piece of mind" when the pictures were released. The two parties have "mutually agreed on their differences" according to Extra, and a rep from the photog released a statement saying, "Even though they were legally obtained, [the photographer] pulled the photos from publication."

Paris doesn't come cheap

Paris Hilton's diva demands got her dropped recently from a possible appearance on Charlotte Church's new talk show. Church decided against hosting the socialite when Hilton demanded more than $650,000 to appear. "We asked Paris to be on the program because I could take the mick out of her [make fun of] and not feel at all bad about it - she's such a complete airhead," Church says. "But she demanded a ridiculous amount of money - like the price of a big house - just to say a few stupid things. She's hardly going to announce anything world-changing, is she? It's absolutely pathetic, isn't it?"


No reality show for Fergie

Fergie has slammed rumors she might be in talks to star in a Newlyweds-style reality show with Vegas actor boyfriend Josh Duhamel. "We don't have any plans to work together again and we would never do a reality show, like a Newlyweds thing - absolutely not. I love to watch them, I just don't want to be on one."

Bloom not too interested in Knight Rider role

Orlando Bloom was asked by David Hasselhoff if he was interested in playing the son of Hasselhoff's famed Michael Knight in the upcoming film version of Knight Rider. "I was approached by David in Los Angeles," Bloom said recently. "He'd heard I was a big fan of the old show and said, 'We're doing a movie version and I'd love you to play my son in it.' I replied, 'Er, well, that sounds great but you'd need to speak to my manager about it.' I used to watch Knight Rider when I was eight but I didn't like it more than any other series. My favorites were The Fall Guy and The A-Team."


Picture post

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Rachel Bilson at LAX

Mila Kunis and McCauley Culkin stock up for Culkin's birthday

Lindsay Lohan in Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba leaving Kate Somerville and heading to the gym in Beverly Hills

Sandra Bullock at the Venice photocall for Infamous

Ben Affleck, Bob Hoskins, Diane Lane and Adrian Brody at the Venice photocall for Hollywoodland

Ashlee Simpson outside Nobu in Tribeca