Monday, March 29, 2010

H&M Garden Collection: More Floral!

What's up with floral? First Liberty of London for Target, and now this. The fashion industry apparently wants you to dress up like Easter this spring. Are you having it? If so, skip on over to H&M, where their eco-friendly Garden Collection launched on Friday and is reportedly going fast. The collection is dominated by feminine tops and flowy floral dresses and is made with materials including organic cotton and recycled polyester (hey, if it's gotta be polyester, recycled is the way to go). Here are the pieces I will might did venture out in the rain today to check out:

My favorite piece by a country mile is this psychedelic watercolor skirt, $29.99. UPDATE: Purchased! The colors are not nearly as bright as they appear in this picture; in fact, I'd say they about doubled the saturation on this image. But the cut is still really flattering, even with those pockets.

These sweet floral ballet flats, $14.95, are a close second. Methinks a little bit of floral goes a long way. UPDATE: Uh, not great quality. Unpurchased.

That said, I do like this pretty floral dress, $19.95, but it looks like it has a tie in exactly the wrong place for anyone with boobs (click to enlarge).

And I also love the double pattern on this dress, $17.95 (!). It might be too little-girl for me, but I like it anyway. Toughened up with a leather or denim jacket, it might just work. UPDATE: Purchased! With the sash circled in front before being tied in the back, you can even give yourself a waist. Done and done.

Finally, there's a lot of volume on this pretty top, $24.95, but I bet it would look great with skinny jeans.