Friday, September 10, 2010

I Bought It: Ugg Clog Boots

Welp, it happened. I succumbed to clogs. Uh, and Uggs. In one fell swoop. I had time to kill before a hair appointment yesterday, so I wandered into a shoe store I'd never been in on Smith Street in Brooklyn. And, flush with fall fever, I purchased these clog boots:

UGG Lynnea clog boots in espresso suede, $180. I agonized over the color for a while, and determined that since I have no chocolate-colored boots, I should get them in chocolate, and plus, the brown were just speaking to me. I really freakin' love these boots!

But, I have a QUESTION: I now see they come in black leather, too, which they didn't have in the store.

Should I return them and get the black leather ones from Zappos? More versatile? More practical weather-wise? Or too ubiquitous a color in my closet? Weigh in, please!