Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guys, 1970s Flared Jeans Are SO Coming Back!

AND I'M SCARED!And I know that Tory Burch is going all '70s, and so is Rebecca Taylor, and Etro and  Derek Lam -- especially Derek Lam. But I don't know if I can commit!

So, Topshop's got a handful of flared jeans for fall. Thoughts?

($125, Topshop)
I don't know dude. They're just SO Those '70s jeans. And SO '90s. I don't know if I'm ready to wear 1994 all over again.

($80, Topshop)
I'm more tolerant of these jeans as they're less elephant bell, more biz-cashe trouser.

But I am TOTALLY tolerant of these Rebecca Taylor high-waist zip-pocket flare jeans. Hearts!

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011/ Yannis Vlamos /

Derek Lam Spring 2011/Yannis Vlamos /