Monday, July 19, 2010

I Left Behind This Eskell Dress And I'm Gilt-Free

I LOVE Gilt. And Rue La La. And Ideeli. But that's the problem. I love them. And sometimes when you love something you need to take a little break. And so it was with no lack of Herculean effort that I stepped AWAY from the monitor, after I'd added this adorable silk Eskell Lucine dress with a yin/yang confetti print AND drawstring waist (I LOVE a drawstring waist -- SO flattering on a curvy lady like myself) and I closed out my screen. Sad, I know. (Plus, I should've been a more conscientious shopper and removed it from my cart -- sorry!) But we're not out of this economic crisis, and I need to start demonstrating more of the financial responsibility I had... at some point or another. Mama gotta start living off the fat of the land for a while. The fat of the land being the trillions of things I already own, of course.

($99, Eskell,
And so, goodbye, Eskell dress! I hardly knew ye! Take it away, Nazareth!