Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Makeup Step by Step at MAC

Check out these fabulously goth Halloween makeup looks from MAC Cosmetics. These are both part of the Artistry in Action series. The Artistry in Action series allows you to watch online while make up artist create these looks. I am especially loving those black vampy lips. Watch the video at MAC Cosmetics online.

Stylish sisters

Surorile Minogue au stralucit ieri in lumina reflectoarelor si blitzurilor, fiind prezente la evenimente importante, nu impreuna, ci separat.
Kylie, in America, la New York, la Guggenheim Art Awards sponsorizat de Calvin Klein Collection, intr-o rochie, evident, Calvin Klein si Danni in Europa, la Londra, unde a aprins cele 11500 de beculete decorative ce au imbracat Harrods, cel mai faimos magazin de lux, in haine de sarbatoare.
Pentru acest eveniment ea a ales o rochie alba J'Aton Couture. Ca membru in juriul concursului "The X Factor" Dannii a fost vazuta de mai multe ori in J'Aton Couture, un brand australian infiintat in 1995 de Jacob Luppino si Anthony Pittorino si specializat initial in tinute pentru mirese. Si Kylie ii sprijina pe cei doi designeri compatrioti, alegand rochii elegante din colectiile lor pentru iesirile in public.
Ambele au optat pentru pantofi stralucitori.


Harrods iluminat de 11500 de beculete verzi

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica Alba Power Dresses In Lanvin!

While I'm truly indifferent to Jessica Alba's comings and goings in this world, I do give her two style snaps for totally POWER DRESSING TO THE MAX in the Lanvin Pre-Fall 2009 metallic dress she wore to the Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 earlier this month.

It's SO Joan Collins in Dynasty.

Lord Help Me...

There are like 80 new colors of the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoe. Or, you know, four. Same difference.

Hold me back!!

And also:

Seriously? I really want the stamp one. With the matte finish?? Hothothot!

Unfortunately I need more rubber shoes NOT.

You, though, you go 'head. Find them at Epaulet, as always.

Man Fashion: Spring Summer 2010 Collection

London Fashion Week finished on an extreme high with a day dedicated to menswear, diversity was the word on each fashionistas lips as Spring/Summer 2010 was translated into the male language.

James Long’s collection was inspired my quality street wrappers and depicted both function and protection. Trousers greatly resembling his inspiration strutted down the catwalk teamed with rather sexy gilt edged camouflage; leather and select pieces of knitwear bought the collection together and showed which seasons it was created for. While the collection didn’t scream wear ability it did show Long’s talent when it came to creating unique menswear, it wouldn’t suit the average male or situation but then again when was Fashion practical.

Christopher Shannon took what should always be wrong and made it fashionably right as he sent his models down the catwalk with dodgy tan lines, ‘fanny packs’ and the cardinal sin of socks with sandals.

Unlike other designers Shannon’s collection was based on wear ability, he struck a balance between street style and high fashion; he isn’t interested on being the name on everybody’s lips, he creates clothing for the ever growing niche market that has patented his distinctive designs. Overbearing yet chic prints and his love of luxe sportswear have clearly paved his way into the fashion elite. In his own words his inspiration for his S/S 10 line “Donk, clashing sportswear and bootleg prints”

Contributed by: Charlotte Johnson

Vintage by Kate Moss

Parfumurile lansate de celebritati se vand atat de bine incat acestea vin cu cate unul nou in fiecare an. Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Sean Combs, Jennifer Lopez (parfumul Glow by J.LO a avut vanzari de 40 de milioane de dolari in primele sase luni de la lansare) sunt doar cateva dintre vedetele cu cele mai de succes arome.
Kate Moss vine si ea cu un nou parfum in aceasta toamna - Vintage by Kate Moss, sofisticat si feminin, fructat floriental, reflectand pasiunea celui mai cunoscut supermodel pentru hainele vintage si obiectele de arta vechi.

Cu un ambalaj inspirat de anii '20-'30, cel de-al patrulea parfum al lui Kate, dupa Kate by Kate Moss, Kate Summer time si Velvet hour, include note de mosc, boabe de tonka, piper roz, frezie alba, mandarina, heliotrop sau iasomie si este disponibil ca eau de toilette la 15, 30 si 50 ml, deodorant, lotiune de corp si gel de dus.
Vintage by Kate Moss se vrea a fi un classic modern, o reflectie a luxului si sofisticarii.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I NEED this Jonathan Adler Barbie doll! It's like the actualization of all of unhealthy fantasies in doll form!

And why stop there when I could also own the Barbara Streisand Barbie? Barbie Barbra can you HEAR ME?

+ Plus: Brunch At Fred Flare WITH Jonathan Adler!

Jeffrey Campbell: "What about your shoes. Do they serve some sort of orthopedic function?"

($98, Jeffrey Campbell,
ALL I can think about when I look at these fugly wugly wasn't he, fully-encased-in-no black covered platforms is Seth Green as Kenny Fisher in Can't Hardly Wait, and the key line he delivers to Lauren Ambrose: "What about your shoes. Do they serve some sort of orthopedic function?"

Halloween Costumes: Get Inspiration From Celebrities

Don't know what to be this Halloween? Get some inspiration from these sassy stars dressed to the nines on previous Halloweens ...


See the full slideshow on

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bloomingdales New York The Biggest Makeover

Bloomingdale's Flagship Store in Manhattan has completely refurbishes its main floor beauty department."The overall goal of The Biggest Makeover in NYC was to create a floor that has the largest and most dynamic world of beauty in the City," said Michael
Gould, chairman and CEO of Bloomingdale's. The cosmetics department has been transformed from one giant room into three distinct rooms with different personalities.
The mensware department that was previously sharing the space has moved to the lower level allowing the beauty floor to expand and add more brands including Giorgio Armani; Bare Escentuals; Bumble and bumble; Jo Malone; Sisley; and shu uemura. Bumble and bumble has a 'no wash, no appointment' dry styling counter and shu uemura's oval shaped shop has A Tokyo Lash Bar. 500 special events on are scheduled to take place in the newly renovated department over the next two months.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Dress Steals: J. Crew Silk Sophia Gown

Errrrryone be gettin' hitched up in herre. My fiance's sister just got engaged, so we're off to HAWAII in just a few months for her beachside wedding. NOT mad at it! She's looking for a simple white dress, and I saw this one in the new J. Crew catalog (which, BEE TEE DUBS, I love ALMOST EVERYTHING IN! Ann Taylor isn't the only maje retailer that's stepped it ALL the way up! W2GJC!), and it's so simple and beautiful:

($395, J Crew)
It's the "Sophia" dress, and for under $400, you'd think it'd be cotton or jersey or something, but it's silk and it's beautiful, especially for a summery beach wedding. The dress is styled far better in the catalog -- the model is hunched over like a sad emo lady -- and is wearing a gorgeous statement necklace, which is what's so great about this necklace -- it's flattering in the high waist, and it's simple but not boring and a great canvas to personalize it with some beautiful, possibly bright (if you're me) accessories. Also, since the straps are thicker, it's perfect if you're a big-busted bride or for whatever boobs you do or don't have. Plus, the empire waist (versus mermaidy tightness) means you can have at it with the pizza without the punishment of Spanx. My own wedding dress is a similar style -- I've been doin' work on my arms, but a totally flat tum is just pretty much not in the cards for me.

Anyway, check out how pretty it is in grey too:
With some yellowy or magenta-y accessories? OMG. Beautastic.

($395, J. Crew)
Also gorgeous -- the Whitney silk dress with a pretty sash that actually doesn't suck.


Yesterday I had THE MOST vile experience ATTEMPTING to browse wedding rings at Michael C. Fina -- they barely acknowledged my presence. Maybe they're not in the habit of... selling... fine jewelry? To people willing to pay good money for fine jewelry??? Seriously? I had to ASK the woman behind the counter for help. And I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE STORE. Ew. Sure, I was wearing fuchsia leather fingerless gloves, so she perhaps assumed I was a drug addict or a thief or something (wrong on both counts). In actually, I interested in what they had for sale. Sorry, but my father and my fiance's father were both in sales, and you never know who you're turning down or turning away. (In this case, A PERSON WITH A BLOG! Who's not afraid to share her shitty experience with the reading public! Three other friends told me they had same experience trying to shop there. Since when do you need to "TRY" to shop??) So turn away, I did. But not before I noticed they had like the TACKIEST crap for sale near the door -- Ed Hardy-esque flame-lick cuff links and stuff. EW. I headed over to the diamond district, which, sure, can be sharky, but people actually TOOK their time to talk to me like they gave a shit as I attempted to look for a piece of jewelry that symbolizes my love and committment to my partner. So thank you, diamond district dudes, for giving a shit. And fuck you, lady who works at Michael C Fina, for not giving a shit. Because I'm trying to buy my WEDDING rings, so yes, I do give a shit.

SOOOOOO, long story longer, after that, I stopped into Ann Taylor because they had sparkly things in the window. AND OH MY GOD. Ann Taylor has SEEEEEEEEEEEERIOUSLY stepped it ALL the way the fuck up and gone from Grandma to Grand-NAW! Like, such an epic makeover it's like when Sandy goes from boring to whoring at the end of Grease. Except obviously neither Sandy nor Ann Taylor is/ are whores.

Okay, check out ALL of the super cute things I found at Ann Taylor online that I would wear in a single solitary heartbeat.

WHO among us would NOT wear this amazement chunky statement necklace? NOT I! I can tell you that much.

Um, I'm sorry, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can no longer separate rational needs from irrational wants when confronted with this metallic jacquard leopard-print skirt, Ann!

Lately all I can think about is Glee and sequiny things. Unsurprisingly. This sequined tank top is as perfect as Puck.

ANN! WTF! I LOVE this grey slouchy boot! Seriously!? Jamaican me CRAZY!

Ann! It's cool, not tryin' to put a rush on you. I just wanna let you know that I got a crush on you.

ANN! It's like you CREPT into my closet and KNEW I have the BEST orange suede vintage jacket that this would complement PERFECTLY! GAH! Ann, it's like you know me better than I know myself. You devil, you!

Hi! A whole Chanel-inspired outfit! Bar jacket and all! I ADORE YOU, ANN!

My Fantastic Brunch With Fred Flare! And Jonathan Adler! And Parker Posey! (But Not Charlie.)

Guys! Yesterday I got to go the most wonderful brunch situation. It was a charity brunch hosted by Fred Flare, the proceeds went to God's Love With Deliver (which is a wonderful New York City-based organization that delivers healthy meals to people living with HIV/AIDS), and the guest of honor was JONATHAN ADLER! THE Jonathan Adler! And radworthy woman Parker Posey was there too. The brunch was across the street from the Fred Flare store at tasty Greenpoint yum/ coffee/ vinyl outpost, Eat, and their coffee almost had me ZOOMING down the street it was so strong and good and delicious. Anyway, it was also the year anniversary of Fred Flare's brick-and-mortar store opening (I did a piece about the store at this time last year, and I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Chris, Keith, and Jen at that time).

Anyway, Parker Posey herself toasted the guys and said it best -- it was so great to see everyone smiling and happy. And that smiling, happy vibe at the brunch is same fun and infectious vibe that Keith and Chris and their Flare girls (and guys!) bring to the store.

Fred Flare is one of my favorite stores on EARTH, and that's because Keith and Chris are two of the nicest, hardest-working, most fun and just geniunely good guys who deserve all of their success and more. Happy anniversary guys! And MEWS to Charlie!

Oh yeah, check out the insane black sequined blazer I picked up at the store. DEATH!
It was $84 bucks, but I felt like A MILLION TRILLION bucks in it, which is what Fred Flare's all about.

Oh yeah, PLEASE GTK (get to know) Fred Flare kitty CHARLIE, who, aside from Roris P. Cat, and Simonium Timonium, who's my other cat with Beauty Blogging Junkie's Glambr (long story), and the late, great, Romeo, AKA King Of All Kats, is the CUTEST CAT IN THE UNIVERSE. Then GTK their amazing night out on Fashion's Night Out, where they went on a designer scavenger hunt! Amazements!

Man Fashion: Essential Men Fashion Tips

There are as many dos and don'ts in fashion as there are brands, and it can be overwhelming! Some man fashion tips are more important than others and many can be ignored without making major fashion gaffes.
So let us go back to 5 essential Man Fashion Tips:-

1. Don't Be Afraid to Play With Color

While you try to color coordinate your shoes with your belt or your socks with your pants, you don’t have to make your entire outfit match. Show off your personality by using color in your shirts and ties. Today’s neck ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can add a punch of class to any plain suit with a crisp red neck tie.

If you want a more playful look, try a tie with polka dots or stripes. Striking without being overwhelming, a colored necktie is the perfect way to inject color and personality into your outfit and lifestyle.

2. DO Wear Socks that Match Your Pants

If you are wearing black trousers, avoid white socks, unless you are superstar like Micheal Jackson. There is nothing worse than a man in a nice black suit who sits down only to reveal pristine white socks. It does not matter whether you wear socks that are solid colors or patterns as long as the color of the socks matches your pants.

3. DO Wear a Watch

As discussed in my previous post, watch is a wonderful fashion accessory, so you will look classy and sophisticated with a watch. You don’t have to be wealthy to afford a nice, classy watch. You can find a variety of beautiful watches for very reasonable prices in most department stores.

4. Do Try Out Flat-Front Trousers

Most men avoid pants that are made with a flat-front. Our fathers and grandfathers all wore the traditional pleated trousers so we often automatically assume that we should wear the same. This is a big mistake! In fact, pleats can be a disaster if a man is overweight. They only make you look bulkier when you are trying to look slim and trim. Give flat-front trousers a try and you will be amazed at how much better you look. If you feel uncomfortable in flat-front trousers, try buying a larger size and getting them tailored to fit your waist better.

5. DO Match Your Shoes with Your Belt

This is most basic rule of men’s fashion. You can tie together even the most awkward outfits by matching your shoes with your belt. Stick with neutral colors such as brown, charcoal and black. These colors can be worn with virtually anything, from business suits to casual blue jeans.
Coordinate the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. Lastly, while belts add a polished look to your ensemble. Make sure, however, not to fasten it too tight.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Man Fashion: Jimmy Choo's Menwear Collection

All too often menswear is left out of designer / high street collaborations, but not anymore as more and more fashion designers are now giving almost equal if not more heavy attention to this market segment.

Jimmy Choo Menwear collectionOf course, this included Jimmy Choo. If you think he just makes pretty footwear for the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex And The City chums, you must be out of touch for sometimes.
Jimmy Choo Menwear collection
The Jimmy Choo for H&M menswear collection includes boots, stylishly cut suits jackets, jeans, leather biker jackets, silk and cashmere mix sweaters, shirts and trousers.
Jimmy Choo Menwear collection
For those more adventurous in the style stakes, Jimmy Choo has provided studded and crystal-adorned crocodile boots.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Assad Mounser = Chunky's The New Skinny!

I love the current jewelry trend of the super chunky, layers-upon-more-layered necklaces that's happening right now that will probably have us all look back in like five years and be like OMG! THAT WAS SOOOOOOOO 2009!" But for now, let there be chunky jewelry! Also, I'd like to pat myself on the back for copping some chunky pearl-and-metal necklaces a few years ago, but really, no one gives a shit.

($339, Assad Mounser,
Right now, Assad Mounser (Amanda Amanda Assad Mounser's eponymous label -- her debut collection was inspired by David Bowie, AHMAHGAH!) is the QUEEN of chunk, which, in this case, is a good thing.

($495, Assad Mounser,

($495, Assad Mounser,


Um, hi. Remember Betty Draper's AMAZING aquamarine jacquard Grace Kelly dress from two episodes ago?

($350, Rebecca Taylor,
BOOM. Rebecca Taylor's blue-gold sweetheart party dress. YOU'RE WELCOME.

SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker lanseaza SJP NYC, un parfum inspirat de personajul Carrie Bradshaw interpretat de ea in "Totul despre sex". Din februarie 2010 va fi disponibil exclusiv in magazinele Macy's din America si incepand cu luna mai, cand are loc si premiera "Sex and the city 2", va putea fi gasit si in alte tari.
Parfumul fructat floral cu note de capsune, mandarina, gardenie, mimoza, trandafir si vanilie a fost creat de Honorine Blanc.

Colectia contine apa de toaleta in flacoane de 15, 30 si 60 ml, lotiune de corp de 200 ml si parfum solid in forma de bratara. Ambalajul a fost conceput astfel incat sa aminteasca de dressingul lui Carrie Bradshaw.
Rochia cu imprimeu floral pe care SJP a ales-o pentru a-si promova noul produs este din colectia de primavara/vara 2009 semnata Oscar de la Renta.

sursa: WWD

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cheap! Sequin Tee-Shirt! PERFECTION!

($36.90, Alloy)

I've been searching fruitlessly for a sequined t-shirt or tank I could dress up with skinny jeans or wear under a blazer, but everything I found was a few hundred bucks... EXCEPT THIS ONE! It's just $36! Thanks, Alloy!

Also, since I'm here, should I get these bleached skinny jeans? Eh?
($36.90, Alloy)