Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's The Next Thing I'll Agonize Over Until I Inevitably Break Down And Buy It

($129, Irregular Choice,
I should just go ahead and devote approximately 48 minutes of my Tuesday to allow the practical side of me to try to convince the part of me that lacks self-control to have a two-way conversation about why I shouldn't buy these Irregular Choice heels. Ultimately, practical me will be held hostage by my lack of self-control, who will commandeer my credit card, hit "buy," and set free within me a strange brew of chemicals and emotions, ranging from oxytocin to shame and regret... Which is all just a long-winded, round-about way of admitting that I'll probably buy these. I love a crystal heel, and I LOVE Irregular Choice. They're like Jeffrey Campbell on MDMA.