Sunday, November 30, 2008

Patterned Tights

Looking for a way to spruce up your wool skirts? These feather pattern tights by Free People are an easy and fun way to make any outfit look new again. $38

Black Sunday Holiday Sale At Newport News

Believe it nons, Newport News (the store, not necessarily the city, though I'm sure you could probably find some stuff in the city too), has some cute holiday stuff on sale. Use promo code 538 for 25% through midnight, December 1.

($34, Newport News)
Such purdy suede. How do you not LOVE the combo of grey, black, and red? You DON'T not love it!

($19, Newport News)
A cute little leopard print clutch to hide all of your holiday cheer!

($29, Newport News)
An eensy little Chanel knockoff! God bless us everyone!

($10, Newport News)
Come on, how fun would this look with a black strapless sweetheart dress like so?

($15, Newport News)
Black teardrop earrings = holiday staple!

($14.99, Newport News)
Weep! Like Thanksgiving threw up all over an innocent bag!

Elegant or Prom?

My mom recently came back from a wedding in Sydney and she got me a dress. On the phone she made it sound really fabulous, "it is a evening dress in a pale sea green color, that goes just below your knees with a matching shawl/scarf. Everyone, even your dad, thinks it is very elegant and gorgeous!" It never occurred to me that I'd want a pale green dress, but seeing as it IS Christmas, maybe it'll be just the thing for a Christmas party!
When I first laid eyes on it, my first reaction was PROM DRESS. The whole pastel color and the jewels at the bodice, with the length got to admit, it's a bit prom like. If not prom like, then at least bridesmaid like. Or just... kind of old (esp with the matching shawl). Don't get me wrong. I love my mom for remembering me on her holiday and buying be stuff out of the blue. I DO know how lucky I am and I do appreciate the gesture. And as much as I am complaining now, I will probably end up wearing it. This is just not something I'd pick on my own... I'd probably pick something more vibrant with funkier jewels, more modern. As an economist, I'm always thinking about opportunity cost.

Having stared at it for quite some time now though, I'm starting to come around to it a bit. The pale sea green color and simple bodice design can be considered as goddess-like and elegant. And while it is not modern, I guess it is classic. I can't go too wrong in a classic dress, right?

Charley Harper For Old Navy -- Cute AND Affordable Baby Stuff!

Illustrator Charley Harper was known for his highly stylized, boldly graphic modern interpretations of wildlife. His work was so righteous that December 8, 2006 was declared "Charley Harper Day" by the mayor of Cincinnati. Harper passed away in 2007, but his work lives on not just in Cincinnati, but now in a series of beyond-sweet tees, toys, games and books at Old Navy.

Also, about 10 trillion of my friends are having babies, and they're all due around May. As one friend put it, it's like they all got together and had an orgy that we weren't invited to... thank God. Plus, key parties are SOOOOO '74. But I do LOVE me some soft snuggly babies and the accompanying cute baby things that go along with them, and these Charley Harper Old Navy items are no exception. They're precious, AND they're for the baby on a budget. And believe me, if I had a baby, it'd be on a budget. Because mama needs some new shoes, you know?

($10, Old Navy)

($10, Old Navy)

($9.50, Old Navy)
I GUESS babies need to learn and stuff. So they as well learn cute-ly and in a cute manner and fashion.

And, like, I'm no Dr. Spock or anything, but I just need to say, use condoms and stuff if you're NOT looking to have a baby, because as cute as they are, they DO get in the way of shopping for cute stuff for you, you know? Just saying...

Good Saley Sale at Blondette

Couple Blondette items you should bag up. I'm not sure it's still working today, but try promo code thanks08 to save 25% off when you order $150 or more.

($74, Corey Lynn Calter, Blondette)

($109, Corey Lynn Calter, Blondette)
I love the way this looks with red-orange tights.

($37, Plastic Island, Blondette)
A lovely summer staple.

($110, Charlotte Ronson, Blondette)
Super flirty cute day dress. Since when am I into denim dresses?

($102.50, Betsey Johson, Blondette)
Cutest of lifes.

Are You Men Fashion Victim?

I still remember what Karin Eldor, fellow fashion correspondent at defined fashion victim "someone who takes all the trends of a given time and ends up looking like a store mannequie; or to put it in simple word, absurd".

So here are some quick tips on how to avoid being the victim.

You to Define Yourself
Wear what you think looks nice on you, not what others dictate is trendy. You should always feel comfortable with what you're wearing, so stick to items that suit your personality and regular style, all while keeping the occasion and setting in mind.

More Do Not Mean Good
Don't overdo it. Even if your body type does lend itself to wearing trendy garments from head to toe, it's not a look you want to adopt. Buy several fashionable items every season, and mix and match them with the basics in your wardrobe. It's a smart and cost effective way to look your best every day.

Don't Buy Because of Brand
Try to avoid referring to your clothes by their designer label. By dissociating the item from its manufacturer, you will condition yourself to look at the item itself rather than by swayed by a brand name.

So remember next time, before you decide to purchase a new item, ask yourself if you are buying it because it's "in style" or because it genuinely suits you.

Watch Out for Zoolander Effect
Don't suck in your cheeks to look chiseled and never wear your sunglasses on raining day or no sun, or going for clubbing at night.

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Britney is back

The pop princess, Miss Britney Spears, is back in business. Arata mai bine ca niciodata, primul single de pe albumul pe care il va lansa pe 2 decembrie este pe primele locuri in topuri, apare pe copertele a doua reviste importante - Rolling Stones si Glamour si asta este doar inceputul.
Mai putin laudabil este faptul ca i-a copiat Madonnei tinuta de scena pana in cele mai mici detalii.
Cover girl pentru Glamour, ianuarie 2009

Britney in Glamour intr-o superba rochie Gianfranco Ferre

Pe coperta numarului de decembrie al revistei Rolling Stone

Alaturi de Karl Lagerfeld la Bambi Awards

Britney la Bambi Awards in Germania. Tinuta ei este aproape identica cu a Madonnei

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Celebritatile aprind luminile de Craciun

Marile orase au intrat deja in atmosfera sarbatorilor de iarna. Vitrinele magazinelor au inceput sa fie ornate inca din octombrie cu aranjamente luminoase, Mos Craciuni, reni si alte elemente specifice sezonului de iarna.
Onoarea aprinderii luminilor festive a revenit celebritatilor care s-au remarcat in acest an: Marion Cotillard, castigatoare a Premiului Oscar, cuplului Nicole Richie-Joel Madden, proaspat numit ambasador al Bunavointei pentru UNICEF, formatiei Sugababes, care a implinit 10 ani de activitate. Stella a organizat traditionala petrecere la boutique-ul ei din Londra, iar Karl Lagerfeld a inaugurat sezonul oficial de cumpărături de Crăciun.
Designerul de la Chanel a creat o papusa, "La Marionnette Coco", care este expusa in vitrinele magazinului Printemps de pe bulevardul Hausmann. Acestea evoca o gradina onirica populata cu plante si flori neobisnuite si care invita la visare si evadare din cotidian. Karl Lagerfeld a inaugurat vitrinele "Visul cosmic" si a deshis oficial sezonul de shopping pentru sarbatori.

Aprinderea luminitelor decorative la magazinul Stella McCartney este in fiecare an o sarbatoare la care sunt invitati prietenii si clientii fideli. Nu au lipsit Kate Moss si fiica ei Lila Grace, tatal Stellei, sir Paul McCartney, comedianul Peter Kay si un Mos Craciun orchestra care canta la mai multe instrumente.

Cuplul Nicole Richie si Joel Madden au aprins uriasul fulg de zapada UNICEF si 20 de candelabre de Baccarat pe Rodeo Drive, bulevard supranumit Mecca al impatimitilor dupa cumparaturi.
Nicole a ales o rochie din satin albastru, vintage Yves Saint Laurent, pantofi peep toe Christian Louboutin si colier din colectia ei de bijuterii in colaborare cu Mouawad care se va lansa luna viitoare si pe care a numit-o House of Harlow 1960.

Traditia aprinderii decoratiunilor luminoase pe celebrul bulevard Champs-Elysées dateaza din 1981. Acestea de intind pe o distanta de vreo 2 kilometri si impodobesc 415 arbori. Actrita Marion Cotillard a apasat butonul care a iluminat Parisul. Poate mai putin placut este faptul ca sunt aceleasi ca in 2007.
Coincidenta sau nu, Marion a purtat un mantou Chanel asa cum a facut si Vanessa Paradis anul trecut.

Englezii stiu ca nu mai este mult pana la venirea Craciunului cand se aprind luminitele pe Oxford street. Anul acesta fetele de la Sugababes au "pushed the button". Cele trei fete au ales sa-si sublinieza talia - Heidi a pus o curea neagra peste trenciul albastru in stil military, Amelle a optat pentru o curea cu o catarama mare si aurie, ca sa adauge putina culoare outfitului all black, iar Keisha pentru una simpla peste mantoul clasic.

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Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/29

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend and got some great bargains yesterday! With the official start of the holiday season, the markets are also looking a bit brighter. Kind of.

On Monday, Citigroup was bailed out from its recent troubles, with a $20 billion capital injection from TARP in exchange for preferred shares and a government agreement to guarantee over $300 billion of their troubled assets. The shares went from $3.77 last Friday (as I remember, but could be a bit off) to $8.29 yesterday. It would've been an easy way to double your money quick! Citi was simply too big and international to be allowed to fail.

On Tuesday, the latest economic data were released, citing a 0.5% decline in GDP from July-September, more than the 0.3% announced a month ago. Home prices also dropped a whooping 17.4% from a year ago, a record decline. Along with this bad economic data however, the Fed also announced a new $800 billion program to support asset-backed securities including consumer loans and mortgage-backed securities:
  • $100 billion to buy up debt issued by government-sponsored mortgage enterprises Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks
  • $500 billion to buy up mortgage securities backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae
  • $200 billion facility to support consumer finance, including student, auto, and credit card loans and loans backed by the federal Small Business Administration
Designed as a life line for consumers, it is supposed to help consumers get home, car and credit card loans easier. I haven't figured out all the implications of this program is. I am still astounded by the sudden $800 billion splurge. Last time they announced a splurged $700 billion, there were long congress hearings and deliberations for at least a week. Where was the hearing and deliberation here (or have I just been unaware of the politics?)? Regardless, this has run the financial crisis tab to $7.36 trillion- double what was spent on WW2 adjusted for inflation!

Overseas, the latest headline to up the pirate fiasco last week (not that it has gone away), is the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. I thought that Mumbai and Delhi were pretty civilized and safe these days with their strong economic growth and development. That is why I was so shocked to hear that the city was attacked by terrorists who randomly shot at people on the streets and hijacked 2 of the most luxurious hotels there, the Taj Mahal and the Oberoi, and a Jewish center, taking and killing many hostages! The latest death toll as of Saturday evening was at least 183. The terrorists, were well trained and in their 20s. They arrived in Mumbai by boat and the whole thing appeared to be very well planned. They suspect that the gunmen are from Pakistan and that this may have something to do with the dispute in Kashmir.

Friday, November 28, 2008

50% Off Sale At Mod Cloth! is having a 50% off sale. Shop the entire sale here, check out JUST SOME of ModCloth's adorbs half-off dresses, accessories and more, and use promo code BINGE10 for 10% off!

Check out the very vintage-y looking beaded buttons and belt. How could this dress NOT flatter everyone?

... My mind reels at the thought of that dress with these black and gold cone heels.

A billion awesome skinny jeans and skirt and tights possibilities!!!

And is there even been an instrument of science that can measure how cute these wee elephant earrings are!?!??!

LURVE this. It reminds me a bit of my favey Christopher Deane chain dress.

These could almost be the funnest with some black skinny jeans.

Fun in a slutty nurse sorta way!

Great everyday bag at an even greater price!

A few items from their regular sale:

($52.49, Melie Bianco,
Excellent late-70s-ness.

This is kinda the type of thing I imagine René Lacoste carried around, even though he was French.

Oooh! Cuters pandars!

Not on sale, but I can't resist.

Resist me not!

Hayden-Harnett Really *IS* Having An Amazing Black Friday Sale WITH Free Ground Shipping!

Hayden-Harnett is being SUPREMO generous and offering lots of stuff at up 70% off WITH free shipping, plus a free gift when you purchase over $250 worth of stuff.

It's mostly on smaller accessories and stuff, but seriously, it's better than the sample sale. Check out their amazing sale on sunglass cases, coin purses, and a few amazors bags and dresses -- looks like only large sizes are left, which works just fine for me, since their stuff tends to run pretty snug.

($14, Hayden-Harnett)
Capri coin purse in Turq Zigzag, originally $28.

($25, Hayden-Harnett)
Love the tan leather and grey!

($110.60, Hayden-Harnett)

($119, Hayden-Harnett)
I have this in turquoise, and it's the best wallet I've ever owned.

Capri sunglass cases -- originally $28.

($145, Hayden-Harnett)
The Beatrice "Corsaire" satchel -- originally $485!

($122, Hayden-Harnett)
I've never seen the Staci crossbody before. I LOVE the compartments AND the pyramid studs, natch.

($270, Hayden-Harnett)
One of the Paule Marrot bags I've been stalking all year. Originally $450.

($247, Hayden-Harnett)
... And the other. Note the peacocky colors!

($234, Hayden-Harnett)
Originally $360. I LOVE the metallic snakeskin.

($188, Hayden-Harnett)
Originally $470.

($154, Hayden-Harnett)
Only size L left. Wee!

($154, Hayden-Harnett)
Also only size L left.

($26, Hayden-Harnett)
Consider it bought!