Wednesday, March 10, 2010


($630, Smythe,
Granted, this blazer IS pretty gorgeous in a Lilly Pulitzer/guilty pleasure way, BUT, WHY is this chick not wearing pants? Like, oh great! You REMEMBERED the do rag AND the lame pose, but you FORGOT TO PUT ON PANTS. You should only be not wearing pants if you're about to get into bed with me OR you're trying to sell me underwear (I've never been in the situation where someone was trying to get into bed with me AND sell me underwear... but I'm open-minded).

ALSO, why is this like the SHITTIEST PHOTO EVER? It's the crappiest, shittiest resolution in the universe. If I'm gonna drop $630 on a blazer, the least you could give me is zoom capability.

Wait, is that Sienna Miller? Yeah? Oh wait, then it all makes sense.