Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oak New York Handbags

Oak has recently released their own line of bags. This black leather fringe bag rocker bag is the first of the line. I especially like the mixture of textured and non-textured black leather and the oversized lobster clasp hardware. $589

These Maison Martin Margiela Black Crinkle Booties Are Making Me Cry

($995, Maison Martin Margiela,
These Maison Martin Margiela crinkly slouchy black leather stiletto booties are just about making me weep at the potential. They're also probably so uncomfortable that I'd be weeping at the pain. Sigh. So beautiful. Truly, these are the boots of my despair. Take it away, Patsy!

Designer Vs. Discount: Black Lace Top

($827, Markus Lupfer,
See, this Markus Lupfer black lace top with an ooh-ahh inducing exposed zipper is an ooh-ahh-inducing $827! BOO!

Meanwhile, this BB Dakota black lace top...

($70, BB Dakota,
... JUST $70! YAY! You save $757! BOOM!

It Happened At Topshop!

SHARK ATTACK AT TOPSHOP! Not a real shark, of course, but I was all "OMFG! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE when I saw what could only charitably be referred to as a "schmatte," to use the Yiddish colloquialism. This hyperbolically long graffiti-print maxi dress basically looks like someone stitched a bath sheet together and called it a dress.

It's actually from Topshop's Unique Spring 2010 collection, and while the maxi dress is batshit, I am kinda sad I missed the boat on this nesh shark wrap dress. Oh well. You snooze you lose.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty For Real Makes My Favorite New Lip Gloss... For Real

Well, that's a lie. My all-time favorite lip gloss is MAC's "Squeeze It" from the 2008 Fafi collection (RIP!). But that was two years, probably 300 collections, and one sad-faced, scraped-dry tube ago. I haven't found a gloss I loved as much as MAC's "Squeeze It," but Beauty For Real's "Turned On" is a close second, if not a tie for first.

"Turned On" is my EXACT lip color -- a rosy mauve with hints of plum -- but better and with brilliant depth and dimension. PLUS it's got a subtle minty fresh tingle that cools and refreshes AND the applicator has a light inside, which complements the little mirror on the tube, so you can put it on (which I've been doing so often it's almost gone) in dim, date-night light situations. (Said mirror is also perfect for covert potential-crap-in-teeth checkings -- stuff in my teeth is my biggest social phobia.) It's perfect as a stand-alone gloss or, since it's basically an enhanced neutral, it's works perfectly over a matte lipstick. Oh, and there's zero tackiness, which means your mouth won't become a hair magnet. Because that's disgusting.

Beauty For Real was founded by Leslie Munsell, a makeup artist and former color cos­met­ics creator for Aveda. She's also, clearly, a genius.


Check out Beauty For Real's nine shades of lip gloss -- if your lips aren't made even more perfect by one of these shades, then there's probably just no hope for you. (Just kidding! There's probably hope for you!)

Me + Beauty For Real = Really Into It

Oscar Blandi Raffinata Straightening Balm = Straight-Up Perfect

($19, Oscar Blandi,
UPDATE: I'm using this on my curls now, and it actually works AMAZINGLY well as a smoother and defrizzer. I mixed it with my gel and applied (liberally) when my hair was still wet, and seriously, my hair looks better than it has in weeks.

I have had THREE hair cuts in the past month and FOUR blowouts (I have thick, curly hair that frizzes as though it were getting paid to do so) in the past 10 days (there's obviously a story there), and I've tried a handful of straightening products that just didn't deliver. Which is so not the case, however, with Oscar Blandi's Raffinata Straightening Balm. It's designed to minimize blowdrying time, but since, um, I've had my share of the blowdryer, I tried it out to see if it'd maintain and revive my blowout. Oscar Blandi and his unparalelled Straightening Balm instantly annihilated my frizz (and it's about 17,000 degrees in the shade here in New York right now), and smoothed out my layers without weighing them down or making them greasy, sticky, or too slick. My hair looked thick and wavy but polished. You only need a small dab of the cream-based product to achieve near-magical results. And it smells fresh and clean, like shea butter. Sold.

The 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

Forbes has released a new list of the most powerful celebrities in the world. Oprah Winfrey reigns as number one; and Lady Gaga has catapulted to the number four spot. Here's the top 10 actors, actresses, musicians, and personalities. These hotshots are huge in Hollywood. See the full list HERE.


1 - Oprah Winfrey: $315 M

2 - Beyonce Knowles: $87 M

3 - James Cameron: $210 M

4 - Lady Gaga: $62 M

5 - Tiger Woods: $105 M

6 - Britney Spears: $64 M

7 - U2: $130 M

8 - Sandra Bullock: $56 M

9 - Johnny Depp: $75 M

10 - Madonna: $58 M


Thursday, June 24, 2010

HUZZAH! Rachel Comey Pre-Fall Booties!

Ooh YAY! Direct your attention, will you, to Rachel Comey's Pre-Fall (isn't that the same thing as late-summer?) clunky, chunky heeled booties.

($335, Rachel Comey,
Extra special hearts go to the double buckle motorcycle-inspired Barbaro. Order them (for me) now at Neiman Marcus.

Ann-Sofie Back For Cheap Monday = Oh Lord.

I TRULY love Cheap Monday -- they make edgy and affordable staples. But their Ann-Sofie Back collection is like bad on top of bad.

($65, Ann-Sofie Back for Cheap Monday,

($85, Ann-Sofie Back for Cheap Monday,
These destroyed jeans are perfect for your community theater's re-imagining of Grease set in the post-Apocalypse.

($60, Ann-Sofie Back for Cheap Monday,
And this Duct tape dress just pains me. PLEASE just save up and get the Alexander Wang cut-out leather sweatshirt dress! It's on sale!

($437.50, Alexander Wang,

Now please go watch Robyn wear hers in her "Dancing On My Own" video.

Jason Segel in GQ

He graduated from high school sitcoms to the Hollywood A-list and a role as a 3-D supervillain in Despicable Me, but the resolutely down-to-earth Jason Segel remains both freak and geek.  He talks to Alex Pappademas about marriage, fame, and Muppets, in the July issue of GQ.


Jason Segel on if he’ll ever get married:

“For me it's much more about meeting the right person. I don't have that thing that women have—'I've gotta be married by the time I'm 33, gotta have a kid by the time I'm 35.’ Let's see where life takes me, you know? If I met the girl, I'd marry her tomorrow.”

...on being famous and having bus loads of tourists yell at him:

“I think it's hilarious. And I think our group, the Judd Apatow circle—our ‘thing’ is that we're normal dudes. All our movies are just us kind of sitting around smoking pot and just hanging out, and people tend to treat us like that, like [hey-brah dude voice] ‘Oh, shit, what's up? Can I buy you a shot?’ And we are those dudes. When we started out—when I got Freaks and Geeks, I was like 18, Seth was 16. Judd wasn't who Judd is now. And we would sit around and just wax poetic about how we'd take over Hollywood someday. And then it happened, that's the weird part of it—but I think in our minds, we're still those dudes, sitting around like, ‘We're gonna show 'em all!’”

I’ve attached a photo for your review.  Read the full GQ article HERE.

Photo credit: Martin Schoeller/GQ

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

American Apparel Basically Stole Naked Porn Towels From Me!

Um, clearly Dov Charney and the kindly fellas over at the succinctly named Butt Magazine have been reading FashionBinge, because they CLEARLY stole my porn towel idea!

Okay, it wasn't my idea, but I do get credit for scouting these amazing towels, featuring a Unabomber/ Michael Jackson Goes To The White House dude in Aviators and half-unbuttoned cut-off jeans shorts! The difference? Mine were like $3 at Conway. Sure, they turned into a matted bunch of cottony pills when I washed them, but still! It was $3 well spent!

My Conway towels: $3

M.I.A. in GQ

M.I.A. gets loud in the July issue of GQ, opening up about Sri Lanka, her wedding style, and growing up without her father:


M.I.A. on what she wants to wear to her wedding:

“I’ve always wanted to get married in a white suit,” she says. “I used to work at a Kodak lab in England, cutting photos after they’d come out of the wash, and in one I saw this couple getting married on a beach in white suits, and their kid was there.”

...on growing up without her dad:

“England gave me a free education,” she says, “but my grades suffered because I didn’t have my dad to help me. I’ve paid the price. I’ve had the cause and effect, all that shit. I feel like I don’t have anything to do with my dad.”

...on her childhood in Sri Lanka:

“I lived on a street, a dead-end street. There were like seven or eight houses, and then you turn the corner and there was another seven, eight houses. But my whole family lived on the street. So it was amazing. I grew up with about a hundred of my cousins, playing hide-and-seek all over the village and the temples.”

See the full article here.

Photo credit: Miguel Reveriego/GQ

Celebrity style: matchy-matchy

Multi sunt de parere ca asortarea accesoriilor este demodata sau lipsita de originalitate.
In realitate trendul matchy-matchy este sic si modern cu conditia sa nu se exagereze, asa cum face Paris Hilton, care, de exemplu, poarta pantofi albi cu geanta, bentita si curea alba.
Lauren Conrad are cateva piese care dau foarte bine purtate impreuna cum ar fi geanta Dr. Q Groovee de la Marc by Marc Jacobs cu o curea impletita si sandale Miu Miu sau aceeasi curea impletita cu sandale Christian Louboutin si geanta Miu Miu.
Vanessa Hudgens si-a asortat sandalele MM6 cu geanta cu franjuri de la Lucky brand, iar Kate Moss a ales o curea in acceasi nuanta de coniac cu geanta Kate Moss for Longchamp.
Kate Moss

Vanessa Hudgens

Lauren Conrad

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuart Weitzman Goes Alaia For Fall 2010

Well, not really, but pretty much.
($675, Stuart Weitzman)
Stuart Weitzman's Fall 2010 black leather over-the-knee combat boots are practically stamped with Alaia. Right, Naomi?

... But watch out, or she'll throw something in your eye.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Filming Has Started on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Production has commenced on location in Hawaii, the United Kingdom and Los Angeles on Walt Disney Pictures’ and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ sweeping comedy adventure Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, directed by Rob Marshall, the fourth entry in the blockbuster franchise which has already reaped $2.7 billion in worldwide box office from the previous three films, and the first to be filmed and presented in Disney Digital 3D.   Johnny Depp returns to his iconic, Academy Award-nominated role of Captain Jack Sparrow, newly joined by Academy Award winner Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and newcomers Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Sam Claflin.  Also rejoining Johnny Depp and Captain Jack are Academy Award-winner and three-time nominee Geoffrey Rushand Kevin R. McNally.  The film is slated to open May 20, 2011.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink sparkle by Kylie Minogue

Luna iulie vine cu doua noutati de la Kylie Minogue - lansarea albumului "Aphrodite" si lansarea unui nou parfum, Pink sparkle.
Dedicat femeilor care sunt in armonie cu ele insele si cu universul ,asa cum declara Kylie, are note de grepfrut roz, sampanie, ambra, gardenie, piersica si vanilie.

Sticluta de un roz pal, cu dop auriu, evoca sticla si cupa de sampanie.
Parfumul va fi disponibil din 1 iulie la 30 si 50 ml

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epic Barbra Streisand Photos

Sometimes when I feel like looking up awesome photos, I Google photos of Barbra Streisand from the 1960s and 1970s. She did every fashion fad BIG TIME, from demure princess evening gowns to flat-out Valley Of The Dolls shit. And don't even get me started on her '80s looks.

Look how tan and fit she was!

She even had a grunge/ bank robber look!

But THIS! This has to be the most wackadoo photo of Barbra Streisand EVAR:
So, apparently the backstory was High Society magazine, which was neither High nor Society, published a photo of Babs' boob. Babs sued and won. I would imagine Barbra Streisand has excellent legal assist.

Anyway, the High Society cover was ripped from a still of her in "What's Up Doc."

And CHECK OUT THAT OUTFIT. Amazing. I beseech you. Does loungewear get better than this? No.

Eee! An Adorable Shoe Named After A Kitten!

What's cuter than this cut-out batik print Oxford Boxing Kitten/ Osborn collaboration? That's a Brooklyn designer mash-up BTW!

($180, Boxing Kitten)

Only this kitten wearing a hat:

(Via BeautyBloggingJunkie and Courtney John)

Boxing Kitten and Osborn's limited-edition "Cheeky" shoe (only 50 pairs were made, and each pair is numbered) is made from 100% recycled tires. The kitten is made of miracles.

And PS: Check out Boxing Kitten's Tam Tam batik sweetheart party dress, which I like to think was subconsciously inspired by and named after me:
($315, Atomic Kitten)

PPS: Also, what's not to love about Osborn's Mayan print boots:
($130, Osborn.
I could see myself living in these for about 14 months straight.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Supercute Kate Spade Stuff on Big-Ass Sale

Not usually a fan of the brand, but hoooo boy these prints are TEMPTING.

Kate Spade Saltwater Taffy Avery blouse, $119. So sweet it's killing me.

Kate Spade Jet Setter Print Darla dress, $142. It has film and binoculars on it!

Kate Spade Pass the Shades Avery dress, $177. SUNGLASSES!

Check out the rest of the stuff available at their online sample sale.