Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hot commodity

From Mississauga, Ontario, Daria Werbowy has traveled the world as a highly-sought after model. Labelled "the girl of the moment" by Karl Lagerfeld, she recently graced the catwalks of all the big names, including Christian Dior, Missoni, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga and Roberto Cavalli.

GM Ten Event

Jenna Elfman with Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria with Carmen Electra, and Lindsay Lohan

Nicky and Paris Hilton, Alyssa Milano with Nick Lachey, and Joy Bryant with Misha Barton


Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman leaving Nobu in London.

No contest

Paris Hilton thinks she is Oscar-winner Charlize Theron's competition when it comes to movie roles. "My acting coach told me I have a similar style of acting to her so we may end up vying for the same parts," Paris is quoted as saying.


Nicole Richie walks her dogs in West Hollywood.


Tom Cruise has announced that he and Katie will appear onscreen together in a "docudrama" based on Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his corrupt years in congress. Cruise is set to write the screenplay, and says, "We will delay the shooting until after the baby is born and Katie is back in shape."

Canadian visit

Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather will visit Canada's Maritimes this week as part of a protest against the annual seal hunt.

Justified...the sequel

MTV recently spoke to Justin Timberlake about his sophomore solo album, slated for release this year. "I've written and produced at least 11, 12 songs already... I think this one is...a little more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants as far as the writing I'm doing... I just go into the studio and start coming up with an idea and bounce it off whoever I'm working with, or if I'm by myself, sit down at the piano and just start banging it out," he said of the writing process.

Movie star

Canada's Avril Lavigne is set to star in 3 movies in 2006: Richard Linklater's adaptation of Fast Food Nation, The Flock with Richard Gere and Clare Danes, and the animated film Over the Hedge.

Tahiti treat

TomKat and his kids in Tahiti.

Home run

Jessica on set in Santa Fe.And on the cover of the upcoming issue of W magazine.

Jessica shops at Christian Dior in Paris


Mariah Carey has signed on to star in the independent drama Tennessee. The director says he never saw her past performances in Glitter and WiseGirls.

Simple Life

Nicole and Paris film the new season of The Simple Life.

No love lost

Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker play a couple in Failure to Launch, but life would never imitate art with this pair. Matthew reportedly could stand her offscreen, even describing her as "very peculiar" on Oprah. "Matthew gets along with pretty much anyone, but he basically couldn't stand Sarah," a source said.


Sienna Miller in London.

New lengths

Ashlee Simpson leaving sister Jessica's stylist's Ken Paves' hair salon.

Hey baby

Britney is denying being pregnant with baby number two, although recent rumors suggest otherwise. Earlier this month, while shopping in Malibu, Britney sparked the story by reportedly rubbing her belly and saying, "That's right, number two," to onlookers in the store. The story was further fueled when she was rushed to the hospital last week with severe stomach cramps and vomiting. Her rep has denied the pregnancy. She and Kevin are seen here in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Barneys Girl's Ultimate Party Guest List

Should I throw a party of classic dead people who I probably won't be able to communicate with since I am so in awe? A party for the successful business(wo)men for career advice? Or a party of the fashionable? Ah the choices one has to make!! Ok, here goes nothing:

1. Anna Wintour

For the queen of fashion herself, I will make sure my party starts early enough so that she can drop by for her customary 10 minutes before going off to bed at 10pm. In the 10 minute of her presence, I will hopefully have accomplished the following:

a) admire her ability to rise to the top of the fashion letter without having to know how to write a word.

b) ask her what her secret is

c) determine if she really is the ice queen everyone makes her out to be

and just to spice things up a little, I will also invite

3. Lauren Weisberger author of

Wouldn't that be interesting? This will provide entertainment and much to talk about for me and the rest of my guests.

3. Mischa Barton

Since we are the same age, we'd probably have more in common. And I am just dying to grill her about how she keeps her hair so shiny and perfect whether its straight or curly, tied up or let down. And how she manages to dress so effortlessly chic and whether it actually is effortless!

4. Rose Marie Bravo

The true power businesswoman. I would love for an opportunity to talk to her about her experiences, how she brought Burberry from being a boring old English brand to the height of fashion and learn from her all the business savvy techniques there is to know about the fashion industry. And hopefully, some of her genius will filter into my brain through osmosis during the course of my dinner party.

5. Chad Michael Murray

My very own Prince Charming and eye candy for the rest of the ladies at the table. Am I not a considerate hostess?

6. Harrods Girl. Since Anna is only going to drop by for 10 minutes anyway, I figure I am allowed to invite one more person. And my party simply wouldn't be complete without Harrods Girl!

Phew~ Verbal Croquis poises a tough question.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Juno news

Pamela Anderson will host the Juno Awards from Halifax on April 2. Performers include Broken Social Scene, Bedouin Soundclash, Coldplay, and Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee Bryan Adams.

Big bucks

Reese Witherspoon will become the highest paid actress of all time, earning $29 million for the horror flick Our Family Trouble and surpassing the previous record of $24 million reportely earned by Julia Roberts for Mona Lisa Smile.

Street scene

Catherine Zeta-Jones in NYC on the set of Mostly Martha.

All in the family

The Afflecks out in Beverly Hills.

SS06 Dress Trends I: Printed Silk

The spring collections are in their full form. Out shopping this weekend, I was in awe of all the delicious offerings of this spring, trying to take it all in at once.

In particular, I was very inspired by the dresses at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Especially the printed silk ones, like this one shown above. It is just sooo beautiful, with the shiny slinky material and the vibrant bold prints!

Kay Unger New York also has a rather stunning dress, which is just as shiny and colorful, with a more fitted design.

This floral printed dress from Celine is all you need for a hot summer day.

The colors are not just limited to the blue/green palette either. This red printed paisley (i think?) silk dress from Shoshanna does the trick just as well!

Other similar dresses can be found at Anthropologie, like this one here, designed by Anna Sui. Yet another designer design at an affordable price-well relatively anyway. But I definitely love this dress more than any offered at Target by Luella.

This blue dress from Top Shop is not made of silk, but it looks very vibrant and shiny-in a crinkly way.

And lastly there is this silk floral dress from Free People. But please-not with those boots.

Super agent

Nicole Richie with Benny Medina in Hollywood.